Faithless - DVD
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Faithless - DVD

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Everyone has some kind of faith... Bet on it!

A young man discusses faith, or his lack there of with a priest. “It’s great for you, Father, but it’s just not for me, you know?” The priest challenges him that he probably has more faith than he thinks. “No, Father, I don’t.” The priest offers a bet that the young man won’t sell his soul to Satan for $50. The young man hesitates. “See I told you” the priest says. So, the young man signs the napkin and goes on his merry way…or so he thinks.

This film illustrates the truth that often Satan comes as an “angel of light.”

Nominated for Best Short - Damah Film Festival ‘05

Faithless DVD Details:

MPAA Rating: NR
Format: DVD Region 1  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: No
Languages: English
Product Release Date:
Length/Run Time: 5 minutes
Produced By: Vizpoets
Directed By: Judd Tilyard
Public Performance Rights: Vizpoets

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5 of 5 Stars! Faithless - DVDDawn C, 01/19/2014
(no written review given)
2 of 5 Stars! Faithless - DVDLisa R, 06/23/2009
The message in the movie was great but I was just not prepared for it to be finished so fast! I was ready to sit down and relax and watch a movie. It was more like a short (and i do mean short) story.
1 of 5 Stars! Faithless - DVDSuzanne S, 01/29/2009
I watched this 3 times before I figured out that I had seen the whole DVD in just a few short minutes. Very strange ~ yet a good message.
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Faithless - DVD
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Mary S: Try to inspire my brothers and teenage children who may not be sure of their faith. Nov 29, 2010
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Faithless - DVD
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