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Film Camp Curriculum - VOD
Learn filmmaking from the people behind movies such as Alone Yet Not Alone, The Karate Kid (2010), After Earth, Beyond the Mask, Courageous Love, and Creed of Gold.
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Get ready to dive deeper! now brings you more than just written news, movie reviews and interviews...

Now, veteran talk show host Adam McManus takes you behind the scenes with in-depth radio programs featuring top filmmakers in Christian movies. Interviewing producers, directors, actors, and writers, Adam dives into the latest films to find out what's behind the production and the heart of today's new releases.

Adam McManus guest hosts nationally for Talk Radio Network's G. Gordon Liddy, Point of View's Kerby Anderson, and Crosstalk's Vic Elliason on VCY America. With more than 20 years of experience behind the microphone, Adam brings expertise from both news and Christian talk formatted stations in Chicago, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

Check back here regularly for Adam's unique conversations with the movers and shakers in the Christian film industry! Plus, send him feedback on your favorite shows, as well as suggestions for which director, actor, or film you are most interested in for Adam's next interview. His email is

Sneak Peek Interview: Jesus in A.D.: The Bible Continues was 'Latino John Travolta'
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Adam McManus was fascinated to discover in the podcast below that the man who portrays Jesus in A.D.: The Bible Continues was originally the 'Latino John Travolta.' He starred as Tony Manero in the Spanish production of Saturday Night Fever in Madrid and as Danny Zuko in the Italian production of Grease. Half-Italian and half-Argentinian, Juan Pablo Di Pace (pronounced Dee-PACH-ee) grew up in Argentina and chose to study abroad, initially in Italy, for his last two years of high school. He then gravitated to London, where he received a three-year scholarship... [ Read more... ]

Sneak Peek Interview: Do You Believe?: Six Million Dollar Man Stands for Christ
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Liam Matthews, one of the stars of Do You Believe?, chatted with Adam McManus in the podcast below about perhaps one of the most Christ-centered Christian movies that has come out in decades. Like a stone thrown into a pond which creates immediate ripple effects, a Chicago pastor named Matthew (Ted McGinley) witnesses an older, tough-as-nails black street preacher (Delroy Lindo), pulling a large wooden cross on wheels behind him, confront some gang members face to face after they rob yet another victim. They donít take too kindly to being held accountable and the leader of the pack (Senyo Amoaku) pulls out a gun, ready to squeeze the trigger... [ Read more... ]

Sneak Peek Interview: Four Blood Moons: God Is Sending Us Signals
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Pastor John Hagee, author of the New York Times best-selling book Four Blood Moons -- with 750,000 copies in print -- chatted with Adam McManus in the podcast below about the docudrama by the same name slated for 700 theaters in a one-night theatrical event on Monday, March 23, 2015. It reveals a rare lunar phenomenon in which science, history and Scripture align. "The heavens are ĎGodís billboard.í Heís been sending signals to earth, and we havenít been picking them up," Hagee said. A blood moon occurs at a lunar eclipse when the earth comes between the sun and the moon. As the sun shines through our atmosphere, it throws a shadow on the moon, making the moon look red... [ Read more... ]

Sneak Peek Interview: Turnaround Jake Writer: Only Christian Actors Should Portray Christians
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Shawn Svoboda, the writer and producer of Turnaround Jake and Jarret Lemaster, the lead actor, talked with Adam McManus in the Sneak Peek podcast below about a film which they pray will prompt Christian viewers to ask God to show them the areas where they need a "turnaround." Shawn and Jarret, both of whom are 35, met at First Pomona Baptist Church where Jarret is the full-time worship leader in Southern California. That explains how he was able to compose 17 original songs and score the film in a month. "Creativity thrives on pressure. I need more deadlines in my life so I can create more stuff!" he said with a chuckle... [ Read more... ]

Sneak Peek Interview: Glenn Beck: Little Boy is New Gold Standard for Family Movies
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Eduardo VerŠstegui, the producer of Little Boy who also plays Father Crispin, chatted with ChristianCinema.comís Adam McManus in the podcast below about the touching story of 7-year-old Pepper Busbee (Jakob Salvati) who has faith in God to bring back his beloved father (Michael Rapaport) from World War II. VerŠstegui, a former heartthrob in Mexico where he was in a boy band called Kairo and worked as a soap opera actor in the popular telenovellas, was ultimately cast as a Latino Don Juan in the 2003 movie Chasing Papi in which he nonchalantly defrauded the hearts of three young women simultaneously... [ Read more... ]

