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Left Behind: The Complete Collection - DVD

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A set of all 3 original bestselling movies and Bonus - Left Behind Documentary included on disc one, now in new compact packaging of one jewel case.

The DVD Collection includes these Classic Thrillers:

Left Behind
Cars, suddenly unmanned, careen out of control. Terrified people watch their loved ones vanish before their eyes. Some say it's an alien invasion, but Rayford Steele knows that his wife's warning has come true--Christ has raptured His church and Rayford has been left behind in a world without God's people! But the darkest days are yet to come. . . .

This original, supernatural, action packed end times thriller brings together the talents of actors Kirk Cameron (Fireproof), Chelsea Noble, Clarence Gilyard, Brad Johnson, Janaya Stephens, Gordon Currie and Colin Fox.

Left Behind II: Tribulation Force
It's a week after the rapture and the millions of people who disappeared in to thin air are still missing. Chaos rules the world as panic and grief stricken survivors continue to search for their lost loved-ones. Suicide rates are sky-rocketing, businesses and homes are being looted, and martial law is in effect. A desperate world looks to the leadership and guidance of UN President Nicolae Carpathia, the only person offering any answers, hope, and plans to restore peace and order.

While Carpathia has the world's adoration and trust, he is seemingly unaware of four rebels spreading the truth that he is in fact the prophesied Antichrist of the Bible. Leading this small group (called the Tribulation Force) is Pastor Bruce Barnes.

Left Behind III: World At War
President Gerald Fitzhugh lives in a different world – everyone does.

A year and a half ago the world was hit with the biggest catastrophe it had ever seen. Without warning and without explanation, hundreds of millions of people simply vanished off the face of the earth. The world was in chaos like it had never been before.

Yet somehow one man seemed to rise to the challenge. One man had the strength and conviction to unite a shattered world. One man gave the world hope. That man was Nicolae Carpathia. He now rules the entire world.

Fitzhugh, like most of America , whole-heartedly supports Nicolae's new global leadership, but there are those who do not. A dangerous militia movement and an underground group of born-again Christians actively, but separately, work to bring Nicolae down. Their reasons for resistance may be different, but both groups are labeled as dangerous terrorists that Fitzhugh must stop without mercy.

With time running out both Fitzhugh and Buck must make the toughest decisions of their lives. Will Fitzhugh sacrifice the lives of millions to ultimately save America? Can Buck lead Fitzhugh to the real truth about Nicolae before it's too late? And after the smoke clears: who will survive World War III?


Original Release Date:2002/2006


DVD Extras:

Bonus Documentary
The Original Left Behind Documentary based on the book by Peter and Paul Lalonde (these movies have been repackaged by the makers and this movie is now included on the same disc as Left Behind (Disc One) - now conveniently packaged compactly in one jewel case and three discs.)

Left Behind: The Complete Collection DVD Details:

MPAA Rating: PG-13
Format: DVD (3 Discs) Region 1  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: Yes
Languages: English
Product Release Date:
Length/Run Time: 284 minutes
Produced By: Cloud Ten Pictures
UPC/ISBN Number: 745638008133
Public Performance Rights: Cloud Ten Pictures

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5 of 5 Stars! Left Behind: The Complete Collection - DVDDavid S, 09/08/2016
Each movie got better in these series.
1 of 5 Stars! Left Behind: The Complete Collection - DVDLisa T, 08/03/2013
Although your efforts are to be commended, these movies are ssssooooo NOT good. They were boring, unengaging and poorly scripted. I read the entire Left Behind series and couldn't put the books down. It was not a good adaptation. This movie should've been a blockbuster hit that Hollywood would've taken notice and perhaps played it in theaters. If this is the type of Christian theatre that we have to offer the world we are in trouble. I believe in your work and want to see better movies so may i make a suggestion? Before releasing the next movie, circulate a small portion and ask for feedback. This may be a good tool to use before releasing the movie. Lets give God the excellence and quality that He deserves because He is sssssssooooo WORTHY.....
5 of 5 Stars! Left Behind: The Complete Collection - DVDRosemberg P, 11/06/2012
Good Movie, Jesus is coming soon!
5 of 5 Stars! Left Behind: The Complete Collection - DVDDave S, 08/23/2012
5 of 5 Stars! Left Behind: The Complete Collection - DVDJoseph P, 05/18/2012
Great film about the last days!
5 of 5 Stars! Left Behind: The Complete Collection - DVDJessie T, 04/14/2012
Enjoyed the entire series - loved Left Behind 2 the most
4 of 5 Stars! Left Behind: The Complete Collection - DVDMichelle B, 04/07/2012
Read all of the books in the Left Behind series and was completely drawn in! Bought the 4 pack DVD set and although they follow the books somewhat there is so much left out. I know that to make a movie and follow the book to the T would cost a fortune, but it was nice to try to put a face to the characters in the book. Highly recommend!!
5 of 5 Stars! Left Behind: The Complete Collection - DVDRoberta H, 07/26/2011
This is a great Movie to watch, talks about the End Time events that is coming...according to the Bible. The left behind is for the people who are not Born Again Christians. They didn't recieve Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The ones that were missing in the movie were already saved, they had given their hearts to Christ. They have been raptured...Taken to Heaven to escape the judgement on earth....But for those who were left behind will stilll have a chance to recieve Christ....and will be saved. This movie will wake anyone up. I pray that people will watch this4-DVD Boxed collection and tell others about it.
3 of 5 Stars! Left Behind: The Complete Collection - DVDLm N, 03/03/2011
Okay, you Left Us Behind! So, what we learned from the last movie, World at War, the Anti-Christ wins?
What happened to the other movies? Are there not going to be any more to finish the books?

First and Second followed the book series very well. The third movie didn't; it went off script.

This series leaves the viewer without hope or knowledge that Christ is returning. Did they run out of time, money, what?

Please tell us when Christ comes back.
Please let us know when Christ plans to return to the silver screen.

