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Courageous - The Movie - DVD

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Honor begins at home.

Four men, One calling: To serve and protect.

As law enforcement officers, they face danger every day. Yet when tragedy strikes close to home, these fathers are left wrestling with their hopes, their fears, and their faith. From this struggle will come a decision that changes all of their lives.

With action, drama, and humor, the fourth film from Sherwood Pictures embraces God’s promise to "turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers." Souls will be stirred, and hearts will be challenged to be...COURAGEOUS

Stars: Alex Kendrick [FLYWHEEL, FACING THE GIANTS], Ken Bevel [FIREPROOF], Ben Davies, Robert Amaya and Kevin Downes [THE MOMENT AFTER 1 & 2, MERCY STREETS, SIX: THE MARK UNLEASHED]

2012 "Best of the Festival" winner - San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival

DVD Extras:

Courageous DVD Special Features:

The Making Of Courageous movie
Commentary by The Kendrick Brothers
Deleted Scenes
Outrageous: Outtakes & Bloopers
Courageous In 60 Seconds
Heart Of Courageous
The Story Of My Father

Courageous DVD Exclusive Collector's Edition Features:

Casting Crowns "Courageous" Music Video
A Church of Prayer
The Importance of Fathers
Role of a Lifetime: Rev. Daniel Simmons
Mark Willard: Ministering Through Music
Erin Bethea: Serving Behind the Scenes
Sherwood Pictures Retrospective
Sherwood Volunteers
Ministry & Resource Videos to Guide Your Next Steps!
Plus even more special features online through a link on the Courageous DVD

Courageous The Movie DVD Details:

MPAA Rating: PG-13
Format: DVD - Region 0  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: Yes
Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, French, Vietnamese, German, Korean
Product Release Date:
Length/Run Time: 129 minutes
Produced By: Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick
Directed By: Alex Kendrick
UPC/ISBN Number: 602341004794
Theatrical Release Date: Friday, September 30, 2011

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5 of 5 Stars! Courageous - The Movie - DVDRishon R, 06/09/2016
This is a great movie! It has sound Biblical doctrine, excellent acting, writing and direction. There are moments that will have you in tears, and moments that will have you laughing till your sides hurt. It really challenges and inspires us to stand on God\'s Word and be courageous, especially with our families.
5 of 5 Stars! Courageous - The Movie - DVDTami R, 02/20/2015
Great movie! It will have your attention right away and keeps entertaining. Beautiful storyline and great lessons on what God created men for! Powerful! My 9 year old son loves this movie! I give it 5 stars because I would buy it to have in my collection!
4 of 5 Stars! Courageous - The Movie - DVDDorothy L, 01/27/2015
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Courageous - The Movie - DVDSue S, 01/02/2015
This movie should be in every household. Actually, I would love to see this movie shown in every high school and college. In order to change the lives of young men and women fathers must be honest and decide to change the way they were treated by their fathers and become the best role models they can for their children. Show their sons and daughters respect, spend time with them doing something they want to do. Put their children first. It is a fathers responsibility to provide financially to give their family the best life possible. If you want your children to have work ethics, show compassion, be honest and be the best person they can fathers need to role model that.