Sneak Peek Interview: Post-abortive, Now Adoptive Sportscaster Celebrates Life
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At first blush, John Morales is an unlikely candidate to direct and produce 40, a pro-life documentary that looks at the pro-life movement 40 years after the egregious Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision which has led to the murder of 55 million baby boys and girls. Heís made a career as a television sports reporter in Chicago, Detroit and Houston. Seems like a duck out of water. But, upon closer examination, it makes a lot of sense. Morales revealed to Adam McManus in the podcast below that when he was in his 20ís, he was pressured to pay a girlfriend $250 to get an abortion despite his pleas that she choose life which "left a hole in my heart". [ Read more... ]

Sneak Peek Interview: Jaci Velasquez Marries Wayne VeggieTales
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Jaci Velasquez, known for her Christian musical career with four million albums sold, 16 #1 radio hits and 7 Dove Awards, has now teamed up with Wayne Brady of the CBS game show "Letís Make A Deal" to sing in VeggieTales: Noahís Ark DVD which will release on March 3rd. In the podcast with Adam McManus below, she talks about how voicing Shemís wife Sadie for the animated Christian franchise was "on her bucket list" in light of the fact that her two children -- Zealand, 7, and Soren, 5, are huge VeggieTales fans. [ Read more... ]

Sneak Peek Interview: Beyond the Mask: First Christian family-adventure genre film
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Aaron and Chad Burns, the homeschool-graduate cousins who produced and directed perhaps one of the best Christian films ever made entitled Beyond the Mask, chat with Adam McManus in the Sneak Peek podcast below. Double crossed and on the run, an assassin named Will Reynolds (Andrew Cheney) for the British East India Company seeks to redeem his past by thwarting a plot against Americaís hope for freedom from Mother England in the 18th century. Cheney, known for his portrayal of a modern-day Joseph in Seasons of Gray, won the role against 1,200 other actors! [ Read more... ]

Sneak Peek Interview: The Identical: What If Elvis' Twin Brother Wasn't Stillborn?
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Yochanan Marcellino, the Executive Producer of The Identical, chats with Adam McManus in the podcast below about this fascinating concept for a film. What if Elvis Presleyís identical twin brother Jesse, who was stillborn on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi, had lived and had been separated at birth? While this film is not about "The King" per se, itís an intriguing question to ponder. Released in 1,950 theaters in September, 2014 with a $12 million budget, Marcellino said, "We wanted to create a quality film on par with Hollywood -- solid acting and cinematography. Thatís going to cost more."... [ Read more... ]

23 Blast director Dylan Baker was inspired by blind football player
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Dylan Baker, the director and cast member in 23 Blast chats with Adam McManus in the podcast below about the inspirational, true story of Travis Freeman, who, after going completely blind in eighth grade, continued to play football for four years in Corbin, Kentucky. Remarkably, Freeman's faith in God was not rattled. When he realized he had lost his eyesight in the hospital, Travis didnít complain, didnít get angry with God, but expressed his excitement to his parents about the new ways God would use him... [ Read more... ]

Filmmaker Chastises Christians for Watching Ungodly Films
Part 2Listen Now
Christian filmmaker Rich Christiano tells Adam McManus in the podcast below that he agrees with George Lucas: "Film has usurped the church." In this second installment of a two-part conversation, Christiano talks about their movies AMAZING LOVE, A MATTER OF FAITH, a feature-length drama about Darwinism vs. Creationism which releases theatrically on February 6th in 50 cities, and POWER OF THE AIR, a movie set for release in 2016 about the media choices that we make... [ Read more... ]

Corbin Bernsen's Candid Chat About His Faith and 'Christian Mingle'
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Adam McManus chats in the podcast below with Corbin Bernsen, the producer, director and writer behind CHRISTIAN MINGLE -- The Movie, in this refreshingly candid conversation. In this unique podcast, Bernsen talks about his journey to Christ -- which he describes as "my awakening, my new enlightenment", his frustration with Christians who witness door-to-door, and his providential encounter with a woman at WalMart who lifted his spirits.... [ Read more... ]

