Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Complete Collection - DVD
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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Complete Collection - DVD

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Based on the remarkable true story of Sue Thomas

PAX television series about a deaf woman whose unique lip-reading skills landed her on an elite FBI surveillance team. All 56 episodes of the series on 15 DVDs.

This pack includes the following:
Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Volume 1
Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Volume 2
Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Volume 3
Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Volume 4
Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Volume 5

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Complete Collection DVD Details:

MPAA Rating: NR
Format: DVD - Region 1 (15 DVDs)  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: Yes
Languages: Audio: English
Subtitles: English
Length/Run Time: 2220 minutes
Public Performance Rights: Johnson Brothers Holdings

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Based on the remarkable true story of Sue Thomas
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5 of 5 Stars! Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Vol 2 - DVDDennis E M, 06/16/2017
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Vol 4 - DVDPaula P M, 11/08/2016
Our family loves watching this show together. If you like police drama or mysteries with a touch of romance you will enjoy this. I highly recommend it!
5 of 5 Stars! Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Vol 2 - DVDHope K, 08/19/2016
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Vol 1 - DVDTvos C, 08/18/2016
(no written review given)
2 of 5 Stars! Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Vol 4 - DVDAileen A, 07/28/2015
(no written review given)
2 of 5 Stars! Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Vol 3 - DVDAileen A, 07/20/2015
(no written review given)
4 of 5 Stars! Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Vol 4 - DVDTodd W, 05/04/2015
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Vol 4 - DVDMark S, 03/30/2015
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Vol 1 - DVDJared L, 03/25/2015
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Vol 1 - DVDTodd W, 02/18/2015
(no written review given)
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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Complete Collection - DVD
Already Asked: 3 Questions, 93 Answers
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Sharon T: I teach American Sign Language, and my students love this show. My school has a copy (the pirated one from China), but I wanted one for myself. Apr 19, 2017
Sharon B: getting for a friend. I love this series Apr 5, 2017
Joan F: For several weeks, this show was on TV, and I really enjoyed it. Since it is no longer on, I still wanted to enjoy the show. Mar 30, 2017
David G: Excellent family based movie with good christian values Mar 20, 2017
Earlene D: Great Series Dec 24, 2016
Richard H: excellent for women in rolls of authority
Fighting the good fight for truth justice and the Canadian way
Nov 7, 2016
Steve E: An amazing story of an amazing lady, this is our second copy we have purchased.
Yes, we are from the land down under, region 4, however, plays well on our computers. This set is a gift for the parents of a young man who has accepted my wife's daughter into his life.