5 of 5 Stars! Courageous - The Movie - DVDPamela M, 10/30/2014
I think this movie should be watched by every man and young men that are coming up in this world and raising young ones.
5 of 5 Stars! Courageous - The Movie - DVDPeggy O, 05/04/2014
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Courageous - The Movie - DVDNilda M, 02/23/2014
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Courageous - The Movie - DVDLorenzo Z, 12/06/2013
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Courageous - The Movie - DVDNorma K, 07/31/2013
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Courageous - The Movie - DVDNora O, 07/23/2013
Loved the movie watched it with family,, Everyone should see this movie as well as The Grace Card, and Fireproof
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Courageous - The Movie - DVD
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Ruth W: I liked this movie and wanted a copy. Jul 21, 2017
Phil B: Preparing to do men's small groups with the book "Resolution". To kick that off, we'll watch the movie Courages first. Jul 13, 2017
Carol B: My husband wanted this movie Jun 22, 2017
Abigail J: i watched this move last night 6/18/16 it was so inspirational i wanted to share it with my friends and family. i call inquiring how to purchase the movie as soon as it was over.i purchased four movies to share the message i received from the movie. Jun 19, 2017
Sharon H: It is Christian, and I have watched other movies by these actors and have liked them very much. May 11, 2017
Kerri G: bought it for a friends birthday Apr 29, 2017
Linda C: Saw it on TV last night and loved it. Apr 10, 2017
Natisha M: My favorite Mar 24, 2017
Annette M: Mama saw the trailer. Feb 14, 2017
Susan N: Wonderful message in this movie to help us to follow Jesus Christ Jan 8, 2017
Candace J: To see all the Kendrick Brothers films. Dec 26, 2016
Virginia H: My husband has been wanting to see this movie. Dec 20, 2016
Paula H: Gift Dec 9, 2016
Karen W: I just watched Courageous online and it is the best movie I have seen for a long time, I intend to include it in an outreach in which our church assists low income veterans and others who live in a large facility here in Vancouver. Dec 5, 2016
Teresa O: I got this for my nephew for Christmas. He is going through a hard time and I'm hoping this will speak life to him. Dec 1, 2016
Isabel M: As gifts to my 3 sons. thought this would inspire them more so. Nov 30, 2016
Shonda D: Good movie Nov 27, 2016
Tricia M: My daughter wanted this movie. Nov 26, 2016
Ruth N: Love this movie and it was only $5! Nov 16, 2016
Carmen R: Great movie - I loan my first copy and never got it back. Oct 23, 2016
Linda A: I have seen it before and want to send it to my grandson. Oct 17, 2016
Bruce L: Great movie. Sep 30, 2016
Lisa U: Love the movie and I want to share it with a good friend. Sep 30, 2016
Clara L: It takes real courage to be a true, good and faithful father.
Father God is our Perfect Example!
Sep 28, 2016
Linda W: Have heard good things about this movie Sep 23, 2016
James W: ministry Sep 22, 2016
Rhonda C: Love this movie and it is awesome. Sep 21, 2016
eileen o: Good Christian movie for people to watch, specially young fathers Sep 19, 2016
timothy c: men must stand up Sep 2, 2016
donna r: I love the way the men take charge of their family Sep 2, 2016
Brian S: saw preview and looked good Aug 31, 2016
Joseph H: Quality, scriptural movie for ministering the Gospel to others. Aug 26, 2016
Sharon J: It was referred by a friend. Aug 14, 2016
Lisa B: Favorite movie Jul 15, 2016
L A: saw it at bible study Jul 13, 2016
Tom R: Good Price and lost other. Jun 11, 2016
ginger r: love it May 18, 2016
Charles M: recommended May 7, 2016
James H: For a Gospel witness opportunity with a co-worker. Apr 22, 2016
Dennis G: faith based Apr 18, 2016
YINYING L: i like the movie and worth to share with friends Apr 14, 2016
Jasmine S: It's a great movie about the role Father's play in their children's lives, and Father's day is coming up! :) Apr 13, 2016
Lidia C: I heard about it. But my really interest in it, is giving this movie to my son that have two beautiful daughters (3 and 1) and see what this history those to his faith in Christ. My son is a son of God, and love to serve Him. But I think he needs to PRAY more. Apr 1, 2016
David S: I saw this and would like to make it available to other Christian friends. Mar 31, 2016
Deborah S: I thought it would be good to share with the youth of my church as well as the adults. Mar 29, 2016
trace r: so my sons and son in laws can get a modern day look at what our Lord and Savior expects out of men, husbands, and fathers. AMEN!!!!!! Mar 26, 2016
Lester G: Saw some excerpts and love it Mar 15, 2016
Cindy M: to replace a copy that i lost Mar 12, 2016
Christine L: We need more movies like this! I have been trying to order Redeemed, however it just doesnt seem possible. Mar 12, 2016
Diane B: The price was great and I am collecting all the Kendrick Bro. movies. Mar 9, 2016
Linda L: To give as Father's day gifts for my sons. Mar 7, 2016
Sharon L: Great movie for fathers and future fathers alike Feb 22, 2016
Karen R: I wanted to get a copy for my Church Feb 18, 2016
Sheri F: Great movie Jan 30, 2016
Sharon B: Good family character traits Jan 28, 2016
JoAnn W: To Help someone Jan 27, 2016
Terri M: movie preview on the war room Jan 26, 2016
Marcy C: My husband and I are starting our collection on Christian Movies. These movies help us to stay strong in lord Jan 25, 2016
Kathleen F: wouldnt want to spend my money on anything else Jan 23, 2016
A M: For the movie and the special features Jan 22, 2016
Heidi G: We love this movie & we want to give it to someone as God leads us. Jan 22, 2016
Lisa L: very powerful Jan 19, 2016
Terry L: My wife wanted it. Jan 17, 2016
Patricia S: Amazing movie for parents. It shows the commitment we should have to our children. We are their guide, their example, we should be a Godly example. This movie show just how important and sometimes hard it is to be that example. Jan 14, 2016
Janis M: This movie, Courageous has a great reputation and as a news reporter, I work reporting the great work of first responders. During an interview this week, this movie was brought up by the first responder I was interviewing and I thought I should buy it. I enjoy real-life movies. I also purchased the professional commitment/Resolution "(certificate?) a long time ago. Jan 9, 2016
Ingrid Z: love it and share it Jan 7, 2016
Geralynn C: for wholesome family entertainment Dec 30, 2015
Edith K: Saw it and want to keep it around Dec 17, 2015
DEMONTAYE N: I've seen before. Wanted to add to collection. Dec 17, 2015
Sandra N: "Facing the Giants" was such an excellent movie and, knowing how the Kendrick brothers and all involved pray over every detail, knew this would be good, too. It was! Dec 14, 2015
robert m: Was a great thought of how we all need to stand up for the truth
Similar to the wwjd from years ago
Dec 13, 2015
Ann M: Price Dec 9, 2015
Eric P: Great Movie.
Only $5.00.
Dec 7, 2015
Monty A: Saw the movie in a theater and wanted it for our library. Nov 27, 2015
Athena H: Incredible movie!!! Everyone should watch this! It really puts life into perspective and motivates change. Oct 23, 2015
Rhonda R: Great movie to help men be the leaders of their home, church, work and community. Oct 13, 2015
escamillio d: It was highly recommended. Oct 12, 2015
Lynda H: Thought it would be good for a family movie night. Oct 11, 2015
Luis S: As a gift for a friend. Oct 5, 2015
Janet H: gift Oct 2, 2015
Paula S: The Kindrick brothers movies are the best! Love all of them. Sep 24, 2015
Carol V: Really good Christian movie. Sep 12, 2015
Steve S: A must family movie.
I wanna show this to family and watch it together.
Sep 6, 2015
Vivian S: I've seen this before and it is awesome a must see if you have never seen it before, and even if you have. Jan 3, 2015
Ron C: Excellent Movie. Nov 18, 2014
Ernest H: God and Godly Sep 13, 2014
Paul W: Wanted to see some real men in movies. Sep 5, 2014
martha c: Is about men leading their families through faith to God. Mar 27, 2014
Kelly S: Heard great comments and wanted to see. Feb 11, 2014
Stephanie P: gift Nov 30, 2013
Priscilla C: I've heard how good it is. Oct 25, 2013
Barbara S: I have Fireproof! Oct 10, 2013
Michael W: Took part in a couple chapters of The Resolution at a mens christian retreat. The movie was recommended by the church giving the classes. Sep 5, 2013
James J: Saw it at the theater and wanted in my library Sep 1, 2013
cheryl j: so many children without a father a wake up call .most men in prison do not have a father suicide rate will become a low and going to prison will also become a low no felony for stealing a bag of chip daddy is home. Aug 31, 2013
Vance S: Very good movie. Aug 2, 2013
John B: Need a great Faith Based movie to show my football team. Jul 17, 2013
Misty S: To teach an ethics class to HS students Jun 19, 2013
Thomas C: I watched this on TV and was moved to tears by the faith demonstrated in this movie. I then watched it with my wife and decided that I too desired desperately to become courageous in Christ. We purchased the DVD so that from time to time we could be re-inspired. Jun 17, 2013
Jane R: I saw this movie at the theater. I wanted to have this to share with others. Excellent movie!! Mar 22, 2013
Tammy T: saw it love it Mar 1, 2013
Wendy B: Having enjoyed the 'fireproof'' movie so much, I heard that this movie is similar to it. I want to see if it also carries the same message of faith as "fireproof" did as well. Jan 14, 2013
Deborah P: It had a very good message for all men. I just wish that all men were made to watch this. It's almost like talking to the choir though, isn't it? But aside from that it would be a very good message for women also, and one more thing, it doesn't matter what faith you are it's fitting for all faiths. Thank you for a wonderful message. Deb Jan 3, 2013
michelle o: This movie was a inspiring faith based movie used to encourage my family and I in our walk with God with life lessons to learn from. Dec 21, 2012
Janice A: We enjoy watching this movie at least once a week and want to share it witih our Daughter in Tx. Dec 11, 2012
Tracy J: It's a great movie and I want to give it away to someone who has not seen it. Dec 11, 2012
Teri J: My husband and I have watched all the Sherwood films over and over again because they are that awesome. They are all excellent examples of how following God's word can impact your life. This year we are giving them as Christmas gifts to people we love. Dec 7, 2012
Cecelia K: Good family movie. Nov 30, 2012
Ellen S: Just saw this movie and was impressed...must have a copy for me. Nov 7, 2012
David A: Great Family movie. Good faith action to show what is important in life Nov 2, 2012
HORACIO R: por que tiene un mensaje muy bueno para los padres como cabeza de un hogar y como dedicarles mas tiempo a los hijos Oct 26, 2012
DENISE T: I saw a portion of this movie before. What I saw was very good. It is a family movie and worth the time to watch it. REALLY MAKES YOU THINK ABOUT WHAT IS IMPORTANT!! Oct 21, 2012
Leonard F: Have not seen it but, have another by this movienaker. Sep 23, 2012
William A F: Touched my heart Sep 4, 2012
John H: I saw the movie on TV and was so impressed that I want to buy a copy for both of my sons who are husbands and fathers. Sep 3, 2012
Shane R: Watch this movie a few weeks ago and laughed so hard. Aug 29, 2012
Daniel H: Love this movie Aug 29, 2012
Sean S: Saw the Courageous movie and loved it! Aug 21, 2012
Jeffrey Scott B: I have seen all the movies made from the Sherwood church in Georgia and I love them, the messages are right on. Aug 20, 2012
Viola P: Saw this movie several times. Every man and every male child need to see this movie. Aug 11, 2012
Lashawn G: I saw this movie before and thougth others migth like it as well. Aug 9, 2012
Pamela C: Mission Trip to the Philippines... because you have tagalog subtitles. Jul 30, 2012
april p: Movie changed my life...a true blessing! Jul 27, 2012
Diane O: I'm a Christian and look for morally uplifting, family type movies. Jul 25, 2012
Marilyn D: I saw the movie Courageous earlier today and can honestly say no other movie has affected or impacted my life in such a positive way. Every one should see this movie, take inspiration from it, and try to follow this creed. Jul 25, 2012
Steven D: This movie is a true blessing and message from speaks to the reality of our current society, its needs, and God's answer to change our course. It is not an overnight fix, but does serve as a divine azimuth for all Fathers to use to navigate the responsibilities of Fatherhood in which God entrusts us...Thank you to all who where involved in delivering this message. Jul 14, 2012
Thomas William H: God and Casting Crowns Jul 13, 2012
Judith K: I first saw this movie on TV and I was so impressed and moved that the next day I had ordered the DVD. Jul 10, 2012
Louis F: God told me to share this with my brothers Jun 29, 2012
Salvatore U: I want my family and friends To Watch this movie Jun 26, 2012
Jo Anna C: Rented this movie, very touching. This is a movie that I would watch over & over & would share with others. Jun 22, 2012
Timothy D: I believe that the movie's message would be beneficial to men of faith, especially those who struggle with prioritizing careers faith and family. Jun 20, 2012
mary o: I thought it would be wonderful for my husband and son. (as well as my other children) I would like it to be a learning experience and an uplifting one. Honoring fathers. Jun 14, 2012
Renee L: This is such a powerful movie with wonderful actors and a strong story line. My husband and I saw it in the theater and thought it would be perfect as a father's day gift for my stepdad! Jun 5, 2012
Desiree M: I love this movie. I am getting one for me and giving one as a gift for a young couple that is getting married. Jun 3, 2012
Tim K: Excellent movie. Well acted and directed. Challenging to all of us. May 23, 2012
Rev. Robert T: I plan to use the movie "Courageous" as a teaching tool for my Mens' Fellowship. May 19, 2012
Brandon W: Courageous is a great christian film . May 18, 2012
Stephen C: We loved Fireproof and Facing the Giants May 16, 2012
Casey O: This is the best movie I've ever seen! May 14, 2012
Robert D: I've seen Facing The Giants and Fireproof and can't wait to view Courageous. May 9, 2012
Cordelia W: I saw this movie and I love it, i want to share it with freinds. May 9, 2012
monte m: heard is was a good christian inspirational movie May 7, 2012
Deborah N: Want to give it to my son for fathers day May 7, 2012
Janet W: heard good things about the movie May 7, 2012
Andrew H: excellent for my family and friends to watch May 7, 2012
Timothy L: It is a great movie, and my wife wanted to get it for Mother's day. May 1, 2012
Cheryl H: I love my husband and want to encourage his role as the spiritual head of our household. I thought this would be a loving way to do so. I hope I'm right. Apr 29, 2012
Susan G: saw this movie in cinema and it is awesome!! Apr 26, 2012
Patty T: I missed it when it was at our theater and I heard it was very good. Apr 24, 2012
Robert E: Because of the past movies I have seen from the same producer Apr 20, 2012
anthony j: I have seen this already, & its great! I want the members of my church to see this! Apr 18, 2012
Katherine P: Love it, want to own it. We like to watch good Christian movies when we have company as a way of opening up opportunities for witnessing. Apr 12, 2012
deborah r: Movie is in Spanish Apr 3, 2012
lori f: awesome message Apr 2, 2012
Sue O: Work for a police dept. interested to see how this movie plays Mar 27, 2012
Nina Richards R: how a movie can change a person's life Mar 24, 2012
Richard Q: Excellent movie!!! Mar 24, 2012
Carol B: Ordered one already and can't keep it in my collection. So thought I should order another one to share. Fantastic movie with an awesome message. Mar 21, 2012
cecil s: Hi
I heard about it and wanted to see it.
Mar 21, 2012
robin r: I've wanted to see this movie and it has been recommended by friends. I bought two because my son is just going through a police academy so this gets close to home. Mar 19, 2012
Teresa W: Heard about this reading an article on October Baby. Mar 16, 2012
Marianne L: our friends in America told us that this is a MUST WATCH movie! Mar 8, 2012
Bobbie D: Wonderful movie!!! Mar 7, 2012
Victoria W: church is showing in 3 weeks and I wanted copy for me and friend Mar 6, 2012
PAUL C: best movie i've ever seen Mar 4, 2012
Lizhi G: the movie is best. God is first place for everything. Mar 4, 2012
Rebecca M: Very uplifting and sends a powerful message that being courageous starts at home- starts with family. Mar 2, 2012
Ivy R: i have heard how great it is Mar 2, 2012
Marva F: I've always wanted to see this one. Mar 2, 2012
Jo G: its an amazing movie...and we should
always support those of the household of faith...
Mar 1, 2012
Joan K: All young men in my class except one girl Feb 29, 2012
Jacqueline H: To me, this is very importand that men and women see this film, will show men that getting close to God will bring him close to his family. Feb 27, 2012
Louise E: This was recommended by a friend Feb 27, 2012
Chris S: I chose this movie because the preview is moving...To be a Father is an honor Feb 27, 2012
Laura L: Liked it when I saw it now want to share it with others. Feb 25, 2012
Samuel C: has a lot of teaching content, for adults and children Feb 24, 2012
Roni J: Great movie for families to understand the importance of the men in our families and the example that they set. Feb 20, 2012
Dr. Jace C: Church Feb 15, 2012
Ricardo W: Great Movie!!! A must see. I will play it at the church for all the men to be encouraged and to stand up and be the true men that God has called them to be. Feb 14, 2012
Sondra S: I love this movie Feb 14, 2012
Melody B: Many of today's families do not have a relationship with Christ, and this movie draws the need for that relationship out. Feb 14, 2012
Julie M: Rented the movie and loved it. Felt it was one of those classics to have to share with my adult boys in college. Feb 12, 2012
Pamela H: Great movie with valueable lessons that all family members can enjoy together Feb 10, 2012
Zelda R: Because it focuses on husbands and families and our family unit is lacking in communication. Feb 10, 2012
AnaMaria S: I watch fireproof and I liked a lot, and this trailer looks good as the same . Feb 8, 2012
Fernando Q: I saw the movie and all the others made by the same company. I bought all others and will add this to my collection. This one is excellent. Feb 8, 2012
Jose M: Because I saw it at church and i liked it and want to show it to my idolater neighbors. Feb 8, 2012
Judy S: I just finished the book it was really great. I can't wait to see the movie. Feb 6, 2012
Leroy T: I am a husband and father . This movie is an excellent tool to inspire men to live their lives as Godly Men. Build the character that
your wife and children desire and deserve. I give this movie five stars.
Feb 4, 2012
marva a: need to shown to our young mens so that they could see that they too have a role not just a role but the importance of be a leader Feb 4, 2012
Linda V: my daughter wanted it Feb 3, 2012
frank T: This is the best movie that i have see in a very long time and i am dealing with a lot in my life and this movie reminds me of what is inportant in my life and help stay or get back on track Feb 3, 2012
Daniel H: I don't know I just got it. Feb 2, 2012
Ried M: Fantastic movie that we can use as a movie night at our growing church Feb 1, 2012
Charmain H: for men to have a learning experience Feb 1, 2012
Audrey R: Because it is getting great reviews everywhere . Feb 1, 2012
Susan F: I saw this movie at my church. It was a very well made movie and I loved the way the characters were God loving men. The United States would be in better shape if there were more men like these characters.
My prayer is that every man will get to see this movie and it changes their lives and they will seek God in everything they do.

