The Second Chance
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The Second Chance


Same faith. Same city. Different worlds.

Grammy-award winning star Michael W. Smith delivers a breakthrough performance as a polished, out-of-touch pastor whose professed beliefs are tested when he teams up with a street-smart minister (jeff obafemi carr) to confront tragic circumstances in the inner city.

"It's message is simple: being a Christian requires more than just dropping a check in the collection plate every Sunday morning." - The New York Times

"Be prepared to have your heart touched and your life changed." - Janet Parshall, host of Janet Parshall's America!

"The Second Chance reminds the church to stay on track with the business of God. A timely warning to us all." - Max Lucado

"To say that I enjoyed the film is a vast understatement. I resonated with what I saw in this great piece of work. Anyone who has ever had a ministry in an inner city over an extended period of time, has encountered just about every one of the situations that came out in the film." - Tony Campolo

Special Features:

Audio Commentary with Director and Cast
Deleted Scenes, commentary by director Steve Taylor
Beyond the making of The Second Chance
The Second Chance FAQ File
Michael W. Smith "All In The Serve" Music Video
J. Don Ferguson's Story
Action! presenting at the Gospel Music Awards
Theatrical Trailer
Behind The Scenes Featurette

The Second Chance Details:

MPAA Rating: PG-13
Format: DVD Region 1 Widescreen  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: Yes
Languages: English
Product Release Date:
Length/Run Time: 102 minutes
Produced By: Clarke Gallivan, Coke Sams, Steve Taylor
Directed By: Steve Taylor
UPC/ISBN Number: 602341011297
Public Performance Rights: Sony

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Latest Reviews for The Second Chance

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3 of 5 Stars! The Second Chance - DVDCrystal M, 04/16/2012
(no written review given)
4 of 5 Stars! The Second Chance - DVDKaty B, 02/28/2012
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! The Second Chance - DVDTheresa T, 12/16/2011
(no written review given)
3 of 5 Stars! The Second Chance - DVDRichard and Linda D, 11/12/2011
The Second Chance, starring Michael W. Smith and Lisa Arrindell Anderson (the other cast members were OK, but Michael is the protagonist so deserves mention, while we’ve seen Lisa in so many productions (all produced by Tyler Perry) that she seems like an old friend. This film displayed high production values and was mainly enjoyable to watch. However, the antagonist, played by Jeff Obafemi Carr, was the primary downfall of this film, as he was not able to move the film forward in a meaningful manner (his bitterness cam through all too clearly, to the detriment of the film). Relative to another reviewer, Michael was not living with his fiancé, since when he went to her house (later developments in the film indicate that he designed the house, for their upcoming marriage), he had no key and had to knock to gain entrance. Tyler Perry produces much better examples of life in disadvantages areas of our countries’ cities, with three titles currently available on ChristianCinema (as of 11-11-11), all of which are highly recommended. If you want to be a movie critic, we suggest you obtain The Second Chance and Madea’s Family Reunion (which is one of the three Tyler Perry films available at ChristianCinema); watching first one (and taking notes), followed by the other (also with comparative notes). We think you’ll find Madea’s Family Reunion the superior film, in all respects. Enjoy!
5 of 5 Stars! The Second Chance - DVDGerald C, 10/11/2011
(no written review given)
2 of 5 Stars! The Second Chance - DVDStephanie W, 09/26/2011
(no written review given)
1 of 5 Stars! The Second Chance - DVDRobert H, 03/27/2011
To much cussing, but for the modern church I guess this is normal???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????
5 of 5 Stars! The Second Chance - DVDJan K, 04/09/2010
Frankly, I was disappointed to see some of the negative reviews of this film listed here. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I think this is one of the best Christian films I've seen. It has an honesty and reality that I find missing from most Christian films. Personally, I wish Christian films in general were a little grittier. The world is an ugly place, and it doesn't do the gospel any good to pretend that it isn't. Nor do I think that just because something is Christian, it shouldn't mean that it is necessary meant for the family or children. This is a serious film that examines the unspoken problems we face in the church when it comes to issues of class and race, and the difference between displaying your faith and living it. It wasn't inspiring in the same sense as a Facing The Giants, but I found it more "real." I strongly recommend it.
4 of 5 Stars! The Second Chance - DVDJoseph S, 08/12/2009
Great Movie with very slight reservations. However, I do recommend it to many. Let me be specific:

If you are looking for a Pharisee-ical movie that misses the forest for the trees, this ain't it. I will tell you this, this is the only movie in our house that has profanity in it, because the message is so pertinent and so important to the lukewarm Phariseeical Church of our day, and I can't see getting rid of the main thing for slight issues.

First, let me say this: Michael W. Smith's character DOES NOT live with his fiancee. They are building a home from the ground up that she lives in. Michael W. Smith's character does not live there. In fact, in one scene, he has to knock on the door to get in after a traumatic incident where he sought out his best friend to share with her. They did nothing wrong, she went back to sleep, leaving him on the couch. Again, she stays in the home that he is preparing for them after they are married. There is absolutely NOTHING Un-Christ-like in their relationship throughout the whole movie.

The other issues of sin are no worse than my preacher dealing with it on Sunday morning. It's not unnecessarily graphic at all.

The only issue you will have as a Christian is the language. The language used is the movie is the more offensive terms for BUTT (1X), DARN (a few), and HECK (a few). Again, all the words used you will find in the King James Bible, but not used in the correct context. They never use anything worse. Let me just say this, I wasn't THRILLED that they were left in, however, if you are going to let that ruin the wonderful message of this movie, you are missing out.

The one thing I do like about them leaving the profanity in is that it will expose the Pharisee-ical heart that we are supposed to shun as Christians yet all of us have in us if we let it reign. Let me explain: When you uses the profanity, you judge the Pastor's character, in spite of the fact, that the entire film you are watching a guy who is sacrificing just about everything for Christ, yet we are worried that he uses HECK and DARN out of context. Unfortunately, that's the state of our Church today. Can't see the forest for the trees. I wouldn't be surprised if that's why Steve Taylor left them in. How many viewers will miss the forest for the trees because of it? Sad to say, many - and this is what is killing our Churches. We didn't get saved by being perfect, we got saved Christ's grace. Our love is measured by our allegiance. We'll never be perfect.

As for the movie: Quality acting. jeff obafema carr's acting is top notch. Everyone else follows suit. The plot is great. Cinematically excellent. It is on par, quality-wise, with secular films. It is excellent and I highly recommend it, just don't watch it in front of the kids unless you have the Guardian.

This movie is WELL WORTH the price of admission. I won't give away the message because you should let it change you as the applicable Scriptures come to your mind and our mixed with the drama of this fine movie.
1 of 5 Stars! The Second Chance - DVDDebbie G, 06/24/2009
Turned it off after the first curse word. Christian movies should not have curse words in them.
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The Second Chance
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