Welcome to Inspiration: Country Music Legend Larry Gatlin Opens Up
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Adam McManus chats with country music legend Larry Gatlin in the podcast below about the movie WELCOME TO INSPIRATION. Based on the book The Street Sweeper by Tim Enochs about the Biblically-based "Seven Revelations of Irrefutable Success", the movie follows a diverse cast of characters as they struggle in their lives. A young musician wishes to share his gift with a larger audience; a widow copes with the death of her soldier daughter; a small business owner sacrifices her freedom for the safety of a young runaway; a mechanic finds a family by finding his faith; and a man and woman strengthen their marriage by seeking the Lordís wisdom... [ Read more... ]

Bringing Up Bates: New TV Series About Large, Homeschooling Family a Hit
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Adam McManus chats in the podcast below with Gil (49) and Kelly Jo (47) Bates, the parents of 19 children ranging in age from 25 to 2, about their new reality TV series called "Bringing Up Bates" which debuted on January 1, 2015 and can be seen every Thursday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern/8:00 p.m. central on UP Television. Married for 27 years, neither one initially had plans to have any children! But, as they examined Scripture, they concluded that God should determine the size of their family, that they should homeschool them, and raise them to be pure before their wedding through purposeful courtships which include chaperoned dates and waiting for their first kiss at the altar... [ Read more... ]

Christian Filmmaker Rich Christiano Reflects on Past 30 Years
Part 1Listen Now
Adam McManus chats with Christian filmmaker Rich Christiano in the podcast below about the 30th anniversary of making Christian films with his twin brother Dave. In addition to sharing his fascinating testimony about how God used Pastor John MacArthur, Rich talks about their movies including "The Daylight Zone," "The Pretender," "Crime of the Age," "The Appointment," "Pamelaís Prayer," "Second Glance," "Late One Night," "Time Changer," "Me & You, Us, Forever," and "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry." You can get all 13 Christian movies from the Christiano Brothers on this, their 30th anniversary, right here at by typing in "Christiano" in our search engine on the home page.... [ Read more... ]

Unbroken: The True Story of Resilience of a WW2 Hero
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Luke Zamperini -- the son of Olympic runner and World War 2 hero Louis Zamperini who survived a plane crash in the Pacific, 47 days at sea on a life raft, and a brutal time in a Japanese prisoner war camp -- chats with Adam McManus in the podcast below about his fatherís resilience depicted in the film Unbroken. Filled with audio clips of Zamperiniís own first-hand descriptions of the way God saved him physically time after time throughout the war and how Jesus ultimately saved him spiritually, Adam asks Luke if his father, who died in July of 2014 at the age of 97 after seeing the film, was disappointed that Angelina Jolie, the director, decided not to depict his fatherís conversion to Christ at a Billy Graham crusade upon his safe return home... [ Read more... ]

Paul LaLonde, Producer of 'Left Behind' (2014)
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Paul Lalonde, the producer and co-writer of the 2014 Left Behind film starring Nicolas Cage, chats with Adam McManus in this Sneak Peek podcast. With refreshing candor, Lalonde talks honestly about the challenge of producing a top-quality Christian film with A-list actors. While he had big offers from major studios who wanted creative control, he was unwilling to dilute the Christian message which is why he chose to raise the $16 million budget himself. At times, he found it difficult to convince Hollywood agents to even show his script to their clients... [ Read more... ]

Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus
Part 1Listen NowPart 2Listen Now
Adam McManus chats in this first of two installments of conversations with Timothy Mahoney, director of a new, 2-hour-long documentary entitled "Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus" which concludes that the reason most archeologists today claim there is no evidentiary proof that the Exodus occurred is because they aren't looking early enough due to their liberal academic bias... [ Read more... ]

'Exodus: Gods and Kings': Sneak Peek Interview with Ted Behr
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Adam McManus chats with Ted Baehr, Publisher of, about the new film "Exodus: Gods and Kings" starring Christian Bale as Moses. In the MovieGuide review, Ted notes that while portions of the script are unbiblical -- like God appearing as a young boy at the burning bush when He called Moses to lead the Jews out of Egyptian slavery -- the film can be an excellent conversation starter for Christians to talk with unbelievers about a God who redeems... [ Read more... ]

'Where a Man Stands': The Story of First Black Principal of Beverly Hills High Optioned by T. D. Jakes for Feature-Length Film
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Listen to the podcast below as Adam McManus chats with both Carter Paysinger and Steven Fenton about their new book Where A Man Stands which Pastor T.D. Jakes of The Potterís House in Dallas has committed to make into a feature-length movie within the next 18 months. [ Read more... ]