I also pray for the man that will be our next president,-- that he will be a Godly man and will seek God in all his decisions.
Jan 31, 2012
Taressa E: I saw this movie in the the theater and I have been waiting for it to come out on DVD. An amazing movie teaching the importance of Family, Marriage and Fatherhood! So well done! Jan 29, 2012
Donna F: Rented it and loved so much we had to own it. What a great message, especially for fathers or those who would like to be a father. Jan 29, 2012
Enrique R: we can always learn something from watching
a christian movie that can help us make good
decisions in our lives. since bad decisions affect not only us but our loved ones also.
Jan 29, 2012
Diane L: My husband saw this movie on the weekend and told me I had to watch it. He was touched by it. Jan 29, 2012
Rossana I: Excellent and inspirational movie! Jan 28, 2012
Peter C: heard very good things about this Jan 28, 2012
Carolina R: People are saying this movie is vey educative for parents and kids.
I want to get all the tools to educate my kids and church's.
Jan 27, 2012
Ella D: heard alot of good reports on this movie, thought being a parent ourselfs that maybe this would help us Jan 27, 2012
Radphord-Leon H: I heard it was an inspiring movie Jan 27, 2012
Arep C: A sound family foundation is vital for the development of a responsible citizen - that's why. Jan 27, 2012
Elvin A: Very inspirational movie were faith and love are the main characters. We must include those two ingredients to our daily life to build a better future. Where do we start? Our families. God = Love ... if we live with love we can feel his greatness. Jan 26, 2012
Marleen M: So needed in our fast pace/too busy world. Without "family" being first our lives just don't function as it was meant to. Jan 26, 2012
Donavan D: a gift for my sons Jan 26, 2012
fred r: Have seen in theater. Jan 25, 2012
Sharon S: My sister recommended it. Jan 24, 2012
David L: This is a great family movie; it shows how a father must lead his family. Jan 24, 2012
LAURA D. E: I rented this the other night and this movie is fabulous! One of the top Christian movies ever made. We NEED a whole lot more professionally made Christian movies like this one. I recommend this with 10 stars! Jan 24, 2012
Anthony J. H: They make great Christian movies!! Jan 23, 2012
tina m: loved the movie Jan 23, 2012
Steven C: Great movie! And I believe this could be a great teaching tool for other men, to become better husbands and fathers. Jan 23, 2012
Joe B: If every man in America saw this movie it would change their lives and America! Jan 23, 2012
Cynthia W: Just sounds like something I would enjoy watching. I am selective on the movies I will watch. Alot of movies are to harsh for me. Jan 22, 2012
Leandro B: I heard from other brothers this is a good movie Jan 22, 2012
Miranda T: I enjoy family strong and action movies. From the previews this is both. Jan 22, 2012
Melba S: Awesome move which should be shared to any Father one knows. Jan 22, 2012
Richard E: My daughter called me special and said Oh my God. One of the best movies she has every seen with religious overtones and the fight against good and evil. And she just called me yesterday. Jan 22, 2012
DOTTIE S: My daughter said it was the best movie she has ever watched. Every man should watch it Jan 21, 2012
kathryne b: it looks like something i would love to watch with my family Jan 20, 2012
Roxy B: I am interested in seeing it. The Poster was at our church. Also I'm buying extra copies to give away if it is as good as I think it will be. Jan 20, 2012
Louis M: Its a movie you need to see Jan 20, 2012
Shervin E: I love this movie it is a God send to us for us men Jan 20, 2012
Charles W: I have have seen previews and heard that it was a good movie. I have seen the first two movies this church has made and thought they were super -great. Jan 19, 2012
Sharon S: I saw this movie advertised in a trailer and wanted to get it for my husband as he has a growing mens ministry and is always looking for things he can use in thir discusion group. I thought this would be a good movie for them to watch. Jan 19, 2012
MBAMI ISAAC S: Because i've been blessed by the movies produced by the Kendrick Brother.
From it's preview it shows to be a very good tool for families
Jan 19, 2012
Mike R: I've seen it and I want to share it with others. Jan 19, 2012
Lillian R: I was touched by the movie. It shows the importance of having a father figure that will guide you through all struggles in life! Besides it has a powerful message on being a believer, through you have never seen.
God Bless!
Jan 18, 2012
Jim M: been trying to find in theatre locally, but cant find the right times that are convient. We have to travel 45 min to closest theatre that even shows this movie. Jan 18, 2012
Steve P: i have been following alex kinderix since he came out with flywheel and love all his movies Jan 18, 2012
Randolph C: To win men and family for Christ Jan 18, 2012
Charles H: To support Christian films. Jan 18, 2012
david m: recommended Jan 18, 2012
Grail B: Many friends saw this movie and they are recommending us to watch it Jan 17, 2012
Ken M: A good wholesome Christian movie Jan 17, 2012
Ellen C: Saw Fireproof and heard from others that saw this in the theatre that it is a must see Jan 17, 2012
mariana m: it really needed in this world to hear inspirational and motivating words, what better than the word of God? Jan 17, 2012
Weymann L: Saw this movie in the theater. Excellent movie! Would recommend this without hesitation, especially to men and fathers. Jan 17, 2012
Joanna M: I purchased Courageous at full price (which is unusual for me when it comes to DVDs) because I believe in supporting excellent Christian media as much as possible. I saw this movie twice in theaters because it is just THAT good. Beautiful portrayal of godly fathers and husbands striving to be the best they can be. I cry through the whole movie. :) Highly recommended! Jan 17, 2012
Diana B: Loved the others produced by this group. Outstanding quality and true to the faith! Jan 17, 2012
alicia b: Loved the movie and want to share with kids and family and friends AND live it Jan 17, 2012
Donna J: We saw it in the theater. Wonderful !!!! We want to share it with family members who did not get to see it. Jan 17, 2012
Nelson A: Superb crhistian movie Jan 17, 2012
Carl J: I have all the rest of them. Jan 16, 2012
LUIS S: because there are not other like this Jan 16, 2012
Luis M O: I've heard so many good things about this movie and have not seen it yet, but am sure I would want to own it. Jan 15, 2012
Jose Miguel M: Excellent movie. It will be use on a physicology clinic as a source for our patients. Jan 15, 2012
Sonja R: Son who has 4 sons Jan 15, 2012
Theresa T: By looking at the review it look like it's going to be a great movie Jan 14, 2012
Sharon T: Found it on Google search Jan 14, 2012
Mike S: this movie was recommended as one of the best movies of the year. I have seen other movies by the same producers and want to see this one also. Jan 14, 2012
Janet H: I originally saw this movie in the theatre (actually, saw it twice!). The message was so moving and touching. I recommend this movie to everyone! It should be an inspiration to ALL parents to be the Godly parent that God wants. It is well-made with good acting; serious matter broken with humor. Jan 13, 2012
Jaye M: I saw the movie it is awesome! I wish I could buy a copy for all my family members and friends! Jan 13, 2012
Mark W: Saw trailer was great, hope movie is as good. Jan 13, 2012
Philmore T: because us men need encouragement Jan 13, 2012
elba s: yes it because i will likes other people to make a good choices like i did too Jan 12, 2012
Mickey V: It was highly recommended to us by another service agency And I wanted to share the movie with our personnel. It is important to our agency to always give our best to clients and personnel. Jan 12, 2012
Jess V: Saw it on tbn Jan 11, 2012
David P: Alex Kendrick films touch you through Gods message! Jan 11, 2012
Timothy A: For family viewing fun and to share God's word and love through this film Jan 11, 2012
Kathy P: I love it at the movies, and want to have to see again. Jan 11, 2012
Angie J: To put in our church library Jan 11, 2012

