The Perfect Stranger & Another Perfect Stranger: The Director's Double Feature - DVD
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The Perfect Stranger & Another Perfect Stranger: The Director's Double Feature - DVD


Now offering both "Perfect Stranger" movies as a Director's double feature in one package.

Special 2-Disc SET includes -

The Perfect Stranger:

Nikki Cominsky is a successful attorney - troubled by the fact that her life isn't perfect. One day, a mysterious invitation shows up on her desk that reads, "You are invited to Dinner with Jesus of Nazareth." Thinking it's a prank that her husband is playing on her, she shows up - only to find herself in the middle of a whirlwind evening of debate and revelation - with the most unforgettable man she would ever meet.

Based on the best-selling novel, "Dinner With a Perfect Stranger" by David Gregory.

Length - 105 Minutes

Another Perfect Stranger (Sequel):

Another Perfect Stranger (based on David Gregory's second novel) takes up the story of the Cominsky family ten years after the first film ended.

Nikki's daughter Sarah, now 19 and heading west for college, is at her own spiritual crossroads; to further complicate matters, her mother has recently revealed that, nearly a decade ago, she sat down to dinner with the Almighty Himself.

Thinking her mom is certifiably insane, Sarah strikes up an unlikely friendship with a mysterious travel companion who shares her disdain for religion.

Length - 96 Minutes

The Perfect Stranger & Another Perfect Stranger: The Director's Double Feature DVD Details:

Format: DVD Region 1 - (2 Discs)  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: No
Languages: English
Product Release Date:
Length/Run Time: 201 minutes
Directed By: Jefferson Moore, Shane Sooter
UPC/ISBN Number: 5099945707490

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5 of 5 Stars! The Perfect Stranger & Another Perfect Stranger: The Director's Double Feature - DVDPeter T, 02/09/2010
I was looking for answers a long time... how God could have his only son suffer by dying on the cross? This wonderful picture provided me an answer that I could accept. I love the total presentation of Jesus! At the end of the film I felt closer to God.
5 of 5 Stars! The Perfect Stranger & Another Perfect Stranger: The Director's Double Feature - DVDBen H, 01/19/2010
I thought that both movies were absolutely wonderful. I especially like how the Jesus character shared the difference with the young lady the difference between "religion" and a relationship with the creator. I would recommend these movies to everyone. Well, maybe everyone except people who are legalistic about having a drink of wine with dinner like one of the other reviewers of this movie.

You know, a real student of the scriptures would have known that the Apostle Paul settles the issue of having a glass of wine when he talks about his freedoms in Christ. And his obligation never to eat meat offered as a sacrafice to idols if it were to cause a brother to stumble. It is not the having a glass of wine that is a problem, it is the issues of drunkeness and how we relate to others who struggle with it. Now, having said that, was it a good idea to have Jesus drinking a glass of wine with dinner? Maybe it was not wise because of how it might affect some people sensitive to this issue, but was it a sin? I dont believe so.