LM Nogle
Purchased February 2011
3 of 5 Stars! Left Behind: The Complete Collection - DVDGrace Du P, 01/16/2011
I have only watched the first two movies of this series. I read all the books and found the movies very disappointing compared to them. Silly guy to play the Anti Christ. Even Donald Trump with his funny hair would have been more menacing! And Babylon someh were in the desert in the Middle East: Read the description in Rev. 17 and see how that fits. I guess Tim la Haye would have lost quite a few readers and viewers if he had made the headquarters of the Beast in a powerful religious city on 7 hills. But - it's a great adventure flick and much of the message makes an impact.
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Left Behind: The Complete Collection - DVD
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ChristianCinema.com Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Rob P: Due to the problems within our government and general lifestyle in the US after the last president and the current president. It is scary! Revelations...... Mar 31, 2017
Wayne P: As a witnessing tool Mar 23, 2017
Henry C: A ministerial gift. Dec 31, 2016
Virginia B: To better understand what will happen in the end times. Dec 6, 2016
Noreen O: I read the books and want to watch the movie. Maybe could get siblings to watch also. Oct 26, 2016
Melissa S: I wanted it! And it was awesome! Oct 17, 2016
Robert C: love christian movies Oct 16, 2016
Susan S: I enjoy prophetic movies Oct 4, 2016
Bernadette L: Interested in end times theories Sep 7, 2016
Linda M: Had them on VHS & wanted DVD that my grandkids could watch Sep 2, 2016
donna r: Because I don't my family and friends to be left behind, this can explain many questions Sep 2, 2016
Kathryn H: read the books , want to see the movies Sep 1, 2016
Marvelene B: Because in these critical end times we need to be informed. Jul 10, 2016
tammy b: I really love this left behind books so I new I would really enjoy the DVD as well
Tammy Bogue
Jun 25, 2016
Rainier M: I want to share to my friends this great movie May 16, 2016
Dennis G: Compare their version of Revelations with what I think will happen. They have it wrong. Just like the Hebrews were around for the 10 plagues, we also will be around for the tribulation before Jesus' return. Apr 18, 2016
Nokomis J: Loved the books and saw the first movie. To share with family and friends Apr 13, 2016
Jeff G: movies were very well done Apr 12, 2016
Jane B: I got them on DVD, I used to have them on VHS. Mar 26, 2016
Ralph Jr M: I've been looking for the third installment for the series for a long time, I'm so excited to finally have it. Mar 19, 2016
Kim R: I like watching Last Day movies because it helps me to witness to folks that don't know Jesus as there Lord and savior Feb 5, 2016
Pamela O: have seen all these movies, fantastic. Jan 21, 2016
Deliesha S: Have seen before. Nov 29, 2015
jan l: Want to show my grandchildren what is happen is nothing. It is going to get worst Nov 25, 2015
Kathleen B: I like this movie Nov 23, 2015
Jennifer V: Love this movie it portrays what is coming and already happening. Seen it when I was a teenager and want my children to see it too Nov 14, 2015
ROBERT W: To share with employees Oct 15, 2015
Dunita B: This series is a valuable tool in helping others to realize God' word is true & to become new Christian's through Jesus Christ. Oct 3, 2015
Yvonne M P: Wanted the whole collection in one place. Have lent it to others and only got back parts. Now, I have the whole collection for my video library. Oct 2, 2015
Alesia B: Sending to prison for ministry. Sep 13, 2015
Marilee O: Excellent Christian thriller that leads to Jesus Christ. Aug 15, 2015
Janet s: Love these movies...added them to my movie library. Aug 1, 2015
Janet H: real life Jul 17, 2015
David C: Wake up call! Jul 15, 2015
Rhonda Y: Saw it years ago and liked it better than the current one out with Nicholas Cage. I want my friends to see these. Jan 17, 2015
Jodie R: It' s original left behind before Cage turned it into an action movie. And it goes right along with the bible word for word! Jan 15, 2015
Norvell S: Personally saw these but never owned them. Dec 18, 2014
Donna B: for my grandson. Dec 1, 2014
Linda M: my children are interested in these movies Nov 29, 2014
Victoria S: I haven't seen this movie but heard from several people how good it was. Nov 6, 2014
Janet H: Ken and I watch movies do not read books etc. He is 87 years old good shape a farmer and we go on trips. I have seen these series Ken has not seen them I did have them loaned to the church no one knows what happened to them. Nov 2, 2014
Nikeeta C: Because JESUS is trying to open people's eyes. We need to understand that GODS word is truth and life. GOD doesn't want to see any of his children not be with him in heaven. GOD loves us all. Nov 1, 2014
Armando F: Clean Christian veiwing Oct 24, 2014
Jorge v: Wanted to a add to my collection Oct 22, 2014
Sheila S: I have the first two movies on VHS and would like to have the DVD's. Oct 15, 2014
Valerie V: There's not much time left and it's a representation of what will happen soon and this will help those left behind get a Bible and read God's instructions...B I B L E...Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Oct 12, 2014
marie b: family movie Oct 11, 2014
Jonathan K: Great movies. Oct 7, 2014
Mark C: Classic truth, timeless and very timely. Oct 6, 2014
darren b: saw new released movie, daughter wants to read and view the series Oct 6, 2014
Marsha G: Family wants to watch these dvd's. Oct 5, 2014
Christopher C: I saw these movies years ago and wanted to share them with my wife. Oct 4, 2014
mharloun m: i want to watch some inspirational movie like this.. Oct 3, 2014
holy F: love this movie Sep 29, 2014
Shayne-Gaye M: I borrowed the first two from a friend and wanted to own the series so I can use them as part of my ministry. Sep 24, 2014
Ester B: Because I have seen this dvd before and it is an important movie to see right now at this time. I let other people see the movie and they were amazed at what was happening in the movie we know well happen in real life. Because the bible has already predicted this will happen. Sep 22, 2014
Barbara B: Read and enjoyed the books Sep 13, 2014
Jackie W: I only catch parts of the movies on TV and have never seen the whole movie and I want to see the entire movie. Sep 11, 2014
Bonita C: Loved the books and heard the movie was also good Aug 26, 2014
Timothy T P: to be able to watch when I choose & watch with family Aug 23, 2014
Bonnie B: Love to share this message with others. Wonderfully done movie. Aug 18, 2014
Judy H: I've only seen the first movie. I knew others followed, covering more of the book series, but I'd never run across them to view. The price for the complete set was so reasonable, I couldn't turn down the chance. Thank you! Aug 17, 2014
lisa b: I choose this to share with my congregation at church and all of my community Aug 11, 2014
Deena W: I had these movies when they came out but let folks borrow them to help spread the gospel. Wanted to watch them again with my teenage daughter Aug 8, 2014
Eirin G: I chose These movies, because it has a strong message Aug 6, 2014
Ruby M: Wanted the whole set Aug 5, 2014
Carol T: My tapes are in poor shape. Wish to share series with my Bible study Aug 1, 2014
Kenneth M: To bring the message to my Neice and Nefew what will happen if they don't get there life together. Jul 30, 2014
Carolyn H: The show is a good bible base story Jul 28, 2014
Lorri C: seen and loved Jul 19, 2014
Susan L: I've seen this movie before and want to share it with family. It is an excellent movie. Jul 13, 2014
Shanane G: i have seen one of the movies and really interested in watching the collection.. Jun 24, 2014
Deborah L: I read the series of books and saw the the first movie. It was great! I would like to have all of these movies for myself. Jun 20, 2014
April H: I have heard the books were awesome and as my husband does not like to read thought this would be a good way for us to enjoy them together. Jun 7, 2014
BETTY B: Im reading the books, Jun 2, 2014
Francis B: I enjoyed the 12 volume book series. May 8, 2014
Jean F: to learn more about revelation. I also like how Kirk Cameron leads a Christian life and wants to teach kids about our Lord May 5, 2014
Julie F: I have read the left Behind Series and I wanted to watch the movies and thought it was a good price for the collection. May 2, 2014
DORIS S: Movie Night at Church May 2, 2014
JESUSA D: I will watch these movies with my ladies bible group. Apr 24, 2014
Megan M: Netflix didn't offer any of these movies but the second in the trilogy and I wanted to show my family all three in order, as a kind of explanation of revelation, although not completely accurate (who knows exactly how it will all happen) I believe it is a great teaching tool. Apr 17, 2014
Edgar M: I read the left behind series it was great I also hade the left behind DVD gave them to a church to let them show them to other people now I want another set for myself so I can show them to others. Apr 9, 2014
Kenneth P: what can we expect in the end times Mar 30, 2014
Linda R: Loved the Left Behind books. I did have the first two DVD's of the three but they have been misplaced. Thought it would be a good idea to replace and use them to witness to the lost. Mar 21, 2014
Jacqui M: Good Movie Mar 14, 2014
Tammy W: Left Behind is a good synopsis of the chain of events to happen before Jesus returns. Good for all to see. Mar 14, 2014
Robert L: Great prices and very good source of good materials for gifts Mar 7, 2014
David B: i chose these DVDs because they are a perfect tool for witnessing. Feb 21, 2014
Regina S: I wanted the movies to own. I think they are amazing movies and I was never able to see the 3rd one. Feb 16, 2014
Glen M: Great Movie to think of what will happen Feb 16, 2014
Michelle C: sounds exciting !! Feb 9, 2014
Maria B: I want see this movies Feb 2, 2014
Pamela L: I watched the 1st one years ago and have been looking for this for a long time cant wait to see them all Jan 27, 2014
Tammy K: My husband has loved the movies and they will be his valentine present. Jan 25, 2014
darlene c: I can't under the book. Like I can a movie Jan 8, 2014
Melanie S: I've seen the first 2 movies but not the third. Thought it would be a great addition to our DVD collection at church. Jan 4, 2014
Constance I: Want to view whole series or read the books Dec 28, 2013
Jessica G: Interested to see it. Dec 18, 2013
Vilmania G: A friend recommended it Dec 4, 2013
Fred G: I am currently reading the book series and love it. Very much helps me to understand the mysterious world of the book of Revelations Nov 28, 2013