Steve and Lyn
Sep 14, 2016
Juliann R: Excellent inherent values including trust ,honesty, friendship and compassion. A rarity in today's volatile climate. Sep 1, 2016
Neisha T: I watched it on" feeln" and loved it because it was great story lines, awesome characters and was clean with no vulgarity or language. I cannot find the rest of the seasons anywhere but to order the dvds. May 26, 2016
Marcel B: I like the show but does not air full series so purchasing is the option Apr 25, 2016
Dr Fran H: I saw a few episodes of this series a few years ago, and I really liked it, so I wanted to purchase the the complete series. This is a very uplifting series. Mar 2, 2016
Susan P: Better price Sep 10, 2015
Esther W: Because of reading very good reviews of this series on line. I am always looking for good, clean movies. TV does not offer anything. Jan 21, 2015
teri v: Excellent family values! Faith, Courage, Hope, Goodness, Good versus Evil are all portrayed in this fast paced intelligent drama. This is the only thing that my teenage daughter asked for this Christmas. Dec 2, 2014
Donna B: Very good clean show for the entire family to enjoy! Oct 8, 2014
Lisa S: I watched this show on PAX yrs ago and loved it. I've looked for it on Amazon and couldn't find it. Thrilled that you offer it, in it's entirety! Aug 30, 2014
Carolyn W: Nice clean videos that are uplifting and enjoyable. Aug 25, 2014
debbie c: because i like the series Jun 23, 2014
Julia H: Wonderful series and my first set wore out. May 5, 2014
Joanne E: I loved this series and now want a set of my own to keep. Great entertainment and without bad language or the need to rely on violence or sexual content. It's basis is on a true story and the inclusion of humour even amidst plots of terrorism makes it a good all rounder. Mar 18, 2014
E Scott V: Great mini series for those who like Godly wholesome adventures. Dec 18, 2013
Annita E: clean and presentable Oct 7, 2013
Ruth L: For a wholesome family movie night that everyone can watch. Sep 26, 2013
Peggy D: The lead actress and the dog Levi. Also my granddaughters are learning ASL in school. Jul 28, 2013
aneita f: Very interesting and it is a true story Jul 3, 2013
George J: We've seen this series before and wanted to have it available to watch again. It's a wonderful story with good values, humour and appropriate for all ages. Jun 21, 2013
Martha S: My favorite series--clean and entertaining! Jun 18, 2013
Carolyn L: Because I like the series enough to own it. May 19, 2013
kathleen w: loved the series and wanted to own it. May 14, 2013
Louise V: Heard it is good wholesome television watching. Not a whole lot of good, quality stuff out there. Apr 29, 2013
Jennifer E: Clean, very well done, great character values, includes minorities, sr. citizens, animals, young people, intrigue, interesting
Really enjoyed this whole series.
Apr 21, 2013
Deb M: Great series! Apr 1, 2013
Beth Ann H: Amazing show! Mar 25, 2013
LYNNE B: Ordered for a friend Mar 18, 2013
Sharmini G: This is a beautiful series. The best I've seen and love it. Jan 17, 2013
Jessica G: It was the cheapest on the internet and its what my mom wanted for christmas Dec 10, 2012
Steve D: A hard to find series Dec 9, 2012
Dave J: I chose to purchase this item although i live in Great Britain because watching the show i thought Deanne Brey was outstanding as was the supporting cast, the stories well written, the relationships between the cast shone through and it reminded me that people are the same, and not too judge on preconseptions. Dec 1, 2012
Mike C: Good family show Nov 25, 2012
mike y: we watch this on tv Nov 8, 2012
Kenneth Y: My wife wants it. Nov 7, 2012
Diane C B: For a class. Oct 29, 2012
Triena D: my father wanted this collection Oct 27, 2012
Karen H: My daughter and I LOVE this show. I got these for her as a Christmas present. She has wanted them for a long time. Oct 26, 2012
Violet G: I saw the 1st series on TV Sep 10, 2012
Andrea G: I like the show very much. Just one of those series you have to have on DVD. Jul 31, 2012
Jonienne H: It is one of the best shows I have seen on TV. I work and would like to see all her shows. My Mother just loves her. Jul 18, 2012
Deborah K: This is one of the few dramas which can be watched by the whole family. The characters believe in God and do not promote evolution or disbelief in God. Quite refreshing! Jul 17, 2012
Susan P: It is a good series, tend to miss quite a bit so decided to buy it on DVD so I can watch at my leisure Jul 2, 2012
Deborah W: I think it is very inspirational, to me and my family Jun 25, 2012
Shirley E: Wonderful show and I wanted the complete set. Writers excellent and I enjoyed the DOC series as well. Disappointed that only the first 14 episodes available...when there were 88 espisodes. If you know how I can get the remaining 70 on DVD I would be happy to know about that May 16, 2012
Justina C: Great show with clean and fun entertainment!! Definitely recommend it! May 10, 2012
Joanna M: Wholesome family entertainment. Our 12 year old daughter aspires to be a detective and loves this show! May 10, 2012
John G: My wife likes this series. May 9, 2012
Neil D: My daughter loves this seriies. Apr 2, 2012
Joan M: I loved that the Sue Thomas series was a program the whole family could watch. It was a morally sound program to watch. I also appreciate the Christian content and that it was based on true happenings. Feb 24, 2012
Kaeli D: Stfbeye is a wholesome totally CLEAN show that families will love. the acting, is mediocre to begin with; but each actor embodies their specfic role in Stfbeye as the series evolves.
Feb 21, 2012
Julie S: This drama has helped me to express my values to my child in how we treat others that are different and also others who have been deemed irredeemable and that God loves even the most unlovable of people. Feb 18, 2012
jennifer a: I chose this item because I would love to see it again and It is sold as a collection. Thankyou for selling this series Feb 3, 2012
Maria F: I really enjoy the series. Very wholesome and enjoyable stories. Jan 16, 2012
David M A: My wife and I loved the show when it was on TV. I have been looking for it to be released on Netflix or Blockbuster and both don't have it. So when I saw it for sale I said go for it. Jan 3, 2012
Mary F F: Think the show is just so wonderful-- my daughter and I want to be able to rewatch episodes whenever we want!! Dec 29, 2011
Esther G: wonderful clean family movies! Dec 29, 2011
Juanita G: I enjoyed watching it on TV. Dec 27, 2011
Charles C: My wife and I like Sue Thomas FBI. Dec 21, 2011
Anne W: Because I like the series. Dec 14, 2011
Patricia A: I loved this series and have been looking for the DVDs for years. It was such an unusual show and great promotion for employing people with disabilities. Dec 8, 2011
Albert S: Because my wife loves the series. And it for her Christmas Present. LOL yea I know goods English. Dec 2, 2011
Doreen T: christian content, great entertainment, hard to find! Nov 29, 2011
Rodney S: For my wife for Christmas. Nov 4, 2011
John D: wanted my own copy Oct 29, 2011
Lela W: Very clean show. I love how she didn't
let her disability stop her from living for the Lord.
Sep 20, 2011
Natalie H: We watched Sue Thomas at my daughter's in Canada and very much enjoyed it. Aug 20, 2011
Nancy C: This is the best! We have watched these over and over again. Jul 25, 2011
Nancy C: Our daughter and husband shared the first volume with us so, of course, we had to get the rest. Jul 25, 2011
Jessica N: I picked this dvd because i have always liked watching the shows an i looked around online at other sites and they were all more expensive than this one and i also called places like walmart and future shop and nobody had any in the store. Jul 25, 2011
Patricia M: Have been watching the "cut" for re-run versions on GMC and wanted to get uncut version. Love the interaction among actors, the storylines, humor, and the "undercurrent" of Christian-Judeo values. Jun 30, 2011
Kellyanne E: We loved this series when it aired on Pax and we were sorry when it was over. I'm so glad to be getting it on DVD. It's an exciting, intriguing program filled with humor and interesting characters that you really come to care about. AND you can watch it with your kids! Does it get any better than that on family TV night? I submit that it does not! :-D Enjoy! May 7, 2011
Netty H: I have seen some of the episodes and it inspires me.There is allways a lesson in there. Jan 20, 2011
Phil P: Good quality, good messages, not gory crime dramas. Jan 23, 2011
Norman K: My Wife loves the show and is deaf so I needed to find the dvd with English subtitles. I couldnt find the dvd in Ireland but my player can play region 1 so I was delighted to find it on this site. Nov 15, 2010
A shopper asked: I ordered this series from another site and recieved from China copies of the show. Is this copies or the actual dvd? Jan 21, 2011
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (1) No (0)
Vickie I: It is probably not the actual dvd. I ordered from a web site that listed the dvd much cheaper. When it came, it was copies, probably "pirated". Come to find out, the company was located in Canada. I ended up shipping it back and "disputed" the charge on my credit card. The company did not get paid. I called Christiancinema and ordered the Sue Thomas DVD and received it in time for a Christmas present to my daughter. It was packaged as it should be. My daughter and her children are so pleased with it. The quality is wonderful. I learned a lesson. If it's too good to be true (the price), there is probably a "catch" to it. I also learned that if the web site doesn't include a telephone number, I don't order from them. Jan 22, 2011
Reply to Vickie Good answer? Yes (2) No (0)
Larry O: I ordered this Sue Thomas DVD Pack a few months ago and have been very pleased. They seem to be original DVDs and the cases are just as they appear in the photos. The back of the case states "This product (including it's soundtrack) is authorized for sale in U.S.A. and Canada only.... Distributed by Integrity Direct 1000 Cody Road Mobile AL 36695." I see nothing to indicate that they were made in China. The viewing and sound quality is excellent and my family has thoroughly enjoyed watching this wonderful series.
Jan 22, 2011
Reply to Larry Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Diane S: The DVD's from Christian are the actual professional DVD's NOT copied DVD's. I purchased a set as well from another website that came from China and they were DVD's that were taped from the TV and not done very well plus very illegal. I highly recommend the DVD's from Christian Hopefully this helps.

