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The Road Less Traveled: Hunger For The Holy Land - DVD

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Embark on an epic journey with Brandon Trones as he roams the Holy Land in search of the imprints of God's footsteps on Earth.

In 2003 a plan was hatched by Brandon Trones to trek to the Holy Land no matter what state it was in and search for tangible proof of the existence and message of Jesus, his followers, and the prophets that preceded them.

Two years later after much work and organization and proper coordination, he was finally prepared to embark upon the journey.  But even if successful, physical proof in the eyes of the world might not be enough.  This thought gave birth to the second aspect of the adventure: a forty-day fast. Since man recognizes the works of God in both physical and spiritual, Brandon would test both.  The first goal: seek by any means necessary, tangible proof that support’s God’s Word, no matter the risk.

The second goal: test the intangible, spiritual elements of God through prayer and fasting. For 40 days Brandon searched for the imprints of God’s footsteps here on Earth.  For 40 days he fasted, pushing himself repeatedly past the brink of exhaustion.

Hunger for the Holy Land represents the fruits of those labors; showing over 40 physical items and places that historically support the Bible as fact, twenty of which have never been filmed and presented before.  But also showing Brandon’s trials, failures, and victories as he partakes in and extensively documents the effects of a spiritual fast coupled with extensive prayer and meditation.

This is truly a cutting edge documentary.

The Road Less Traveled: Hunger For The Holy Land - DVD

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The Road Less Traveled: Hunger For The Holy Land DVD Details:

MPAA Rating: NR
Format: DVD Region 1  What's a Region Code?
Languages: English
Product Release Date:
Length/Run Time: 101 minutes
Produced By: Brandon Trones, Ben Folts, Marni Gaylord Bernstein
Directed By: Brandon Trones
UPC/ISBN Number: 9780740319129

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Latest Reviews for The Road Less Traveled: Hunger For The Holy Land - DVD

4 of 5 Stars! The Road Less Traveled: Hunger For The Holy Land - DVDJanet M, 09/13/2012
(no written review given)
1 of 5 Stars! The Road Less Traveled: Hunger For The Holy Land - DVDLaura F, 05/23/2012
I am the sponsor of my public school's Christian club. A dad donated this video for the kids to watch. While the topic of fasting to get closer to God was interesting, and the tour through the Holy Land was fascinating, I was appalled at Brandon Trones' utter disregard for the laws of his host country. He documents himself smuggling in the camera to many places where it is forbidden, and shows himself climbing barricades and bribing officials to gain access to closed sites. His local guide, evidently a believer, was so disturbed by these actions that he eventually quit. Mr. Trones justifies his illegal and disrespectful activities at every turn, then declares that God has blessed his path. The earthquake that occured as he ate his first post-fast meal was taken as a sign of God's approval; it could just as well have been a mark of the Lord's dismay. Topics of discussion for my club after viewing this video: hypocrisy, our witness to others, spiritual blindness. Two thumbs down :-(
1 of 5 Stars! The Road Less Traveled: Hunger For The Holy Land - DVDSaundra K B, 02/23/2010
There is a misquote of scripture on this film saying Jesus jumped off a cliff to get away from a mob. We looked it up and The Holy Bible does not say what he's put on for reference. He's trying to be like Jesus but Jesus did a full fast and did not choose 4 different fasts. He does not respect authority and a Jewish guide leaves because of this fact. He isn't supposed to record, so do not do it. When you enter knowing this and do it anyway, you are disobeying and you are saying you agree when in fact you do not, so that constitutes lying and God says no liar shall enter the kingdom of God. There is also a scene in the beginning showing him in bed reading without proper clothing. 0/5 stars but had to write 1/5 otherwise they wouldn't allow the revue through. Glorify God, we were under the impression this was a Christ following website.
4 of 5 Stars! The Road Less Traveled: Hunger For The Holy Land - DVDJennifer C, 11/10/2009
Good documentary on the Holy Land. Also is neat how he traveled for 40 days doing 4 different fasts. Great pictures of historical sights that you can't see on tours because they are off limits.
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The Road Less Traveled: Hunger For The Holy Land - DVD
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Dawn F asked: I thought the documentary was absolutely outstanding. I admired Brandon Trones for the gut he had to fast as well as dare go over the fence so that WE, could have a glimpse of sites that are fenced off if not, the majority do not even know exist. He did good to "break the Law" because those sites belong to everyone not just the few or the ones who claim ownership. Jesus is no one's property but rather The Proprietor of aaaaaall of us!!!!!! wake up and smell the Coffee. This on one hand, on the other, Yes, Brandon in being unorthodox was also very Holy man. He is amazingly Holy for the simple reason Jesus also broke many laws as a "Jewish" man. All one has to do to verify that is read the bible and see how often Our Lord was in constant struggle and lock horn with the Pharisees and Sadducees over tedious things as well as serious ones. So much so, they decided to execute Him!!!!!! ...that also is documented in the bible in case some didn't know. Helloo, is anybody awake or ever bothers to actually open that bible and read what is in it?!
I am a person who is fascinated by Christian sites and to be able to see them through the viewing of this DVD has be an immense blessing to me. As far as the fast, so far, the longest I fasted has been 31 days straight without a single hard speck of food going through my throat. I always wanted to do a 40 like Jesus but failed due to spiritual oppression (those who do know that demons come after you once they know you' ve become aware of that path). Brandon showed me an easier way to get there, to start. And I am going to do it, thanks to him. I thought that was a brilliant idea to fast for 40 days. May Jesus Bless him all the more for it. 2 Thumbs Up!
Apr 1, 2013
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Grace V: I agree with what you have said here Dawn. Jesus was very unorthodox for his time. Apr 7, 2013
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Dawn F: Thank you Grace, and not that I was looking forward to being agreed with. Jesus went against the main stream in every way, and have been continuously and viciously attacked for it. So much so, He, for example couldn't even tell the paralytic that his sins were forgiven! I mean what is the cost for anyone to forgive any other?!? the answer is ZERO! not even that they did allow Him to do. Nor was He allowed to heal those who had no money to pay for the back then doctor or medical treatment without being accused of working with the devil or breaking the Sabbath. Accused, not by the crooks and thieves but by the "Holy and Righteous". And the Holy and Righteous are the very ones who ended up slaughtering Him, not those one would expect. Christians need to have the gut and courage to dispose of political correctness and the status quo (just as Brandon did here) and come out and state as well as act The Truth to demonstrate their alignment with Jesus. In John 14:6 Jesus said He was the Truth and He is. Political correctness isn't. Apr 11, 2013
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The Road Less Traveled: Hunger For The Holy Land - DVD
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