VIRGIE M: World is in bad shape, thought it would be interesting, heard they were quite well done movies. Recommended by book readers of the books also. Nov 10, 2013
Stanley S: I have had this for a long time, and it really helped me to ,see ,the light... Oct 30, 2013
Shannon I: The books were very good and was curios about the movies. Especially will all of the craziness that is going on in the world today. Hope to enjoy! Oct 10, 2013
Wanda H: I love these movies, and I want to share them with others. Oct 7, 2013
Dominik M: Because I know the books Sep 26, 2013
Brenda C: I lovr christian themed movies , especially Kirk Cameron movies. His faith and outspoken nature is beautiful. I'm a huge Joyce Meyer fan and watching Kirk and Candace from when my children watched , show their christianity in a most Godly way igives me hope for my grandchildrens future. Sep 25, 2013
Patricia B: because I loved this movie and I feel that it is a great movie to share with friends on the rapture. Sep 20, 2013
Ross S: I'm a reborn Christian and I need to understand revalations more clearly Sep 16, 2013
Joseph H: Read the complete series and wanted to see the movies. Also can lend out the DVDs to others as an evangelical tool! Sep 15, 2013
Paula K: I'm listening to the books Sep 3, 2013
Ardesial H: We have seen Left Behind part one. Wanted to see the rest of the collection. Aug 18, 2013
William A: Reading the books. Want to watch the movies again after many years. Aug 3, 2013
Lisa w: I chose these items because they make a good witness tool concerning the end time. Jul 25, 2013
sharon m: I know these are great movies Jul 19, 2013
katie s: love kirk cameron and love the story Jul 17, 2013
Jackie I: i love Christian movies and my boyfriend has seen the movie and said i would love the movie Jun 24, 2013
Sandra C: I like Left Behind May 7, 2013
Danny T: Having read the Left Behind series books, I wanted to see the stories brought to action Apr 24, 2013
Michael B: Read the books ... now I want to see the movies :) Mar 29, 2013
Tim F: Saw it on Glen Becks The Blaze Mar 26, 2013
Linda C: Want to see them all and show friends and family. Mar 16, 2013
Marilyn O: I liked the movie Mar 13, 2013
Sarah S: I enjoyed the movie. I wanted copies for my personal library. I believe in Jesus Christ. Mar 8, 2013
Allen L: We saw the first two and can't seen to find the third. Mar 7, 2013
Susie C: I am a christian and believe we are in the end times my family who are not saved need to see these movies Feb 22, 2013
Kenneth R. W: I use to rent DVD's Feb 14, 2013
Cheryl M: I've seen all 3 throughout the years and believe them to be very accurate to scripture. With the new Obama hand implant to be implemented with Obamacare, I felt the need for my Grandchildren to see these. Feb 9, 2013
Delinda R: To give as a gift to a friend Feb 8, 2013
shelly t: I've read the enitre series of LEFT BEHIND by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins and loved it!!! I've recently learned about the movies and can't wait to see them. Thanks Feb 7, 2013
Patricia B: I am pre-trib believer. To get a perspective about this event. WE ARE the generation that will experience this event. Feb 3, 2013
Fonda W: I need the Movies to show to my high school students Feb 1, 2013
Cindy C: It's a real eye opener and makes one think Jan 28, 2013
Gabriel R: Awesome movie Jan 20, 2013
Diana L: I've read the whole Left Behind series and a couple of the Left Behind movies Jan 4, 2013
ycar p: I believe Revelation's Prophecy. Some of this is already in preparation. Dec 28, 2012
Beverly B: Enjoyed the books Nov 30, 2012
Janet J: Birthday Requested DVD Nov 27, 2012
Keisha L: I love this series. With the Israel/Gaza stuff going on, we need to be rapture ready at all times! This is a gift for my big brother, who has been reading the book, but didn't know there was a movie series. He's going to love this! Nov 23, 2012
michelle m: Incredibly well priced box set. Nov 16, 2012
Erma H: I like it all the D V D'S YOU HAVE TO OFFER. Nov 14, 2012
Kolawole A: heard about the movies -- looking for the opportunities to watch it over a long period of time now.. Nov 14, 2012
Amy S: Years ago I watched this movie and was amazed at the content and accuracy. We have loaned it out or gave it to the church library. Now ready to watch the whole series because we are getting close to the end of time. Everybody should watch this series its very enlighting Nov 12, 2012
Luz R: We are cristian person will want to have this collection with us Nov 8, 2012
Yolanda G: I have the VHS version and I want to share with my friends and family and they all have the equipment for DVD's Nov 1, 2012
Allison S: to understand the faith accurately Oct 30, 2012
Dan S: I read the books and really liked them so I would like to watch the movies! Oct 21, 2012
Donnie L: Read the books. Oct 13, 2012
JoAnn C: Impactful movies, not too cheesey, and great to show on Wednesday night bible study. Oct 12, 2012
Kim V: I've read all but the last book and I wanted to watch the movies with my kids. Oct 8, 2012
Linda B: looked likea good prelude to escpe from hell Oct 4, 2012
Bernice V: Because I like the people who are acting on the Moview Sep 20, 2012
carey g: friend said it was really good stuff Sep 20, 2012
Tina A: eye opener Sep 9, 2012
kathleena c: WANT TO SEE THEM. Sep 9, 2012
Susan W: I've read the books. Sep 8, 2012
Emanuel L: These are my faviorite movies. Sep 4, 2012
james d: it about our topic this sunday worship,. Sep 3, 2012
Shane R: Have not seen these movies in a long time. Plus all 3 movies for under $20 is a good buy Aug 29, 2012
danny o: movies i can watch with my daughter and not worry about the character of what were watching Aug 20, 2012
Jean S: My Friend Said It was Very Good Aug 10, 2012
Rick S: good movies Aug 10, 2012
mary p: To show my family what is written in the bible and so my children can get a visual of things to come. Aug 2, 2012
Michaela G: I read the book series several years ago, and am so excited to see the film! Aug 1, 2012
charles j: the books were outstanding and i want to watch the movies. Jul 28, 2012
Shirley W: I have read all the books and would like to watch the dramatization of the events. I loved the books. Even though they are fiction, they really make you think. Jul 27, 2012
Dawn H: We've listened to the live action version of Left Behind: The Kids. Liked the series. Jul 24, 2012
Patty E: Our church will be starting an "End Times" study series and this is a good way to promote it. Jul 22, 2012
D S: I Keep missing the whole series...so I just decided to buy it and add it to my spiritual collection! Jul 21, 2012
Othel G: It's a scary thought to be left behind! Jul 15, 2012
Darice E: I recently saw the first movie of the series on TBN and wanted to know what became of the characters in the final two movies. It is rare to see characters in movies that come to know the Lord as their Savior. I was glad to see this being acted out on film. Jul 8, 2012
Normand L. L: Read the book series several years ago. Thought this would be a good way to witness. Jul 7, 2012
Cecelia K: To share with a new believer. Jun 22, 2012
Jo Anna C: A Co-worker recommended that I see this movie, I was waitng for it to come out on TV, but always missed whenever it was airing. Jun 22, 2012
Timothy D: It seems to bring a realization that people can understand to the Book of Revelation. Jun 20, 2012
Adilah S: I read the book and am very interested in the movie. Jun 13, 2012
Josan M: I watch one of the dvds and i was left behind with the rest. Jun 12, 2012
jeanell P: I have seen the first tape and loved it , Now the second tape and have not seen the 3rd. Jun 8, 2012
Matthew T: I like raith based movies only Jun 7, 2012
Alexandra M: I watched them previously and wanted to send a copy to my family. Kirk Cameron has a unique way of exposing Gods word to all. Jun 3, 2012
jack D: read the book and thought it very relevant. where can I get the others in the series? Jun 1, 2012
Bea S: I read the books and loved them. Hope the movies are just as good. May 4, 2012
Brian F: i like this movie Apr 19, 2012
Royce T: I wanted others to see this series after I'm gone.. Apr 17, 2012
Sherry S: Price, and read the books and really want my husband to see the movies~! Apr 16, 2012
Ben L: Thank you for having all of this movies.
I am so glad i can get this movies now.
they help us to kinda know what to expect the things that could happen soon.
Apr 14, 2012
Ben L: For a Sister shes been wanting them to and she shears with others too. Apr 14, 2012
Kathy B: This is actually for my son. He asked that I order this series..he said that we all needed to see these movies, and I think it will make people think about their lives and how they live.We all need God!! The Lord is coming back one day for his people!! This might make the people wake up. Thank you:) Apr 10, 2012
Josephine C: It is a great movie! I have the first 2 movies in VCR. It will be a great movie and discussion materials for bible study group. Apr 9, 2012
julie m: have seen it before and very powerful movies Apr 3, 2012
gloria s: friend suggested them Mar 31, 2012
Blair G: I used to be a fan of the left behind movies but the movies are based on a pre-tribulation rapture deception and are deceiving the masses. Mar 23, 2012
Linda C: I have read the series of books but only seen the first film. I find the Christian authors interpretation of Revelations informative. Mar 21, 2012
lynn t: reading the book. I want my kids to see this and know that this is really going to happen. seeing is beleiving. Mar 21, 2012
Lori S: Saw a preview on a recent DVD purchase and wanted to watch it. Mar 21, 2012
Tony K: looked interesting Mar 20, 2012
Alex D: I think it's a good movie for lost loved ones to watch Mar 17, 2012
Guadalupe C: i chose it because i wanted to show other people about the truth of what would happen if you dont give your life to the lord Mar 15, 2012
Mary C: i read the books and wanted to see the movies Mar 11, 2012
Michelle B: I read all of the left behind books and was thrilled to find that they were on DVD! Mar 9, 2012
tau t: for a family member Mar 6, 2012
Scott L: good story line america needs to see this movie and I am honored to be see it. Mar 4, 2012
Alexis D: The contents of the book were so closely related to what the bible says will happen during and after the rapture. I just want to see with my own eyes these books come to life. Mar 4, 2012
Peggy O: It does a good a job of showing what will happen if you are not ready.It a good evangelistic tool Mar 3, 2012
Karen D: I already have 1 DVD but I wanted the others. Feb 29, 2012
Linda R: loved the book wanted to see the movie Feb 26, 2012
Patricia H: Read the books..Wanted to see dvd's. Feb 25, 2012