Back to reviewing, I would show these movies to anyone, and hoped that they enjoyed them as much as I have.
5 of 5 Stars! The Perfect Stranger & Another Perfect Stranger: The Director's Double Feature - DVDHeike L, 12/28/2009
I just love it, watch it over and over and still LOVE it, I just hope this will not be the last "Stranger"movie.
The Questions and Answers are very helpful tools.
5 of 5 Stars! The Perfect Stranger & Another Perfect Stranger: The Director's Double Feature - DVDArthur L, 12/09/2009
Both these DVDs are tremendous tools in presenting the truths of the gospel to non-believers. They also to educate Christian believers with answers to common questions any thinking person may likely ask concerning God, His work and His purpose in every person's life.
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The Perfect Stranger & Another Perfect Stranger: The Director's Double Feature - DVD
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Christine L: I saw Another Perfect Stranger, I did not see the others. This movie was fantastic. It was a shocker, it blew my mind and strengthened my faith. I know there will be no one who buys this dvd out there that will disappointed. This movie is sheer joy. It is unforgettable. And I cannot wait to see the other two. I saw this movie on tv and then forgot the name. i prayed to God after searching for over an hour on the net about a stranger on a plane and a book popped up. Then the movie. :) God heard. Jan 25, 2016
Barbara D: I saw Another Perfect Stranger on TV and like it very much. I didn't know about the Perfect Stranger until I got on this sight to order, so I have got to have both. I want to share them with friends and family members. Jan 18, 2016
Don B: Jesus wants a personal relationship with each one of us which is what these movies really bring out. I have cried each time I've watched these and I've given many copies away. Jan 14, 2016
robert m: Watched years ago and thought it was done well for young beleivers Dec 13, 2015
Michael M: I found this to be an excellent one on One conversation between God and the person He was talking to. First it was the mom, then years later the daughter. Wonderful for those who want to use as a witness to others. Dec 9, 2015
Jeff E: Touching and pointed interaction between our creator and us, through very good actors in a well written and produced video. Will help loved ones to understand "why we are here and where we're going". Dec 28, 2014
Alfred a S: Great witnessing tool. Nov 7, 2014
Murray P: Say on Daystar Oct 12, 2014
David M: Just saw on TBN while flipping channels during a sleepless night; my wife & some friends want to view it after I described the contents=great acting is worth the price. Aug 18, 2014
Kenneth S: I've watched them before and want to be able to watch them again. Good Movies! Aug 6, 2014
Breanna P: It's inspirational, and I loved it. Jul 20, 2014
Michael M: Each movie provides thought provoking conversations between a woman and Jesus Christ (the latter posing as a real life ordinary person). An excellent look at God's heart towards those who are confused, deceived or struggling in their relationship with God. Jan 23, 2014
Elsie D: I saw both on TV a few times and far in between I Loved them both and now will be able to watch them when ever I want to Oct 11, 2013
Andrew E: Caught the last 1/2 hour of "Another Perfect Stranger" and loved it. What a blessing! Can't wait to see in it's entirety as well as "The Perfect Stranger". Aug 25, 2013
Linda S: Though I was very tired when I saw "The Perfect Stranger" on television last week, I could not take my eyes off the screen while watching the picture. It presented a breath-taking and gentle approach to answer the questions many unbelievers struggle with, like "why is there only One way to heaven?". Prayerfully, many will accept the Lord though its - HIS - message! Aug 21, 2013
Amy Christine C: Warning: these films could inspire thoughts about Jesus you may have never had. Challenges you to ask whether you really live like the light of the world...highly recommended. May 26, 2013
Valencia B: It took my spirit away straight to Jesus. It was so heart felt. It really touch my heart to know that Jesus really loves and cares for me like that. Even when I do not deserved it at all. Thank so much Jesus for loving me the good and the bad me that is. Apr 6, 2013
stephen b t: replacement Jan 6, 2013
CLEOPATRA H: I read the books. Dec 10, 2012
Barbara T: Christmas Gift - I've seen it and it was excellent! Nov 3, 2012
Jeanette E: I saw the movie on the church channel. It was very inspiring. I wanted to share with other family members and friends. Aug 7, 2012
D A: I am a believer, and these movies are very inspirational to me. May 26, 2012
CHUKWUKA U: I wished this movie's preview and loved the conversations in there. May 5, 2012
margaret n: I saw it once on tbn, and it made a difference in my life. Apr 23, 2012
Jim B: My wife and I enjoyed the first movie and wanted to see the sequel. Apr 7, 2012
Patricia A. M: Just saw the end of The Perfect Stranger and looked like a very good movie. Apr 7, 2012
Melissa B: After seeing the 2nd movie on this set on TBN I decided that I would buy it. And this set is great because now I will be able to see both. THank you!!! Feb 12, 2012
Rossana I: Jesus is not a stranger. These movies show how much Jesus cares about us. Jan 28, 2012
Richard E: Saw both these movies on TBN. Jefferson Moore is excellent as Jesus and he should make more of these movies and the rest of the Episodes I've seen on TBN. Truly the Lord's work. Jan 22, 2012
Helen H: I saw these videos on my Directv about a year ago and just loved them! Can't wait to watch them again! Jan 7, 2012
Ali Reza T: I saw both movies on TBN and liked them very much.
Now I like to share them with friends and family.
Dec 28, 2011
Allison S: My mother heard about these movies at her Bible study and wanted them for Christmas Nov 26, 2011
jerry s: Topic was interesting Nov 25, 2011
Bernie P: I have lost my copy of the original movie and am interested in seeing the newer one. Oct 9, 2011
Mark W: Seen them previuosly before and liked them very much Aug 15, 2011
Jo G: I always look for good feedback this series has excellent reveiws ... We look forward to watching the movies Jul 27, 2011
A shopper asked: why did another perfect stranger there for. what about the perfect stranger? what was the whole move about? how did end. what was the lerson.? May 6, 2014
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Catherine M: Sorry but I don't understand your question !

All I can say is that I also bought "Encounter" and it clearly surpasses "The perfect stranger" by FAR (I also MUCH prefer the Jesus actor in it)

See for yourself (dissappointment impossible)

(Still if you want to rephrase your question on "The perfect stranger", maybe I'll be able to answer it)

God bless you
May 7, 2014
Reply to Catherine Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
ELDON A: The first movie dealt with the reality of Christ Jesus from an adult's perspective, the second from a young adult/teen's perspective. There really is no "ending" because Christ Jesus lives on, as do all those who follow Him. Both movies answer many of the hard questions people ask as modern challenges to believing in Jesus. May 6, 2014
Reply to ELDON Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Rafael V: a perfect stranger is about a man who meets a lawyer and she doesn't believe in god. he invites her to dinner and they talk and he turns out to be jesus. at the end she is convinced that he was jesus and he converted her to Christianity. May 25, 2014
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The Perfect Stranger & Another Perfect Stranger: The Director's Double Feature - DVD
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