Jan 22, 2011
Reply to Diane Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Carolyn B: We also saw another site that offered the series at a much reduced price, however before we ordered we discovered that they may be inferior copies. The ones that we received from ChristianCinema are excellent quality DVD - just like you would have seen the originals on TV - without the commercials :) Jan 22, 2011
Reply to Carolyn Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Jeff S: We have been to China & understand about their copies. The Sue Thomas DVD series we received from this site was not copies, but the actual DVDs.
We can't say enough good about this excellent TV series. Too bad it is not still running & influencing people in a positive way.
Jan 22, 2011
Reply to Jeff Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Lisa C: This is the actual DVD set, even has bonus feature with creators of the show. I had done the same thing and got some bootleg copy from Canada. It had been recorded right off the television and was poor quality. Jan 22, 2011
Reply to Lisa Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Michael T: This is the true and actual DVD, if it was from China I would have returned it. Jan 24, 2011
Reply to Michael Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Phil P: We received the original DVD's, not copies, from Christian Cinema. Jan 23, 2011
Reply to Phil Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
A shopper asked: Question : the dvd is italian or french too? thanks Apr 26, 2012
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Freda G: Hi, acknowledge while initially thinking about buying this dvd set having watched the series in the 90's (?) & loving it, turns out some tv channels are re-showing the series so decided to forego purchasing afterall, so have no idea whether the set includes French or Spanish languages! If you are able to phone their offices toll free (i.e. 1.800 or 1.866 -?) possible someone might be able to find out for you before you order! Just a suggestion. Hope you are able to find out as thoroughly enjoyable series/cast of actors!! Apr 26, 2012
Reply to Freda Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Sarah M: It's only in English with subtitles in English. Je suis desolee que n'est pas en francais aussi. Apr 26, 2012
Reply to Sarah Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Victoria J: It was a gift, so I do not know. Apr 26, 2012
Reply to Victoria Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Diane S: Hi...sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but the DVD's I purchased are only in English with English subtitles.

Hope this helps.

May 1, 2012
Reply to Diane Good answer? Yes (0) No (1)
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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Complete Collection - DVD
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