Elizabeth R: family members have told me that this movie is so good. have been looking for it in all stores can't find it glad i went to web sight. Feb 21, 2012
Travis P: Left Behind is a film that I think Christians should share with lost friends and families, when this movie came out my kids where younger, we had it on VHS but over the years it got damaged, so as they were growing up I would tell them all about the Rapture and the Second coming of Christ, so as I was searching the web I came across Christian Cinema and they had everything I was looking for and more. Feb 12, 2012
Kathy K: Finishing a study on Revelations Feb 12, 2012
JESSICA B: I chose to order these movies because I saw one of the movies on television and my children really liked them and the movie has inspired all kinds of questions about the Word of God. I am planning on using these movies in our children ministry. Feb 9, 2012
angel e: currently reading the books Feb 8, 2012
Nikki P: I have read the books and really enjoyed Revelations demonstrated in current times. Ready to watch the movies now. Feb 5, 2012
JANETTE S: got it only onvideo Jan 30, 2012
David R: Only God knows. Jan 23, 2012
LuAnn W: saw a couple of the films a few years ago wnated to see the whole series, price was right Jan 21, 2012
Sherri C: I borrowed the book series from a friend at church, and loved reading them. Now I would like to see the movie(s) to enjoy the books all over again. Jan 19, 2012
alice p: because I read this first book and couldn't put it down..my mother wants to read it now but is much older and movies would be easier for her Jan 17, 2012
Timothy S: I am addicted to the books by Tim Lahaye & Jerry B. Jenkins. Jan 13, 2012
Angie J: To put in our church library Jan 11, 2012
Angie J: To put in our church library Jan 11, 2012
Reva W: I want to see everyone go to heaven, don't want to see anyone left behind. Jan 11, 2012
Gerald P: read books Jan 8, 2012
Christy K: Loved the books, need the visuals, want to share the message with family and friends Jan 7, 2012
David H: I am reading the Left Behind book series and am so excited about them that I can't wait to see the videos. Jan 5, 2012
Charles B: I want to get a better understanding of the End times. Honestly, it is more for biblical education than entertainment. This movie series following the end of times prophecy to the letter. Jan 3, 2012
bob g: loved the book series Jan 3, 2012
Michael t: enjoyed two of the movies and will enjoy having them to watch whenever
I want.
Dec 31, 2011
amber j: Didn't know there were extras. Only ever saw the first wanted to see the others Dec 31, 2011
Connie B: Years ago I saw a similar movie series called "A THIEF IN THE NIGHT, A DISTANT THUNDER, IMAGE OF THE BEAST AND PRODIGAL PLANET". So I had to have these. Also read the series called Left Behind. Love end times series. great for witnessing. Dec 30, 2011
Heidi H: I read the series of books and wanted to see the movie. Dec 30, 2011
Damien W: Cause i seen the 2nd movie in the series and i liked it so wanted the boxed set. Dec 30, 2011
Josanna D: subject matter Dec 21, 2011
Courtney M: good and accurate movies according to the Bible. Got them as a gift. I think they'll like them alot. Dec 8, 2011
henry s: Our Down Syndrome son has the first two movies in VHS, and has viewed them numerous times. He has been pestering us to get any additional movies in the series and we found the III with this DVD offer. This will give Hayden a wonderful Christmas. Thanks much. Dec 8, 2011
Ruth S: I bought it before and passed it around my church, I am giving this to a friend to watch again, and share with family, it is a very profound series of movies. Dec 2, 2011
Jill G: Ive read the entire series of books that these movies are based on. I loved the series, am hoping to enjoy the movies. I grew up watching Kirk Cameron on Growing Pains and look forward to seeing him play an amazing role. Nov 28, 2011
Marylou S: Read the book and also seen all the Left Behind movies. Love this series!! Nov 28, 2011
Kerri V: it looked cool Nov 26, 2011
GEORGE J D: Just curious ...good entertainment Nov 24, 2011
derick w: when i was in prison i was lost and so i turned to christ then one day i went to the chapel and they was showing this movie and it inspired me so much at that time i had only saw the first one but it moved me so much i wanted the rest so i can shared with other people Nov 23, 2011
Neva S: I loved the book series and hope to purchase all the DVD of the series. I can share with my family and friends. Nov 5, 2011
george d: teach sunday youth class Oct 1, 2011
Louise E: this movie has biblical truths!!! Oct 1, 2011
Kirk S: Love the Books Sep 30, 2011
Lidia G: My girlfriend just told me about it on the phone from California and I googled it and here you were! Aug 27, 2011
Sandra J: Read the book series and saw first movie on Direct TV channel 364, Inspire and decided we would like the rest of the series. With the times as they are it could be a valuable witness tool. Aug 21, 2011
Diane B: I have seen the first in the series and wanted to see the rest of the collection, I will be sharing w/family and friends who are not yet saved Aug 20, 2011
Kristin R: want ed to watch them all back to back with having to wait..........good movies......you need to see these...they will get you to think about whats really important!!!!!! Aug 19, 2011
eino k: I am very much interested in the Left BEHIND BOOK series Aug 15, 2011
Jo G: Had the first movie wanted the rest ... Jul 27, 2011
Hether H: Read the books, have only seen first movie and wanted to see all three. Googleg Kirk Cameron's Left Behind and there you were with a good price. Jul 15, 2011
jennifer b: i love the left behind books Jul 3, 2011
Willem Drew v: missing 2 of the 3 dvd's Jul 2, 2011
n i: To educate self on Christ's coming! Jun 17, 2011
nancy f: Bible related Movies Loved them May 21, 2011
MIKE V: Reading too many other books right now. Apr 13, 2011
Glenn J. A: It was a gift for my Christian girlfriend. Apr 10, 2011
mark a: Because it something everyone on gods green earth needs to see!!!!!!!!! Mar 25, 2011
Gary L: Have seen these long ago one at a time but I would like to see the collection one after another Mar 15, 2011
odessa w: Great movies Mar 14, 2011
Mary B: I saw these years ago and want to view again ans share with my family. Mar 7, 2011
Brandon S: Well I havent seen it yet but have watched the trailers, I am a big christian and think that these movies will be great for people to learn a lot more about the end times. Feb 28, 2011
Maria A: Had to see the movie. So many people told me about it. Just had to see for my self. Feb 20, 2011
stephan m: very good Feb 18, 2011
felix a: is a good series to watch as a movie nite with the family Feb 2, 2011
marlene w: very great movies Jan 22, 2011
Theunis L: Heard about it from a family member. Jan 22, 2011
Felix T: What to learn more about the rapture and the majestic return of the king of kings and lord of lords Jan 3, 2011
Donna J: Saw parts of the series on TV. Loved the books, and was impressed by the movie adaptation--very well done! Jan 3, 2011
Corey F: I havent seen them before and heard they were good Jan 1, 2011
Michael J: I want to make sure my family understands the importance of a personal relationship with God.
Even though we don't know when, I think we will see the second coming in our lifetime. I hope so any ways
Jan 1, 2011
LONNELL W: To show my family, especially my daughter. So many questions Dec 30, 2010
Wesley S. W: as a Christmas gift for a friend. Dec 24, 2010
Janie W: I love to read stories regarding Christianity, involving segments of the Bible or just plain making you think, and making you research and discuss with co-workers and friends. Great series of books and I'm looking forward to the DVD series !!! Dec 22, 2010
william j: intress Dec 21, 2010
Sue F: to share with family whose faith needs to be strengthened. Dec 7, 2010
Kareen F: I loved the books and wanted to share with my friends but they both prefer watching movies to reading. Dec 2, 2010
Laurent A: to see what gonna happen after the hour of grace Dec 8, 2010
Kathy M: Loved the books. Only wish they had all the books on DVD Nov 23, 2010
Daisy D: I have seen the Left Behind Series of movies before and I love them, but I have not seen the fourth. I recently rededicated my life to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and would love to be able to convince my boyfriend to do the same. The end is comming soon, and I want to be ready for Jesus to take me home to Heaven. Nov 18, 2010
Claudia M: get a better insight into the end times Nov 17, 2010
Joan M: Don't like reading, love Kirk Cameron and have always wanted to see them. Nov 13, 2010
Bolaji A: ...the end has come... Sep 28, 2010
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (1) No (0)
Robin C: This movie in the intiraty show as best as possible what is to come and God help those who are not ready at this time, to be ready when it iw time!!! AMEN, PRAISE the LORD!!! Aug 8, 2012
Reply to Robin Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Robin C: It is what is to come and portrays very well as much as possible. the accuracy of what the Bible says! God help[ those who are lost!! AMEN!!! Aug 8, 2012
Reply to Robin Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Annalisa N: btw each of the 4 parts will keep you on the edge; well done, & well put together! Mar 2, 2012
Reply to Annalisa Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Annalisa N: No they did not. But if you understand any English this is powerful, and resonates long after especially in the minds of the unsaved- great evangelical witnessing tool. Mar 2, 2012
Reply to Annalisa Good answer? Yes (0) No (1)
A shopper asked: is this film compatable with dvd players in the uk ? Feb 23, 2012
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (1) No (0)
bob g: I don't about the UK compatability Feb 23, 2012
Reply to bob Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Philip T: This set says region 1 and the UK and Europe are Region 2. I brought these films separately and one and three worked on my standard DVD but I had to watch Film two on my PC, resetting my media player settings accordingly. So I guess it depends if your player is via a computer or if it is a multi i regional DVD player May 22, 2012
David M asked: How suitable is this for kids? Jan 6, 2011
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Gary J: I have watched all three 'movies' in the Left Behind video series and as a conservative Christian of two home-educated boys, I too was concerned about the content from a moral purity standpoint. After looking at some reviews on the web, I waited until my youngest son was 17 before we watched it toghether.