Jan 11, 2012
Miriam W: missed the movie in theatrs. Jan 10, 2012
Tim M: It's a great movie about what a family and father can be with Christ in their lives. Even if you are not a Christian it will make you a better father. See it with your wife, garranty you will talk about changes you should make in your daily lives. No dry eyes! Jan 10, 2012
Brad W: watched this with a small group in the theaters and loved what you are doing for Christ :) Jan 10, 2012
Kathleen S: Saw it in the theatre. Very well done. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I worshiped. Jan 10, 2012
Karen S: In a society where TV programs belittle and do not honor men in the proper way. There doesn't seem to be good programs that show men how to be a real man! I think this has answered the call. Jan 10, 2012
Heather Z: This is the most inspiring movie I have seen. Both my husband and I watched it on separate occasions. We both agree that it needs to be in our home so we can watch it when we need a reminder to be patient and not take life for granted! We have a young daughter and the movie really hit home for us. Jan 10, 2012
Farah H: Saw it in the theater and loved it....would like my whole family and friends to be able to watch it. It inspired me about committing to what is really important. Jan 10, 2012
Michele K: We live in a small town and so we didn't get an opportunity to see this movie. I'm so excited to watch this with my family. The movie trailers on tv sparked our interest. We loved Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Flywheel, and expect to love this movie, too! Jan 10, 2012
Georgeanna M: I watched the movie at a near by church and I found this movie to be phenomenal. I cried, I laughed, I felt sad, it used all the emotions I had in my body, but after the movie I felt so good inside. Jan 10, 2012
Larry P: It is the best movie I have ever seen. Jan 9, 2012
Ida C: I seen the movie a great story of faith and courage everyone need to see this movie Jan 9, 2012
Cassandra M: I chose this movie, because every other movie they have done is so inspiring. Jan 8, 2012
Thomas L: An awesome spiritually up lifting movie. This movie and other movies by Sherwood Films are what movies should be like. Jan 7, 2012
ida p: por asunto de fe Jan 7, 2012
Chris B: Awesome movie Jan 7, 2012
Angelo S: I think this is one of the most important movies ever made. Jan 6, 2012
altagracia M: I saw this movie when it came out in the theatres and all I can say was Awesome! Jan 6, 2012
Thelma L: The past movie's, like Flywheel, Fireproof, etc. were great movies by this group.
The previews of this movie promises the same.k
Jan 6, 2012
Dale D: I bought 3 copies, 1 for my house, and 1 each for my sister in laws homes. Jan 6, 2012
Scott L: This is the movie that all men need to see, especially husbands and fathers. It's about living a real commitment to God through a commitment to doing the right things in life. Jan 6, 2012
cecile a: i like good movies that have a positive message. I watched fire proof and thought it was great and just know this one will be even better. Jan 5, 2012
Javier A: Potential impact to men Jan 5, 2012
Mary W: I've seen the other 'Sherwood' pictures and shown them to friends who have been greatly blessed by them. A good reason for buying this new one. I've read the review! Jan 3, 2012
David L: COURAGEOUS is one of the best Christian movies I've ever seen, and I wanted to own it on DVD. Sherwood Pictures have been a real blessing to me in my faith, and I look forward to sharing this movie with family and friends. Jan 2, 2012
Joe C: The wife and I both loved the movie Jan 2, 2012
Donnalynn S: This movie moved me to make some serious proper changes in my life - I saw it four times and can't wait to own the DVD and give it to others. Jan 2, 2012
Terry N: I love Christian Movies and have purchased movies from you before. Dec 31, 2011
Kennrth M: I have all the other movies that were made by the church in Albany Ga. and have been inspired by them & been waiting for this one to come out.haven't seen yet & can't wait Dec 31, 2011
Kimberley H: It is an incredible movie for the entire family and very inspiring. Dec 30, 2011
Joeffrey G: Just looking for movies that I can enjoy with my family that have a christian message. It's important to see positive images in the media since it is so influencial. I'm looking forward to seeing them both, and sharing them. Dec 30, 2011
Thomas P: Saw it in the theater Dec 30, 2011
Donnie S: I paid for my daughters and husband to watch at the movie. I like to show it at church Dec 30, 2011
Jose O: The previous movies were very good. Dec 30, 2011
Cherie F: Because Alex and Stephan Kendrick made the movie. I loved Flywheel, Facing the Giants and Fireproof. Great messages, indeed! Dec 30, 2011
Alejandro C: LIFE lessons Dec 30, 2011
Armando G: para podersela dar a mi familiares sobre los retos con los Jovenes y padres Dec 29, 2011
Mariela R: Great message for the family, especially for father to assume their role with their children. This movie is a great blessings. God Bless You Dec 28, 2011
Dave W: This is a great movie. It challenges fathers to be the leaders God chose them to be and to commit to raising up families who seek after God Dec 28, 2011
Tanya B: Incredible and life changing movie. Every parent should see this movie! Dec 27, 2011
Jo G: its amazing Dec 26, 2011
Laura P: seen it at the theatre, great movie, top quality! A must see Dec 26, 2011
Vickie N: I was visiting my Mother from another state and the book is all she could talk about. I can't wait to watch it with her. Dec 24, 2011
Traci M: A singular movie - the most amazing movie I have seen to date and want all the fathers whom I love to be impacted by this message - Dec 24, 2011
Lisa R: to show at our church and invite people in as a community to grow in our walk with Christ and to maybe encourage those people that have no church family to come and join ours. Dec 24, 2011
Jeffery M: Many people have told me it is a great movie. I can't wait to watch it. Dec 24, 2011
Mark N: Heard it was a very good movie for men Dec 22, 2011
Shannon B: LOVED the movie...Went with my Dad and wanted to bless him with this gift! Dec 20, 2011
khama p: It's a true christian movie, it gets to the heart of the matter. God is definitely directing this movie and the others before, that is why I had no problem with buying this dvd. God is wanting to say something to his people and these people are hearing what God wants to say and passing it on to us. Dec 19, 2011
Randy B: I've seen the movie and was moved by the message. Dec 19, 2011
Chelsea M: One of the most inspirational movies. I believe that every father should watch this! One of the most AMAZING movies I have seen! Dec 19, 2011
Roger K: The message and thepowerful presentation was used by the Holy Spirit in my heart. I have referred numerous young men to this movie since viewing it. My own son and sons-in-law will get a chance to view it now as well. Thank you for your excellent ministry! Dec 18, 2011
Judy A: saw it in movies, was great want to share it Dec 16, 2011
shonna g: This is an awesome movie! Dec 16, 2011
Cheryl C: this was an excellent and very encouraging movie Dec 16, 2011
Deborah K: We have seen this movie at the theatre--want to get it for my son and son-in-law. Dec 15, 2011
Francis M: This film depicts a powerful message about family and the values families ought to have. A good preaching tool also.
I wish to have this DVD soon and Im so excited to watch this film. God bless you ministry.
Dec 15, 2011
Cherie B: To see how men are supposed to lead their familiies and do more than provide an income for the family. Dec 15, 2011
Natanael H: impacting and inspiring movie. it will make you realize how important is family and the position that a father must take in it. Dec 15, 2011 e: Don't ever want to miss a Kendrick movie. God is their inspiration and guide and He blesses their efforts. Dec 14, 2011
Karen D: I saw the movie and I loved it! Very powerful! I wanted my family members to see it. Dec 13, 2011
Nelson H: For our family to view together. Dec 13, 2011
Floyd R: Heard that it is an excellent movie and I got it for Christmas gifts. Dec 13, 2011
Christine Laura C: I have been waiting for this DVD to come out Dec 12, 2011
Robin R: To share with family Dec 12, 2011
Marianne B: look good in commercials Dec 12, 2011
Carl P: Every one that has seen this film can not stop telling me how great it is. Dec 9, 2011
Charles B: It was one of the best inspiring, motivational and moving movies I have ever seen. Thank you Christian Cinema. Dec 9, 2011
Christine C: I went to movies when it first came out and loved it. even went a 2nd time with another friend. my husband's schedule hasn't allowed him to see it and want him to see it as well as my bro and bro-in-laws. Dec 9, 2011
Trisha L: Christmas gift my sister requested Dec 8, 2011
Ronald l. J: Love this movie for a friend Dec 8, 2011
Clark F: Friends recommended Dec 8, 2011
Vladislav S: Because it has a good Christian message in it....unlike most movies. Dec 8, 2011
everett b: I saw the movie and really want to share with others Dec 8, 2011
Jyoti J: Because all Sherwood movies are excellent and a blessing. Dec 7, 2011
Lourdes U: The movie is a wonderful tool to help parents to understand thier rol. Help Christian to understand much better their believe. Great movie for confirmation candidates Dec 7, 2011
BRIAN B: very inspirational movie for fathers Dec 6, 2011
Dixie W: This movie is a wonderful movie to view as a family to remind you what is truly important in life! Viewing this will help your family to renew your priorities in life. Also, a great reminder how God and family should come first in our lives. Dec 6, 2011
Gregory K: I have seen the movie and it is excellent! Dec 6, 2011
A lewis C: Saw it in theater and was extremely excited to share it with family Dec 6, 2011
Susan C: for Cowboy Church of Oregon. Dec 6, 2011
Hal R: This is reputed to be a goode family movie and I am trying to build up our church video library. Dec 6, 2011
Josephine C: This is an awesome movie for the whole family to see. Dec 6, 2011
Kathleen D: Have not seen the movie and heard so much about it.....must see Dec 6, 2011
Lisa H: Looking forward to sharing this experience with our church members....hopefully will let everyone know they are human...and we all live thru tough times, but with Gods help he will gets us thru it! Dec 5, 2011
Lawrence w: heart-felt, truthful, awakening, thought provoking,inspiring and close to home. Dec 5, 2011
Christine K: Great movie Dec 3, 2011
Julie G: This is a must see for everyone. It brings back God into the family and the values we should all have and share. I have already seen the movie twice. I am buying the movie so I can share it with everyone who wants to view it. Dec 3, 2011
Dennis C: Saw this movie in the cinema. It was so good I had to see it again. This is an awesome production. DO NOT pass this one by. Dec 3, 2011
Rosiland K: This is an OUTSTANDING movie and I want to share it with others so I am purchasing it as a Christmas gift for my mother who had to be mother and father while I was growing up. If I had a father that was in my life I would purchase it for him for FATHER'S DAY. Dec 3, 2011
Mary E: read the book Dec 2, 2011
Floyd R: We have the other DVD's by them, and they are very good. Dec 1, 2011
Beth J: Saw the movie. I loved it. I will probably watch this over and over. Dec 1, 2011
janis i: Best christian movie I've ever seen by far!!! Dec 1, 2011
Lina A: I alredy saw this movie and for me was a perfect movie for this time. My husband saw this movie with me he is not a Christian's person and He is recomending to see it. I am going to use this movie to show it in my church to learn from it. Thank you for doing movies like this one. To try to better the world. Dec 1, 2011
Beverly V: Need to keep putting Jesus into our families! Dec 1, 2011
Ronda S: It is a excellent movie. Nov 30, 2011
Sandra G: I saw the movie and thought it was awesome. Wanted my own copy of it. Nov 30, 2011
Elizabeth P: Saw the movie and want to give one as a gift.. It was the best movie I have seen in many years.. Nov 29, 2011
Laurie W: My husband saw it 3x's & I've seen it twice. We are purchasing it in order to be able to share it with friends who have not seen it and to use it an an Outreach Tool with our church. Nov 29, 2011
Joan C: Awesome movie with a great message for everyone, especially fathers! Nov 28, 2011
joe c: i purchased the book and really quite enjoyed it,and in my life christian movies helps to keep my focus on our lord and saviour jesus christ Nov 28, 2011
Julie H: Highly recommended by 2 of my co-workers and their husbands! Nov 28, 2011
Teresa R: I saw the movie, it was excellent!!! Everyone should see this movie but especially men to really help them see God in His infintie mercy & grace in the lives of those He loves! I want to show this video to other family members and friends. This move truly blessed my heart and encourages me as a mother & a wife to be courageous and renew my commitment to the Lord and my family! Thanks to the maker, producer, director & actor in the movie Alex Kendrick. We have each of his movies. Awesome!! Nov 28, 2011
Karen H: Amazing movie with an inspiring message! Nov 28, 2011
Bart Y: Saw this movie it was awesome wanted to see it again but isnt playing locally, so I decided to buy it. Nov 28, 2011
Brenda R: Great movie for the family! Great values. Wonderfully done. Cannot recommend it emough! Nov 28, 2011
Violet S: We saw it at the movies and we wan t our children to see it Nov 28, 2011
Marisha T: We saw the movie at the theatre and its an amazing movie, we wanted to buy it to share with family and friends. Nov 28, 2011
Brad P: This movie was simply amazing and a movie I want to always have, especially because i will hopefully be a father one day. Nov 27, 2011
Don S: it is a great movie, i want to add it to my collection of the other sherwood movies Nov 27, 2011
Deanna R: It was strongly recommended by Christian Radio station in Puerto Rico. Nov 27, 2011
Tuvia C: I liked what the write-up hadto say about the movie Nov 27, 2011
Mark C: Defines what a fathers role in the family can become. With God anything is possible. Nov 27, 2011
Elizabeth J: This is the best movie I have ever watched! I hope many people can have the opportunity to watch it! Nov 26, 2011
Kerri V: it looked cool Nov 26, 2011
Richard M: On the opening screening of Courageous my wife and I attended. We loved it because it does not just talk to men but also women who desire their husbands to be the man of God that He wants them to be. When they are His man they will be their man as well. Nov 26, 2011
Barbara T: To encourage our son and grandson in their life walk, to stand firm in their Christian walk. Nov 26, 2011
Funke F: Heard great things about it; we were not able to see it in the theaters so decided to get it (also got one for my brother in the U.K. Nov 25, 2011
Denyse J: I saw the movie in the theater and it is a MUST SEE. I wanted to have a copy so that I can view it over and over. Nov 25, 2011
Melissa M: I saw this movie advertise on another movie I was watching and it looked really good. I cannot wait to watch it. Nov 25, 2011
Jennifer W: I want as many of my friends as possible to see this movie as men are shown how important they still are in the family So many men seem unsure of their role but as a wife and a mother, I can say that we desperately need them to stand up for their families. We love them and we need them to love us. Nov 25, 2011
Terry L: Good Christian values Nov 25, 2011
Maud T: saw it twice in the theatres Nov 25, 2011
Kimberly W: For the family. My husband and I already saw this at the theater. It was GREAT. Very well done! Nov 25, 2011
Wilhelm T: Best movie I have ever seen. Nov 25, 2011 w: I have heard this is a must see movie -my niece said -you will be blessed--I like that --we can show it to the seniors at Church --they can't get out to go to the movies--thank you for giving people a film that will be a blessing Nov 25, 2011
patricia t: i have the other three and i know i will love this one too Nov 25, 2011
Ronald l. J: This is a great movie, to build your faith, as a man build your manhood. Nov 24, 2011
Kimberly W: I saw this movie in theater and it was really amazing. Such a wonderful message to the viewers. It has funny moments as well as very heart touching ones. Very enjoyable. Nov 24, 2011
Ed R: I have greatly enjoyed and benefitted spiritually from the other three films made by the makers of this new film, and I anticipate that they will have produced a biblically thought-provoking movie about fatherhood in this new offering. I am looking forward to watching it! Nov 24, 2011
Robert A: I had not been to the movies in a few years because whats out there did not interest me. I am a Christian in the Bronx New York and it was worth it me going to see it with my girlfriend. This movie should be shown at Christian churches all over. Men NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!! - bring the tissue box!!! Nov 23, 2011
Rose C: Saw the movie and both my husband and I wanted to purchase it to show to others. Nov 23, 2011
Dawn M: Probably the best movie I've ever seen Nov 23, 2011
Marion C: friends who saw the movie recommended this. Nov 22, 2011
Ninan T asked: Hi Someone is this move seeable for a church crowd? Dec 24, 2011
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (2) No (0)
Larry J: I would say yes it is. Men (Husbands, Fathers) are important to families not only to provide monetarily but to be involved in their wives and children's lives. They need to take their role serious to serve, honor and protect their families.
I loved this movie and can't wait to get the DVD. We ordered one for each of our married children.
Dec 24, 2011
Reply to Larry Good answer? Yes (2) No (0)
Julie M: Absolutely. It is a wonderful movie. It gives hope and will give strenght to families. Especially the relationship with sons and fathers. I highly recommend it. A church study about the movie is available I believe? Have yourself a great holiday season! Dec 26, 2011
Reply to Julie Good answer? Yes (2) No (1)
Douglas R: We saw it at the cinema near our place, we loved it so much that we decided to buy it to show to our church .
It's a wonderfull movie to show to everyone it will change how the man see themself as father and husband.

