All In One: Joe Manno
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All In One: Joe Manno


You may have seen Joe Manno... but you've never seen him like this.

ALL IN 1 is an after-school TV Special featuring the comedy of Joe Manno playing all the silly, funny, and zany teachers at Blue Ridge Middle School.

13 year-old Roman was having a bad day at school. Good thing his teachers know all the right ways to make a difference. The show is quality family entertainment, set in comedy, with drama that underscores the importance of children "believing in themselves".

This recipe starts with 6 main exciting ingredients; Nicky DeBobu, a sensitive easy to love, not so handsome, shop teacher and his 68 year old mother, whom he still lives with. Add a zany science professor, Julius Braverman, along with a 92 year old man, Archibald, who seems to have all the answers for all the challenges. Throw in a fairly normal coach named Joe. Mix all that together by adding a high-energy, high-intense Chinese-Italian chef, Chef Wonglioni; and note that as your stirring together these six ingredients that they are all played by the same actor, Joe Manno and you have the main ingredients to ALL IN 1.

Side dishes are provided by Anthony Mangano (NYPD Blues & Rescue Me), Mabell (Kristia Knowles) and Betty (Nia North), and dessert from Lucy, Roman, Jacinda and Anthony.

Joe Manno and his cast of zany characters lead the audience through typical childhood dilemmas with a message that underscores the strongest family values. Through their relationships with classmates and teachers, this cast of middle schoolers are faced with the abilities to make the right decisions. By using comedy to entertain, we are creating TV programming for “Tweens” and up that will grow into becoming a staple to any family video/DVD collection.

About Joe Manno:

The message that Joe delivers about staying away from gangs, drugs and violence rings to close to home. Growing up in St. Louis, Joe's grandfather was a well-connected mafia boss. He recalls tapped phone lines, foreboding black cars, large family meetings. These were all common occurrences in the Manno household. It was only a matter of time before Joe was expected to take over the "family business." But he had other things in mind. He knew  he wanted to take a different path. Joe Manno says  his one goal in life is to reach children across the nation and around the globe.

DVD Extras:

Special Features:

  • Special Message From Joe
  • Deleted / Extended Scenes
  • Mama's Beauty Parlor
  • Behind The Scenes Stills

All In One: Joe Manno Details:

MPAA Rating: NR
Format: DVD - Region 1  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: No
Languages: English
Length/Run Time: 29 minutes
Produced By: Anthony DeRosa
Directed By: Marten W. Piccinini
UPC/ISBN Number: 9780971850194

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Latest Reviews for All In One: Joe Manno

4 of 5 Stars! All In One: Joe Manno - DVDPd W, 04/22/2014
(no written review given)
1 of 5 Stars! All In One: Joe Manno - DVDLawauna D, 12/06/2009
The comedy was over the top, "trying-too-hard" to be funny, but it wasn't. I was hoping for more based on the other reviews. I would not recommend this one.
5 of 5 Stars! All In One: Joe Manno - DVDGail B, 01/29/2009
This movie was awesome! I am a saved, Christian who believes that Christ is the answer to all our problems. All In One has no profanity or sex scenes. The theme is for kids to believe in themselves and that God has blessed everyone with a gift. I will take this movie to school and share with my sixth grade class. No, the movie does not say anything about Christ, but it sure does open the door for discussion! Great show!
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All In One: Joe Manno
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