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Soul Surfer - DVD

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A champion against all odds

The true story of competitive teen surfer Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm in a shark attack, but courageously overcame all odds to become a champion again, inspiring millions worldwide through her sheer determination and unwavering faith. You'll be inspired by the boldness and daring of the 13-year-old to get back in the water and competition.

Features an all-star cast including Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt, AnnaSophia Robb and Carrie Underwood


DVD Extras:

Special Features:
  • Deleted Scenes
  • "Heart of a Soul Surfer" documentary
  • "Bethany Hamilton On Professional Surfing" Featurette

Soul Surfer DVD Details:

MPAA Rating: PG
Format: DVD - Region 1  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: Yes
Languages: Audio: English, French, and English Descriptive Audio
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, English SDH
Product Release Date:
Length/Run Time: 106 minutes
Produced By: Douglas Schwartz, David Brookwell, Dutch Hofstetter
Directed By: Sean McNamara
UPC/ISBN Number: 043396380196
Public Performance Rights: Sony Films
Theatrical Release Date: Friday, April 8, 2011

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5 of 5 Stars! Soul Surfer - DVDRamesh K, 06/22/2014
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Soul Surfer - DVDPeggy D, 03/25/2014
This is a great inspirational DVD. I wish I owned it, but until then I will continue to rent it.
5 of 5 Stars! Soul Surfer - DVDMichele G, 07/01/2013
(no written review given)
4 of 5 Stars! Soul Surfer - DVDLinda F, 11/30/2012
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Soul Surfer - DVDDavid W, 11/10/2012
A pleasure to watch - top notch production quality and acting - according to, Sony sank $18,000,000 into this one. What I appreciated the most was how her family came together so well to support her through this life-changing crisis - a great example. It's not an overtly Christian film but there are moments when it's made obvious that this is a family of Believers - apparently they were on set everyday to ensure that the film stayed true to reality.
5 of 5 Stars! Soul Surfer - DVDLinda V, 10/07/2012
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Soul Surfer - DVDStacey P, 09/02/2012
(no written review given)
3 of 5 Stars! Soul Surfer - DVDLauren K, 05/19/2012
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Soul Surfer - DVDChele W, 05/18/2012
(no written review given)
4 of 5 Stars! Soul Surfer - DVDCrystal S, 03/06/2012
(no written review given)
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Soul Surfer - DVD
Already Asked: 4 Questions, 50 Answers
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Tim A: Perhaps to find out more about how the Holy Spirit guides us. Oct 27, 2016
Linda W: for me May 1, 2016
D.Roxane R: true story behind it~inspiring~cost Mar 19, 2016
Melody J: true story Mar 10, 2016
Sharon H: Have seen previously and am purchasing as a gift Dec 11, 2015
Julie H: Amazing message of courage and faith! Dec 1, 2015
Xavier D: A true Story Aug 3, 2013
Ellen L: good reviews from trusted friends Jul 18, 2012
Kathryn B: It wasn't released in Movie Theatres in NZ so needed to see the DVD. Jun 17, 2012
David V: A really encouraging movie, many thanks for that! May 9, 2012
Steve B: I like the quality and content of the service your company offers. Steve Blain Mar 30, 2012
Geraldine R: I saw the preview of this movie at the beginning of the movie Courageous and I thought it looked like a great encouraging movie with Christian views, which are my favorite types of movies Jan 22, 2012
Tracy J: I want to support good, family movies so that more are made. I especially wanted to support this one because it was a mainstream movie and I want the non-christian movie world to know that these are movies worth making. Dec 28, 2011
alfred s: CHRIST-mas present Dec 8, 2011
Christine K: great true story/Christian Dec 3, 2011
Kerri V: it looked cool Nov 26, 2011
Don c: This is a movie about someone with God's help overcomes a tradegy. Nov 3, 2011
Don c: It is a movie about a person that overcomes
tragedy with God's help.
Nov 3, 2011
David Z: I wanted to hear the true story about teen surfer Bethany Hamilton and how she overcame all odds to become a surfing champion after getting her arm bitten off by a shark. If we loose a body part whether it's an arm or a leg, and we keep pushing forward and following our dreams we can achieve our goal. Don't let anyone tell you that you're 2nd best or that you can't do something or you can't live your dreams or you won't be able to surf again after losing your arm in a shark attack. God bless!!! Aug 20, 2011
Kristin R: heard great things about it and I haven't seen it Aug 19, 2011
Paul B: Read a lot about this story, looking forward to it Aug 14, 2011
Sarah R: For Sunday School lessons Aug 12, 2011
Kevin S: A power movie that the whole family can watch, and apart from God we can do nothing John 15:5 Aug 10, 2011
Mark G: I heard it was a great movie Aug 5, 2011
Paola M: Awsome movie, an awsome message for our kids to learn Aug 5, 2011
Patricia D: I saw it in the movies and loved it. Aug 2, 2011
Barbara S: I chose this movie not only because it is a true story but because I am sure it will be very inspirational and uplifting. Also, if I really like the movie, which, I'm sure, I will, I would like to buy it for my nieces and nephews, saved and unsaved alike. For the unsaved, especially, it really helps to have well-known, excellent actors and actresses in the movie whom they can, readily, relate to which, also, in my opinion, gives great credibility to the film. Aug 2, 2011
Sandra T: The story of courage and faith inpsired me to purchase this to watch with my teenage boys. Aug 2, 2011
Dianne H: I saw this movie and it has such a positive message to young people especially in a very negative world. I purchased it so I can share it with others to encourage them that all things are possible with God. Aug 2, 2011
Brad W: Great movie! I can't wait for movie night on August 7! Jul 28, 2011
Jared H: Like It Jul 27, 2011
Jessica N: I picked this one because it had alot of good people in it like carrie underwood for example and it was a good price. Jul 25, 2011
Melinda L: Good movie--for my daughter's birthday. Jun 28, 2011
Gisella G: We need more of this well produced videos. Our youth is more demanding than ever. Hope to use this video to motivate them to a committed walk with the Lord in spite of all odds. Jun 7, 2011
Cheryl D: Our Church enjoys a summer movie out side under the stars as a time of fellowship. We are always looking for a clean, uplifting movie that will sure to inspire believers to not give up that Jesus will see us through no matter what we go through and I feel this is the movie for us! Jun 2, 2011
Jeanne H: good Bible study material May 29, 2011
Michael D: This movie was a tear jerker,how a person with one was able to surf again after loosingit to a shark. May 27, 2011
Phyliss H: saw at the movies and want to share with others who didn't see it. May 25, 2011
A shopper asked: Never seen it, but I wonder why do they let the women in the movie wear immodest bathing suits?
Ashlynne W.
Dec 28, 2011
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Geoffrey K: Telling true stories is one of the hardest things for Christians to do. Most of the time we want to shape a story to fit how we think things should be rather than how they are. Allow God to work in the way God wants to work is so important because that reminds us that God doesn't see what we see but looks deeper. There was a time when people wore simple clothing that did not cover much and there were times when people wore clothing that covered almost everything. We can find cultures all over the world that think that modesty is shown by things that others feel are too much or even too little.
So, what happens in Soul Surfer is a true story where people involved are wearing clothes that make sense to their culture and time. Honoring the truth of the story in which God works is more important than honoring our own culture's attitudes.
Dec 28, 2011
Reply to Geoffrey Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Tricia B: Interesting question and observation.