Dec 24, 2011
Reply to Douglas Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Don S: Ninan this movie is very much for a church group, also for any one that doesn"t know Christ, and how He wants us to treat our familys , but to show it in achurch you must purchase a license, has to do with copyright, laws. Don Dec 24, 2011
Reply to Don Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Thomas R: I have not received the DVD yet, members of my church who have seen it highly recomened it, yes it is Dec 24, 2011
Reply to Thomas Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Beth J: yes, I plan to have friends from church over to watch the dvd when it comes. I loved the movie Dec 25, 2011
Reply to Beth Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Carmen N: yes it is fabulous and -erfect for that and for the governemnt to send it to the schools.. Jan 13, 2012
Reply to Carmen Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Juanita H: Yes very much so. It is biblical, and a very good teaching.. Dec 24, 2011
Reply to Juanita Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Brenda R: Without a doubt yes! Dec 24, 2011
Reply to Brenda Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Madison E asked: When does the DVD come out? Nov 11, 2011
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Lourdes U: The movie helps every single one to care one another, and to understand how important it is to spend times with the love ones. The value of family is there. The seven sacraments and more more important the first and the second commedments Jan 3, 2012
Reply to Lourdes Good answer? Yes (2) No (0)
Cherie F: Hello Madison, Courageous comes out on Tuesday January 17th on DVD and Blue-Ray. I have not seen it yet, due to moving and working overtime, but the critics have raved about how good it is. I have no doubt it is a great movie because the brothers Alex and Stephan Kendrick made this movie. They have made quality films for the whole family to enjoy. Hope this helps you. have a great day in the Lord. Cherie Dec 30, 2011
Reply to Cherie Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Madison E: Thank you so much! God bless you! Jan 8, 2012
Mary E: I have ordered the movie but have not received it yet.My son went to the showing at theater and said it was a great movie and that every male-espically every father should see it. looking forward to seeing it. Dec 30, 2011
Reply to Mary Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Lina A: For me is a perfect movie for this time, I bought one to show it in our church for those persons that can't go to the theater. Jan 3, 2012
Reply to Lina Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Rosiland K: I don't know. I ordered it as a Christmas present and still have NOT received it so I am not sure when I will get it. Dec 30, 2011
Reply to Rosiland Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Noel P: The movie 'Courageous' should be available on DVD January 20, 2012. Dec 30, 2011
Reply to Noel Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Christine C: On my order confirmation, the expected ship date is 1/17/12 Dec 30, 2011
Reply to Christine Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Beverly V: I pre-ordered this but I think it comes out on January 17. Dec 29, 2011
Reply to Beverly Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Madison E: Thank you very much! Dec 30, 2011
Brad S: January 17,2012.
Can't wait to watch it again.
Dec 31, 2011
Reply to Brad Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Madison E: Thank you! Neither can I. I can't wait to show my family. Jan 8, 2012
ferdi t: It will be on 17 January. Dec 30, 2011
Reply to ferdi Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Lisa H: Release date is 1/17/12 Dec 31, 2011
Reply to Lisa Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
BRIAN B: January 17, 2012 Dec 29, 2011
Reply to BRIAN Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Madison E: Thank you so very much! Dec 30, 2011
JEAN-MICHEL M asked: Are french or portuguese subtitles previous? Nov 22, 2011
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Richard G: The DVD that I ordered (Courageous) will not ship to me until January 17, 2012. Unfortunately I do not know the answer to your question. Jan 5, 2012
Reply to Richard Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Barbara H: I still have not received it, and I've not watched it anywhere else, so i can't say anything about it, hopefully I'll get it soon. Jan 10, 2012
Reply to Barbara Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Lisa R: I have not received the movie yet so I do not know the answer to your question. I'm sorry that I am of no help. Good luck! Jan 8, 2012
Reply to Lisa Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Martin G: I don' Know as I didn't receive my copyright yet but I hope so because most of my friends and family don't speak english Jan 4, 2012
Reply to Martin Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Ed R: Bonjour Jean-Michel M,
Oui, Courageous a subtitles Francaises et Portugueses.

