Modern Parables Volume 1 - Group Study Set - DVD
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Modern Parables Volume 1 - Group Study Set - DVD

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12 Dramatic studies on the parables of Christ in this DVD-based study.

Modern Parables Volume 1, Living In The Kingdom of God, is an original Bible study curriculum designed for people who like movies. It is the first in a planned series of film-driven studies on the parables. The 12-lesson study combines cinema and theory in short dramatic films that explain Jesus' parables. Modern Parables lets people grasp the parables at an immediate gut level. This emotional immediacy enables them to engage the Bible in a powerful and compelling way.

This box set consists of:

3 DVDs - includes 6 parable films, 6 application videos each taught by a different pastor, 6 Director's Commentaries for teaching Cinema and Theology
1 Teacher's Guide with 2 intro chapters, 12 complete lesson plans + 6 bonus lesson plans (108 p.)
1 Student Book with 12 in-depth chapters on the parables (200 p.)
1 Teacher's Prep CD with 12 teacher prep lessons

The Parable Films are uniquely designed to parallel the original parables, thereby driving viewers back to the Biblical text. Just watching the films helps teach the historical, grammatical, contextual and interpretive elements in the parables. The films are not meant to replace the text, but are intended to re-create in the viewer similar emotional, intellectual, and spiritual responses as that of Jesus' 1st-century listeners. The parable films included are:

Hidden Treasure
The Shrewd Manager
The Widow & Judge
The Sower
Prodigal Sons

The Application Videos explain how the parables can be applied to our day-to-day lives. They are taught by insightful pastors representing different denominations including:

Daniel Doriani, Ph.D - Senior Pastor, Central Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, MO
George Grant, Ph.D - Senior Pastor, Parish Presbyterian Church, Franklin, TN
Frank Lewis, D. Min - Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Nashville, TN
Gene Mims, D. Min - Senior Pastor, Judson Baptist Church, Nashville, TN
Jeff Schulte, Th. M - Pastor, ChangePoint, Anchorage, AK
Scotty Smith, M.A.R. - Founding Pastor, Christ Community Church, Franklin, TN

The Director's Commentaries explore how cinema and theology were uniquely wedded in each of the films. When paired with the 6 bonus lessons found in the Teacher's Guide, they provide a unique insight into the way cinema provides new perpectives on our lives in God's Creation.

The Teacher's Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to teach each lesson of Modern Parables. It also includes extensive background material on the parables and the theology of Biblical application.

The Student Book contains the actual Biblical study materials in 12 in-depth chapters on the parables. Each chapter is based on some of the best modern parabolic scholarship and is written in an engaging, easy-to-follow style. There are also six parallel tables that show the many comparisons between the parable film and the original text.

The Teacher's Prep CD is a series of 5-minute audio overviews on each lesson. They are intended to be listened to in the car or on a digital player just prior to teaching the class to help remind the teacher of the most important points.

Modern Parables was designed by a 15-year veteran teacher of both Adult and Youth Group Sunday School classes. The study is intended to be an all-inclusive package that provides everything you would need to thoroughly teach the parables. It is a modular study and can be taught in 6, 12, or 18 lessons (or anything in between).

"Have you ever wondered how Jesus might have told his parables in twenty-first century America? How would the characters have been portrayed? What modern cultural elements would have proved central? Compass Cinema’s portrayals are by far the most clear, riveting, superbly acted and biblically faithful contemporizations of Jesus’ parables that I have ever seen. The DVD comes complete with excellent written materials for individual or group study. I highly recommend this work.” Craig S. Blomberg, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Denver Seminary

"The excellence with which the films were done, the accuracy of the film to the text, and the emotional connection with how 1st-century hearers would have felt are the three big benefits of this study. This series is a great way to show the undeniable relevance of the Bible to the video culture we live in today. I personally understand the parable of The Shrewd Manager better now than I ever have and it is most assuredly due to the lessons learned from Modern Parables." Judd Rumley, Singles Pastor, Denton Bible Church, Denton, TX

Modern Parables Volume 1 Group Study Set DVD Details:

Format: DVD (3 Discs), CD, Books Region 1  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: No
Languages: English
Product Release Date:
UPC/ISBN Number: 978097985240
Public Performance Rights: Compass Cinema

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Modern Parables Volume 1 - Group Study Set
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Modern Parables Volume 1 - Group Study Set - DVD
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