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Lord Save Us From Your Followers - DVD

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Why is the Gospel of Love dividing America?

As a church-attending Christian, Dan Merchant (read our exclusive interview with him) was an interested bystander in the Culture Wars. Try as he might, he was having trouble figuring out what made the rhetoric so divisive, hyper, and most often, angry.

He put on a bumper-sticker-clad jumpsuit and traveled across America to find the answer. After talking with scores of men and women on streets all across the nation, and also interviewing many well-known activists in the Culture Wars, Dan realized that the public discussion of faith doesn't have to be contentious.

With humor more common in a comedy-sketch program than a documentary, Lord, Save Us provides a provocative, funny, and redemptive discussion that is sure to continue long after the credits run.

It's the movie that has everyone talking. No, really, everyone! Throughout the movie, Dan talks with countless people to hear their stories...and to share those tales with you. Everyday people like us, and well-known people like:

  • Best-selling author William Paul Young (The Shack)
  • Comedian/Senator Al Franken
  • Former Senator Rick Santorum (champion of the Religious Right)
  • Noted "liberal evangelical" Tony Campolo
  • Conservative radio host Michael Reagan (son of former President Reagan)

Other cameos and clips include: Bono, George Clooney, Jerry Falwell, Stephen Colbert and many more.

Yes, you have never heard faith talked about, or seen it lived out, as you will in Lord, Save Us.

Save when you share the conversation. Buy in a 5-pack or 10-pack to share with your friends.

Film Festivals:

  • Official Selection Faith On Film Festival, Australia (July 2008)
  • Official Selection, Heartland Film Festival (Oct. 2008)
  • Official Selection, Sedona Film Festival (February 2009)
  • Winner, Best Film of Festival, Attic Film Festival (March 2009)
  • Official Selection, Moonlight Film Festival (April 2009)


  • Winner - People’s Award 2009 Belief Net Film Award
  • Best Spiritual Documentary of 2008 - Nominated Resource of the Year 2008, Culture category, Outreach magazine
  • Winner - Judges’ Award 2009 Belief Net Film Awards
  • Best Film Of Festival - Attic Film Festival, March 2009

The Conversation starts now.

Lord Save Us From Your Followers - DVD
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- Judy Novak

Lord Save Us From Your Followers DVD Details:

MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Format: DVD - Region 1  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: No
Languages: English
Product Release Date:
Produced By: Dan Merchant, Jon Manning
Directed By: Dan Merchant
UPC/ISBN Number: 829567066027
Public Performance Rights: Dan Merchant
Theatrical Release Date: Friday, September 25, 2009

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Lord Save Us From Your Followers 5-Pack - DVD $124.95
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Lord Save Us From Your Followers 10-Pack - DVD $249.90
Lord Save Us From Your Followers 10-Pack - DVD

Why is the Gospel of Love dividing America? Includes 5 copies of the ground-breaking film Lord Save Us From Your Followers.
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Latest Reviews for Lord Save Us From Your Followers - DVD

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5 of 5 Stars! Lord Save Us From Your Followers - DVDJosh U, 08/08/2012
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Lord Save Us From Your Followers - DVDLucinda C, 05/01/2012
For those whose heart is open to see where we the Followers need to repent and bear good fruits this is a must see.
5 of 5 Stars! Lord Save Us From Your Followers - DVDSue G, 01/20/2012
Very thought provoking and well presented. More than likely you won't walk away holding as closely to your previously held mindsets. This film challenges Christians to take Christ's command to love others seriously. I liked it.
2 of 5 Stars! Lord Save Us From Your Followers - DVDMilton K, 12/17/2010
Offers some interesting observations, but overall, it's nearly an hour and a half of "how Christians are habitual sinners" but fails to address the depth of abomination that opponents of Christ embrace. Are most American Christians falling far short of the Way of Christ? Absolutely. But are the opponents of Christ in this land being picked on and unjustly "offended" by the Truth? Hardly.

This one is probably something you should skip.
4 of 5 Stars! Lord Save Us From Your Followers - DVDSean B, 07/30/2010
This is a thought provoking documentary. I honestly rented this movie expecting to completely disagree with its message...this was not the case. It instead prompted significant introspection with regards to the way I view and categorize people. Regardless of personal opinions, I recommend that all Christians watch this film.
5 of 5 Stars! Lord Save Us From Your Followers - DVDFlorence C, 07/24/2010
5 of 5 Stars! Lord Save Us From Your Followers - DVDTammy B, 06/29/2010
This is not for anyone with a religious Spirit. But my family and I do feel that all Christians should take the time to watch this movie. Really well done. Awesome!!! Such a blessing!
1 of 5 Stars! Lord Save Us From Your Followers - DVDMichele P, 06/04/2010
I caught this video when it was shown as a freebie online. All I can say is what a disappointment, it portrayed Christianity in such a negative way, using random video clips, choice snipets of interviews and quotes to pound home the message that Christians are not Christian enough, or they're altogether too Christian, (which really means that perhaps it's best to walk away from the whole Christian thing altogether and go do some yoga and meditate on the wisdom of say a Bono or Al Franken. It even troubles me that a site promoting itself as "Christian" would sell such a piece of dribble, but discernment seems in such short supply these days, or is it that it's in short demand? Don't waste your money on this, worse yet, don't waste your time. Bottom line is that God has answered the cry, "Lord save us", I doubt He sees the humor in adding pithy critiques of His church to that prayer.
5 of 5 Stars! Lord Save Us From Your Followers - DVDLisa B, 05/25/2010
In the beginning of this documentary, I was a little skeptical about what this was going to be. Another review compared it Michael Moore and I guess I can see where that was thought about. However, don't quit watching it because it really leads up to alot of truth about today's Christians. It makes you think about yourself as a Christian and what are we doing wrong that makes people not want to know us. We have an obligation to live our lives as much like Jesus did when he walked the earth. How can we get people to listen if we turn our backs completely on sinners. After all, we are all sinners. Watch it and I guarantee you will realize a few things which are really common sense. I have to give this a big thumbs up because it has made me remember some basics, which are the most important thing Jesus wanted us to do.
1 of 5 Stars! Lord Save Us From Your Followers - DVDLee M, 04/25/2010
Unfortunately, this video is really just another Michael Moore version of a "christian" documentary. In it's unbelievably unbalanced approach, this apology(not apologetics) tour trip across America is chock full of nutty statements from the Christian-left liberals that go unchallenged, to gay pride confession booths that seems to highlight the state of the film maker's confusion. The few contributions that are allowed from mainstream Christian teachers/ preachers( focus on the family, Jerry Falwell) are portrayed in a mean spirited way. Also, the quote from Rick Warren just turned my stomach.! Im not really a fan of Rick's, but was really shocked at what he said..."the church is supposed to be God's hands and feet, but the last 50 years all they have been is a BIG MOUTH." This, and many other, outrageous and factually incorrect statements go completely unchallenged. As I said earlier, a Michael Moore version of 'christian' documentary from the leftists.

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Lord Save Us From Your Followers - DVD
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Pam C: Great subject and content! Jun 20, 2012
Jo Ann M: I have bought these movies and sown them to lots of people, then given them to them so they could share them with others. I have watched God bring every person to a place of brokeness and repentance, no matter which side of the fence they were on. This is the greatest tool I've seen in a long time for soul winning. Thanks for producing this dvd.God Bless! Nov 28, 2011
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Lord Save Us From Your Followers - DVD
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