It has been a few years since I have watched these, but my recollections are as follows:

It is very intense from a action standpoint but not gory. We both enjoyed this aspect. I haven't seen any "Hollywood" action movies released since these movies so it probable isn't as spectacular as what exists today.
They have a very strong Gospel message.
In one of the movies, the stewardess girlfriend is shown quite provocatively (a very leg revealing dress and camera shot, but not a low cut dress and the seen is not gratuitous. Still I would consider fast forwarding through it with younger boys and have a discussion about he Prov 5 'woman'.
One move deals with the above unmarried woman's unwanted pregnancy, but the scene is in good taste for this serious subject, showing the sadness of this consequence from poor choices.
All in all, the series has much to commend about living a truly Biblicsl life in a lost and fallen world that needs the REAL Savior and Messiah! I'd just be ready of fast forward thru what may be "too much information" for your child and then be prepared to discuss why you did. It is a very appropriate theme for where the USA is currently!
Jan 6, 2011
Reply to Gary Good answer? Yes (3) No (1)
Eric M: I think it's a pretty good movie. If kids are watching action movies than they should be allowed to watch this movie. Alot of what is on there is truth, it will remain with them and is easy for them to remember when they read the Bible. (But we have to remember that the Bible is the ultimate source). Jan 6, 2011
Reply to Eric Good answer? Yes (2) No (0)
John S: Hello Eric M: I agree with you, if you leave any part of this movie out you will have lost the true meaning of whats the message is all about, after all it is after the rapture takes place with the anti christ ruling the earth, and these things are bound to happen, need to watch the entirety of the movie.good point you stated. Jan 8, 2014
kathy l: The movies are great but I have to admit the books are awesome because they gave scripture and you can look things up for yourself. When these books first came out my niece and I would rush to see who could get the book first I have the hard copies of the books I saved them hoping my family or friends would want to read them loved them all Sep 6, 2015
Reply to kathy Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Eric M: I also would like to agree with Lynda S. Jan 6, 2011
Reply to Eric Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Lynda S: David,
I believe with parents watching with them, it would be suitable for kids 10 and up. The adult version of Left Behind is a bit more detailed than what I believe younger children should be watching on their own. If you want the younger ones involved in this get them the books written for them.
Hope this helps.