The Heart of the Matter: Finding Light in the Darkness of Pornography and Addiction
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Nathan D. Lee, the 33-year-old producer and editor wants to spark a national conversation about pornography -- the most taboo subject of all for Evangelical Christians. Vulnerability, honesty, and accountability will be the building blocks of a new, dynamic church once we strip away the secret sins and the double lives that too many of us live inside the church. [ Read more... ]

Little Hope Was Arson: Burned But Not Broken
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Theo Love, the director of Little Hope Was Arson, chats with Adam McManus in this revealing Sneak Peek about 10 deliberate church burnings that occurred in January of 2010 in the buckle of the Bible Belt, igniting the largest criminal investigation in East Texas history. Church members were filled with fear, anger, confusion, and a thirst for justice. [ Read more... ]

Old Fashioned's Writer, Director and Actor Takes a Stand
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Rik Swartzwelder, the writer, director and primary actor of Old Fashioned, chats with Adam McManus in this Sneak about the desperate need in our culture for chivalry to make a comeback. "I grew up in a culture that taught me to objectify, to not respect, to not be concerned with the damage I was doing to myself or others by playing carelessly in the field of romance," confessed Rik Swartzwelder in this revealing and personal conversation with McManus. "I ended up going down a lot of roads I wish I hadnít gone down." [ Read more... ]

Podcast: Explosive New Documentary 'The Principle", Director Rick Delano
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"The question of our place in the cosmos is the greatest scientific detective story in all of history," states Rick DeLano, the writer/producer of a new movie called The Principle. "The world has been shaped by two great assertions -- one places us in the center of it all and the other one relegates us to utter insignificance. Amazingly, The Principle is the first documentary to examine this persistent puzzle at the heart of modern science." [ Read more... ]

Listen to Adam McManus chat with Travis Freeman, whose inspirational story is featured in the movie 23 Blast.
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23 Blast is based on the amazing, true story of Travis Freeman, a football player who is unexpectedly stricken with an infection that destroys his optic nerve, becoming blind overnight. Incredibly, he never blames God, but recognizes that God has something important to accomplish with his life. [ Read more... ]

Listen to Dr. James Dobson Chat with Adam McManus About Leaving a God-honoring Legacy
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Thirty-six years ago, Dr. James Dobson came to San Antonio to film the original 3-part Focus on the Family film series here at Trinity Universityís Laurie Auditorium which was seen by 80 million American Christians. Now, at the age of 78, Dr. Dobson has completed the capstone of his career in a new 8-part film series called Building A Family Legacy. [ Read more... ]

'God The Father': Christian Cinema Sneak Peek with Michael Franzese
Listen Now
'God The Father' takes us on the untold personal journey of Michael Franzese, a key leader in the Colombo Crime family, who trusted Christ in the midst of an 8-year prison sentence. Once named by Fortune Magazine as #18 on its list of the "Fifty Most Wealthy and Powerful Mafia Bosses," youíll discover how Michael successfully walked away from his mob blood covenant and a $50 million bank account to become an unapologetic man of God today. [ Read more... ]

'The Song': Sneak Peek Interview with Director Richard Ramsey
Listen Now
Inspired by the ancient story of King Solomon, in all his glory and shame, The Song tells the story of aspiring singer-songwriter Jed King (Alan Powell). Throughout the roller coaster of the highs and lows, Jed's voice-over narration straight from the pages of Ecclesiastes, Proverbs and the Song of Solomon brings a unique gravitas. THE SONG is a music-driven romantic drama about things we all pursue--love and meaning. [ Read more... ]

'Believe Me': Sneak Peek Interview with Director Will Bakke
Listen Now
Desperate, broke, and out of ideas, four profanity-prone atheist college seniors start a fake charity to embezzle money from gullible Christians to pay for their tuition. Throughout a 27-city fundraising tour, they examine the language and lifestyle of Christians in order to perfect their scam. Written by two Christian millennials, Believe Me holds up an uncomfortable and satirical mirror to the American Body of Christ, revealing the bankruptcy of faith built on prosperity... [ Read more... ]
Beyond The Mask - DVD
5 of 5 Stars!
Beyond The Mask - DVD
Wonderful movie to meet, appeal & speak to different types of movie go-ers with a great message. Excellent movie quality. ... [read more]
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