While the producers would be best positioned to answer that one, I think it had to do with the fact that she was a CHRISTian girl functioning in a typical surfer's environment, where the majority of persons (if I recall) are not believers.

In addition, for those who may have been believers and so dressed, I'd suggest that their dress code wasn't a major point of emphasis. Even their gatherings for services were pretty casual.

Hope that helps.
Dec 28, 2011
Reply to Tricia Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Anthony L: This movie potrays a true story of a surfer and how she come through in the midst of a targic shark attack. The message of the story line for this movie is excellent. It would be a sad situation that anyone would view it inmodest for a woman to wear a swimsuit!! True modesty is not being prudist, it is the grace to be able to see the creation of God in its true beauty. Soul Surfer is a great movie with a great Christian message. Dec 28, 2011
Reply to Anthony Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Tracy J: I know that Bethany Hamilton was concerned about that, but I would guess that because it is a true story, they wanted to make it true to life. That is what is normally worn in Hawaii and by surfers. I think that it was an excellent movie, and even though it was a mainstream movie, faith in God comes through strong. I highly recommend this movie.
Dec 28, 2011
Reply to Tracy Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Linda M: I have been a christian for over 30 years and I didn't find anything immodest about the bathing suits in the movie. These are young girls in typical teenaged swim wear. During the surfing competitions they are wearing spandex Tshirts over the bathing suits I assume for modesty purposes. Linda M. Dec 29, 2011
Reply to Linda Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Ike K: Never mind the immodest part,WATCH THE MOVIE it has a beautiful message.God made people beautiful,including you!!!!! Dec 28, 2011
Reply to Ike Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
A shopper asked: BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!?!!!!! Jul 16, 2011
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Gloria S: This movie is very good. Bethany Hamilton gives glory to God in spite of the tragedy of loosing her arm to a shark.

Another highlight to this DVD is a short documentary of Bethany's life.
Aug 5, 2011
Reply to Gloria Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Eric B: Well, not the best movie ever, but engaging, fast paced,dramatic, gives you a glimpse of the surfing world, a Christian foundation and can be shown to preteens and teens. Worth seeingl Oct 4, 2011
Reply to Eric Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Walker S: I thought it was a very good movie. I enjoy the movies my family watches that come from Christian Cinema. Try the Encounter, it's very good. Aug 5, 2011
Reply to Walker Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
annette s: Yes, it is my favorite movie. I saw it about 10 times and I will be seeing it some more. Aug 22, 2011
Reply to annette Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
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