Lynda S
Jan 6, 2011
Reply to Lynda Good answer? Yes (0) No (1)
Evan W asked: How is this movie series compared to the books? Is it as good as the books? I haven't finished the books yet and I am thinking to watch the movie instead. Nov 30, 2010
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Sandra B: I am just finishing the first book,I found all of them except for 3 at the goodwill store in perfect condition for a $1.95 a piece. Im sure I will find the Appollo the assasin and the Mark just as I found the others. Obviously God wants me to read them because they keep appearing every time I go back to the store. This book is making me think so much about what eternity really means and how important it is to know and live in the truth. I will read them all and then I will watch the DVDS. I will also be passing them on for friends and family to read. Cant wait to finish Left behind and start the next one. Feb 17, 2012
Reply to Sandra Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
John S: Hello Sandra B: I have all the books except the very first one, but have read the entire series, and I have also watched the movies which were good but I prefered the books over the movies, the books were backe up by a lot of scripture, where the movies as you probably know when HollyWood makes a movie they have to add there own versions also, believe me you won't be dissapointed when you start reading them you will just love them good fortune. Jan 8, 2014
Tommy C: The movie series are very interesting and to be honest with you it has been a while since I have read the books and have not read all of them. Seems like there are some similarites and some differences. However, we would recommend these movies. God bless you. Feb 27, 2011
Reply to Tommy Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Evan W: Thank you Tommy! Feb 28, 2011
John S: Hello Tommy C: I read the whole series and have seen all the movies, the movies were good but the books were better, because they were backed up by scripture, But I also would recomend seeing the movies after reading the books all of them. Jan 8, 2014
Cynthia T: The movies are pretty decent, however they leave many details out and don't actually cover many of the books. You would still need to read the books. I don't know if they plan to make any more movies to complete the series; as it is, it just leaves you hanging. But I recommend these movies for church/youth group events. They are good to get kids/adults thinking about the end times seriously. Feb 25, 2011
Reply to Cynthia Good answer? Yes (0) No (1)
Evan W: thanks for the detail! Feb 27, 2011
John S: Hi Cynthia T: I agree with you there, bjt just to inform you that there is another movie coming out I believe in September sometime, called the Final, it is supposed to be the scariest Christian movie ever, and it is all about the rapture, just thought you would like to know this. Jan 8, 2014
Cynthia T: ok thanks! Jan 9, 2014
A shopper asked: I live in the UK and sent for the Left behind Trilogy only to find that the three DVDs appearedblank... My DVD player is perfectly in order. Is there some difference in DVDs from US that prevents them playing in UK? Sep 7, 2012
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Patricia D: yes there is,what we play here can not be played there in the same format,there is different codings for different parts of the world, Sep 14, 2012
Reply to Patricia Good answer? Yes (2) No (0)
A shopper asked: Somebody knows if we will have more about the Left Behind series? Oct 30, 2011
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
William H: I bougth the 4 dvds series a couple of years ago. They are excellent movies for the church. I used them after a intensive teaching the book of Revelation and they were like icying on the cake. About any new releases, I am not sure, but it would be great if the series continues. Blessings pastor William Hidalgo. Oct 31, 2011
Reply to William Good answer? Yes (2) No (1)
Yanick B asked: I would like to know where did the people disapeared too, because the bible does not tell us where we go after we die? Jul 25, 2011
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (2) No (4)
Ryan M: Well, first off, they didn't die. Those that disapeared were taken in what is know as the rapture, or the catching away. This is found in 1 Thessalonians 4:17, and the word in greak for caught up (harpazo) is what this disapearing is.
Secondly, the bible does tell us where we go when we die. For a believer in Christ, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord (Heaven). For the unbeliever, Eternal torment (Hell).
Jul 28, 2011
Reply to Ryan Good answer? Yes (8) No (0)
Nancy M: ""...Thus says The Lord: Listen, all you churches of men!... Shall I, even I, torment My beloved, they who are tormented continually by he who is, and has, torment in his vesture?!... Satan is the tormentor!... Unknowingly, you My children, by your own mouths have called your God, satan! Repent therefore, and mend your ways! Forsake all your corrupt and evil teachings!...""