Ed R
Jan 4, 2012
Reply to Ed Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
patricia t: it is not important to me to have french or portuguese subtitles Jan 8, 2012
Reply to patricia Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Willie W: I have not received the DVD AS OF 6 JAN 2012 Jan 6, 2012
Reply to Willie Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Carol G: I have not seen Courageous as of yet. Jan 4, 2012
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A shopper asked: where can i buy the dvd? Nov 20, 2011
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Erik KStaff: Right here, right now! COURAGEOUS is now available for pre-buy! Ships January 17th. Click here to buy now: Nov 21, 2011
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David L: sorry for the delay in answering. I have standing order here for late January when it is released. as far as I know, it will not be released anywhere else until late January. Jan 10, 2012
Reply to David Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Rebecca B: The DVD hasn't been released yet, but you can pre-buy it here. It will be shipped to you on the release date, January 17th. It's a great film! Jan 2, 2012
Reply to Rebecca Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Robin A: You can pre-buy it at Christian Cinema website (google it!). It won't be released until January 17, 2012. Happy New Year! Jan 2, 2012
Reply to Robin Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
John J: Christian Cinema would be the best place to pre-order or purchase your movie. Jan 3, 2012
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maharris n asked: how was the movie? Oct 7, 2011
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Funke F: sorry, I am yet to see it. pre-ordered for January, when it comes out officially on DVD. however, everyone I know who saw it in theatres recommend it v. highly.
btw, I also got an additional copy for my brother. hope this helps. cheers!
Dec 7, 2011
Reply to Funke Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Jennifer W: Sorry, I missed seeing it at the movies but can't wait until it comes out on DVD. I heard rave reviews about it. It is great for the whole family, but especially the men in our lives. Take a box of tissues with you! Enjoy xxxxxx Dec 16, 2011
Reply to Jennifer Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Trudy L: It was incredible!! Sherwood Pictures' movies keep getting better and better! There was some great drama and great humor as well and a very powerful message! Dec 6, 2011
Reply to Trudy Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Jenni H: Absolutely wonderful! I brought an unbelieving friend that 'believes' in God, and he liked it and wants to see it again! :) Oct 15, 2011
Reply to Jenni Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Melissa M: I pre-ordered the movie Courageous. It does not ship until in January so I have not watched it yet. Dec 7, 2011
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A shopper asked: Does anyone know when courageous comes out on DVD? Nov 15, 2011
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Erik KStaff: Great question. The studio that is releasing the DVD hasn't given permission for the date to be announced yet. As soon as we are able you'll get an email as soon as it comes out. Sign up for our newsletter mailing list so you're not left behind! Sign up here: Nov 16, 2011
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Larry J: When I pre-ordered it it said to be released on the 17th of January. Dec 24, 2011
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Christine K: I was told mid January Jan 1, 2012
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Juana D: on january 17/2012 Jan 1, 2012
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James b asked: A further plea..........WHEN is this movie coming to the UK/Ireland?? Or can we order the DVD from USA? Oct 30, 2011
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Elizabeth P: I should think you would be able to order it on line.. As did I last month or early
this month.. The wonder of technology!! ChristianCinema should be able to give you that information and help you to get this fantastic film..
Dec 30, 2011
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Armando G: hello james la pelicula la compre en noviembre y pague sobre cargo para que me la enviaran en 8 dias y me aparece que hasta el 17 de enero de 2012 me viene porque me cobraron de envio inmediato sino me la podian enviar Dec 29, 2011
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Jo?l D: No idea when it will be available in the UK. But you can already order it directly from the US ! That's what I did Jan 2, 2012
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joe c: not really sure as i just preordered it and am supposed to get it by january the twelth Dec 29, 2011
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Norma P asked: Saw it opening night and loved it. We need more movies like this and Fireproof ot "wake up" our families.
Does anyone know where I can find and print a copy of the speech given at the end? I so want to send it to many that will never watch the movie.
Oct 3, 2011
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Lawrence w: Hi Norma, wow i am in total agreement about the movie and think its a agreat idea to share with others. it is sure to inspire. another way of getting Gods word out. once i recieve the movie, i too plan to have movie night, and show to all who will see it. as for the declaration at the end of the movie, christian cinema can provide that for you. my understanding is, you can purchase it in a packsge also comes with the actual book. good luck Norma. Dec 5, 2011
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Jim D: Sorry Norma, I did order the movie 22 November, but have not received it as of this date. Here might be a suggestion though. Try listening, writing down parts of the speech at the end, pausing, playing, and writing until you are through. I know this is laborious, but well worth it. God bless. Dec 3, 2011
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James M: Hi Norma - I just bought the "Courageous Campaign Kit" with DVD bible study. It covers a lot but haven't seen any with just that speech / sermon he made at the end.