Excerpt From.... Letters From God and His Christ.... also read John 3:16... DEATH is the grave; nothingness; NO LIFE!! Eternal torment is a false doctrine from the Catholis Church used to control the masses! Our God does not need to torture His children!! Mar 17, 2013
Ryan M: No offence ment by this, but simply reading what Jesus says will tell you other wise. John 3:16 says that "whosoever beleves shall not perish but have eternal life." What happens to those who do not believe? The bible clearly states over and over that eternal life is through Jesus and only Him, and every other way will not get you to heaven. You will "Perish" in your sins.
God Is not going to torture his children. You make a choice to become a child of God or to not. The Judgement from God that we will receive will be based on our choices we make while we are alive. You are a child of God only by the acceptance of His Son into your life as your Lord and Savior (read John 1:12, 1 John 3:10, John 8:42-44). I encourage you to read your bible and not so much other peoples opinions on the bible. His word speaks for itself, and does not need to be added to or taken away from. Mar 18, 2013
Deborah M: You are so right Ryan. Thank you for sharing that with Nancy. Jun 28, 2013
Tony.C: No offence Ryan. You are right that we will live forever with Christ when our physical bodies die . But actually when Jesus talks about having eternal life if you believe, the words eternal life in the Greek used by Jesus in John means "to know God", not live forever.
John 17:3. That verse says,