God Bless you and your family over the Holidays!
James Mercer
Dec 2, 2011
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Sandy S: There is a book "Courageous" by Randy Alcorn. Chapter 45, page 353 begins his speech in the church. Oct 13, 2011
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Karissa S asked: Does anyone know the exact length of this movie? Can't wait to see it! Sep 26, 2011
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Kay A: Yes the lady from my church who recommended that we all go see this forgot to tell us that we would need a box of tissues. I cried during several parts.
I think this was done as well as the first three that Sherwood Baptist released. I have those and can't wait for this to be released on DVD.
Awesome movie and message in this movie. I recommend that ALL dads see this one. I wish this had come out when our children were younger and my husband could have seen it.
Nov 5, 2011
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Walt W: About 2 hours 20 minutes. We just saw today. Wonderful. You will need tissues or handkerchief! Oct 1, 2011
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Robert C: it is such a wonderful movie we need more movies like this to proclaim the LORD Oct 1, 2011
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A shopper asked: What does the Hispanic Actor says in the back of the cop car, when he pretends to be the Gang Leader? Jan 10, 2012
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Kaaren R: The movie hasn't arrived yet. I'll try and answer it when I get to view it again. Jan 10, 2012
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Carmen N: funny things does not have to do with anything cruel Jan 13, 2012
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A shopper asked: Can I take young kids to the movie?? Oct 9, 2011
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Elizabeth J: I personally would not take young children to this movie. I think there is to much intense action, and deeper subjects they would not be able to comprehend. I think it would be harmful for them now, but such a sweet blessing when they are older. Dec 7, 2011
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Jenni H: My sister brought her 8 year old daughter and it was ok for her. I didn't bring my 4 year old because it would have been over her head and a little too much action. GREAT movie!! Oct 15, 2011
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David S asked: Like others who have waited for the release of this movie and don't live in the USA / Canada. What's the plan for cinema / DVD release for other countries?
I live in New Zealand. The other 3 movies were great!
Oct 5, 2011
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Ed R: Hi David,
I only heard the following:
.From Thursday 1st Dec. Courageous will be playing at Botany Downs, Hibiscus Coast, Mission Bay, Northlands, Octagon (Dunedin), Sylvia Park, Takapuna and Te Rapa....and Wellington starts from Dec 8th. Something about Hoyts and Reading theatres.

Sorry, can't help more.

Ed (Palmerston North)

Ps. I think someone is working on getting a showing in Palmy. If you get enough people wanting to see it, your local cinema might be interested in showing it.
Dec 4, 2011
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Kerriann L: This is in cinemas in November in NZ. if you google 'five loaves media courageous' you can see the site where the listings are for Australia and New Zealand. Oct 24, 2011
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A shopper asked: My 4 1/2 year old daughter loves to watch movies with me...would this movie be appropriate for someone her age? Sep 14, 2011
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Jenni H: It had some violence (shooting and police chases) so I didn't think it was appropriate for my 4 year old, it would have freaked her out, but I guess it's all in what they are used to! She doesn't watch any TV and only childrens and mostly christian movies. Oct 15, 2011
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Mary M: Yes. It was very clean. Extremely moving. I suggest taking's a tear jerker but awesome!!! Sep 30, 2011
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Rob R: Great movie! Opening in theatres all across Canada on Sept 30th, 2011 as well. Go on opening weekend for sure. Buy blocks of tickets and small group resources for your church group by contacting Jul 29, 2011
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ChristianCinemaStaff: Courageous opens in theaters in the US on September 30, 2011. DVD release dates have not yet been announced. Jun 24, 2011
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Debra H asked: when is it available in Australia????? Jun 10, 2011
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David J: There are currently no theatrical release dates as of yet for Australia, only USA (30 September 2011), UK (4 November 2011) and Sweden (25 November 2011). :'( Jul 12, 2011
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Kerriann L: it is now! it's playing in November at some Hoyts and Reading cinemas. i just found it on their websites. Oct 24, 2011
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Debra H: Thank you Kerriann...I will be checking out Hoyts and Reading very soon.....God Bless Oct 24, 2011
A shopper asked: As a christian, how did this movie increase or decrease your faith? Apr 13, 2012
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Richard M: Courageous is a faith encouraging movie. It is design to bring glory and honor to the Lord. The Lord and His word builds faith. But the Lord will use the instruments of this life to reveal weaknesses in our lives.
The Lord is using Courageous to restore men and fathers to their proper places in the family. To remind us that we have an obligation to Him to be His warrior on the line for the protection of our families.
Courageous, as for myself has been and is so being used by the Lord to increase my faith in being the man of God that He desires me to be.
Thank you for the opportunity to share how Courageous has affected my life.
Apr 28, 2012
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A shopper asked: what does the father say to his daughter in the restaraunt scene? Nov 13, 2011
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Jackie B: He speaks to her about love and relationships and the importance of waiting for the right person. He gives her a ring to wear and tells her that the ring will be replaced by the man she chooses to marry whom should love the Lord as she does. Jan 3, 2012
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Jim W asked: Many have asked about DVD release date. Any new news? Nov 1, 2011
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Erik KStaff: Well, yes and no. All we can say is that if it's going to be anything like Fireproof, it'll be available to sell sometime before Christmas and ship/release early next year. Keep checkin back for the release date! Nov 3, 2011
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Jim W: Thanks Nov 3, 2011
Mike S asked: Today is October 29th. Has anyone heard when the DVD will be released in the US? Oct 29, 2011
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Erik KStaff: Hi Mike,

Great question! My best guess is that it will be in time for the Thanksgiving/Christmas shopping season like Fireproof was.
Nov 1, 2011
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Mike S: Thanks, Erik. I'll be watching for it. Nov 1, 2011
Gerald G asked: Where can I get a copy of the "I Will" speech from the movie? Oct 13, 2011
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Erik KStaff: Great question! There are 3 types available. Click on the link below to check them out:
Oct 13, 2011
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A shopper asked: I want to schedule an event for my church New Years Eve. Can anyone help me with when it will be released on DVD to the public? Oct 11, 2011
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Erik KStaff: For public showings, be sure to visit This movie is not covered under the CVLI license. Dec 9, 2011
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Debra C asked: my husband is a deputy and we viewed this movie and Awesome Handiwork straight from God. The theatre was sitting in a church service. People were amening and "Thank you Jesus". If there had been a preacher in the theatre I believe he could have won some people to the Lord. I was so inspired after this movie. I started calling people and asking to take time to see this movie. I know what I'm buying for Christmas gifts..... "The Courageous". Also giving to the police department for viewing? Oct 6, 2011
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Melodie W: Sure! Why not? If it's on your heart to do so then do it! :) Dec 6, 2011
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A shopper asked: when does the movie come out on dvd? Oct 4, 2011
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Vincent W: I am expecting the DVD to be released by end Jan 2012. Have a blessed Christmas! Dec 3, 2011
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A shopper asked: When can I buy this movie? Because I am from Germany and the movie does not come here. Oct 1, 2011
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Erik KStaff: Right now! The DVD releases January 17th. Pre-buy the DVD today! Dec 9, 2011
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A shopper asked: When is this movie available in DVD? And will there be any Vietnamese subtitle for this movie? Oct 1, 2011
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Erik KStaff: Yes, this movie will have the following subtitles available:
Chinese, English, French, Tagalog, German, Vientnamese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai
Dec 9, 2011
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A shopper asked: Yes I also would like to know when it is coming to Australia? If Facing the Giants and Fireproof are anything to go by, this should be a fantastic movie. I want to show these to my adolescent students (esp Facing the Giants).....we need more of this in Australia.....God Bless you all for this wonderful ministry....XOXOX Oct 1, 2011
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Kerriann L: Yes, this is coming out in November in cinemas! if you look at the Aussie website you can see where it's coming near you. type 'five loaves media courageous' in google and you should be able to find it Oct 24, 2011
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Mel H asked: Would Courageous be okay for 7 and 10 year old boys or do you think the parents should see it alone? Sep 29, 2011
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Sandy S: It is rated PG-13 for some violence and drug content. There was less of both than are on prime time tv. I would allow both 7 & 10 yr old...but if there is any question in your mind, go see it first alone and make the decision. You will want to see it a second time. Oct 13, 2011
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A shopper asked: I wish this was not rated pg-13.....what makes it that rating? I've told my son no pg-13. he is 9. Sep 4, 2011
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ChristianCinemaStaff: The MPAA gave a PG-13 rating to COURAGEOUS for violence and drug content. Both of these elements are within the context of the film’s law enforcement storyline. The movie shows drugs being confiscated and includes intense action scenes. Following the model of Scripture, morality is shown positively, while criminal behavior is shown with undesirable consequences.

When producer Stephen Kendrick was asked his thoughts on kids seeing the movie when it releases on September 30, 2011 he says,

“As with Fireproof, we went to great lengths with COURAGEOUS to be morally responsible and avoid any stumbling blocks for children. The movie deals with Sheriff’s deputies trying to stop gang activity, while learning about the importance of their role as fathers. Children should attend with their parents who want to use the story as an opportunity for healthy discussions.”
Sep 5, 2011
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Steve S asked: Any chance this will be available in Spanish. Can anyone confirm the title in Spanish as CORAJE, or will it be different? Subtitles would be okay, but dubbed in Spanish audio would be outstanding. Aug 4, 2011
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Erik KStaff: Hi Steve,

Unfortunately no one can confirm the Spanish title yet as it hasn't been released in theaters yet. Keep checking back though to see the latest on Courageous, in theaters September 30th.
Aug 10, 2011
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A shopper asked: Can I buy the movie ... how much will it cost? Jul 25, 2011
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ChristianCinemaStaff: Courageous is coming to theaters everywhere on September 30, 2011! Go on opening weekend and support this great film! Jul 26, 2011
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Laura W asked: I work in a church office and our pastor is wondering if Courageous is a movie that we might be able to show on a Sunday morning or special service. What's your opinion? Jun 24, 2011
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Debra W: This movie has a solid biblical and moral foundation. This would be very appropriate to bring to a church setting. As soon as it is released on DVD, we will be showing it in our church. Sherwood Pictures' ministry is wholly supported by prayer, Biblical teachings, moral ethics, and Christ centered. There is no other production I would trust as much. I truly believe you can see, feel, and hear God in the message of these films. Sep 30, 2011
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Julie B asked: Fireproof was released on DVD early for churches who wanted to show it to their congregations before the public release of the DVD. Will something similar be offered for Courageous? Oct 24, 2011
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A shopper asked: who played Adam Mitchell daughter and what song did she dance to? Oct 23, 2011
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A shopper asked: When will Courageous come out on DVD? WOW, what an awesome movie. My husband and I loved it. Oct 11, 2011
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A shopper asked: Courageous is the most substantial film I've ever seen in years! The entire audience burst into applause at the end. Bravo!

What is your next film?
Judy N, Redding, CA
Oct 2, 2011
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Greater H asked: This is an outstanding media form of outreach for the Lord. We would like to take this movie to minister to the men locked away in jail/prison and cannot go to the theater when it opens. Who can we contact to make that happen? What better way to rehabilitate these men for society. Sep 8, 2011
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Gisella G asked: I join Steve S. in the request for the movie to be in Spanish. Such a great audience to be reached! Any chance for that? Gisella G. Aug 15, 2011
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Scott K asked: I screened this movie pre-release. I laughed. I cried. I wanted to be a courageous father myself.

I recommend it without reservation.

This is not a question, so no ?
Jul 30, 2011
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A shopper asked: how do i get my wife's respect and trust, if ive been unfaithful to her? in the movie things look quite easy but in reality its a lot harder Jan 30, 2012
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Donnalynn S: This particular movie didn't show fixes as easy, it showed changes must be followed by a lifelong commitment and that your loved ones should see your actions will define your words.

You must First and foremost put forward a deeper commitment to God before any of your earthly relationships can expect to be restored.

You probably want the consequences to go away and that isn't going to happen. It is why God says "thou shalt not" in the first place. Consequences can outlive us.

The movie showed what happens when you cut corners off simple things that don't seem serious at the time as well as big ones. They can all have long lasting negative consequences.

Don't waste this pain but instead use it to change your habits by getting grounded in God's Unfailing Word equipping you to be a leader worthy of respect.

In time relationships may be restored but this will more than likely change them, that is part of the consequences. And people don't forget, so if you are going to be late, call her instantly.

Remember to daily put some action behind what you want her to believe.
Jan 30, 2012
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Kelley B: I have no idea whether you are a Christian person or not,(one that has accepted Christ as his personal Savior) but if you are not, that is the first step in any Return to your marriage vows. TRUST is a very difficult
thing to re-establish after it has been broken. Your marriage vows
have very deep and special meaning and if you betray those, it is
not east to re-connect. It can be done but not without a lot of prayer
and maybe some sessions with a Christian counselor or pastor,
and I hope that may be of some help to you. It does take two parties
so approach your wife about this. Good luck and God bless!
Jan 30, 2012
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Jake K: What you're facing must be very difficult. I hope you're sensing the encouragement of God's unfailing love and support. He is merciful and non judgmental. Keep encouraging yourself in Him. I would have to agree that the movie made it look easier than it would be in reality. Mar 27, 2012
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Joe D P: If her respect and trust are worthwhile to have then it will not be any harder than it was to be unfaithful. If she is worth the effort then the expenditure of effort will not be hard. You must make a decision on which way YOU want to go and then expend the effort. Joe Jan 30, 2012
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