“And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” Sep 16, 2013
Ryan M: Tony, the word in the Greek is Aionios, which does not mean “to know God” it means eternal or forever in both the present and future. I would encourage you to look up every place where the word Aionios is used in the New Testiment and place your translation of “to know God” in and see that it is not what is being said.

For example: Matthew 25:46
“And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”

The word used for eternal is Aionios in both places of this scripture, and “to know God” doesn’t make any sense.

The scripture that you quoted is absolutely true, that eternal life is to know God, and in the other direction as well, that to “know” God is to have eternal life. The word “know” is used in an intimate way, and not in a knowledge of Him, but a personal relationship with him. This scripture is not the definition of Eternal life, but a description of it. Without having a relationship with Jesus, you do not have eternal life. Sep 16, 2013
Ryan M: Tony, the word in the Greek is Aionios, which does not mean “to know God” it means eternal or forever in both the present and future. I would encourage you to look up every place where the word Aionios is used in the New Testiment and place your translation of “to know God” in and see that it is not what is being said.

For example: Matthew 25:46
“And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”

The word used for eternal is Aionios in both places of this scripture, and “to know God” doesn’t make any sense.

The scripture that you quoted is absolutely true, that eternal life is to know God, and in the other direction as well, that to “know” God is to have eternal life. The word “know” is used in an intimate way, and not in a knowledge of Him, but a personal relationship with him. This scripture is not the definition of Eternal life, but a description of it. Without having a relationship with Jesus, you do not have eternal life. Jan 23, 2014
John S: Hello Ryan M: I read your reply to Nancy M, and it was great, I also informed her that everyone needs a savior, and no one go to heaven without Jesus Christ, because if you do not have a Savior then you will die from your sins because you had not a savior, this is what Jesus died for on the cross to take your punishment, but you still have to ask Him to forgive your sins and to be your Lord and savior, Thank you for your very good post, this should tell her something, God also said all men are liars, and only God you can trust. Jan 8, 2014
John S: Hello Nancy, Just to inform you, that if any person dies and does not have Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, will go into eternal punishment, you will find this through out scripture, if you have not a savior then your lost forever because you had no one to save you from your sins. look at John 3:16. Jan 8, 2014
John S: Hello Ryan M: Your answer was a very good one, because it was the right one to give, when the two thieves were on the cross, one of them asked Jesus to remember him, and Jesus told him today you will be with me forever in Paradise, so this shows where we go when we die, our soul goes to be with Jesus, but our bodies remain in the grave untill the rapture takes place, this is for thos who die befor the rapture, and the unsaved will go when the final judgement comes because of their disbelief and disobediece. Jan 8, 2014
kathy g: kathy G the first two movies followed the books somewhat, but the third one was way out in left field. the books were so much better, they kept you wanting more,whereas the movie was more like an actionfilm and didn't follow the christian aspect as well. Mar 22, 2012
Reply to kathy Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Yanick B: Thank you Kathy for the information, I will read the book Mar 22, 2012
kathy g: yanick, there 5 books in the left behind series that i have read. they are going to answer your question as far as where we go after we "die". these are utterly fantastic books compared to the dvds they will knock your socks off! please try to find them either on line or in used books stores. let me know what you think. kathy Mar 22, 2012
John S: Hello Kathy g: I have read the entire set of the left behind series, and even the ones that came after those, they were all very very good, couldn't put them down once I got started, you will love them, as far as the movies they wern't all that impressive they were good but not like the books. Jan 8, 2014
Cintya S: hey man!!! Why do you deceive them by giving false information?
do not believe this asshole,
I've watched this film for free at here : http://onlinestreaming.in/qAcWC

you can even download it there
Oct 15, 2014
Reply to Cintya Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Cintya S: hey man!!! Why do you deceive them by giving false information?
do not believe this asshole,
I've watched this film for free at here : http://onlinestreaming.in/qAcWC

you can even download it there
Oct 15, 2014
Reply to Cintya Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
David W: 1 Thessalonians 4:16&17 shows us clearly we will be with the Lord (Jesus) So that is good enough for me.. The way i understand the Bible, Jesus dwells Heaven.. hope this is of help.. Jul 28, 2011
Reply to David Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Angie J: Hi Yanick - They dont really say in the movie where they go but it gives you the assumption they all go to heaven. The movie focuses more on the people left behind and why they were left behind... which is they were not believers in Christ. I hope this helps.

Jul 29, 2011
Reply to Angie Good answer? Yes (0) No (1)
Anthony B: I assume based on my understanding of the bible the people were taken to a part of heaven to await the Great White Throne judgement. This is spoken about in the book of Revelation, where the people are asking God how long they must wait before their deaths are judged. Jul 26, 2011
Reply to Anthony Good answer? Yes (0) No (1)
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