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Gener8xion Entertainment Releases "Noelle" for Christmas
Gener8xion Entertainment Releases "Noelle" for Christmas

Gener8xion Entertainment Releases "Noelle" for Christmas

Matthew Crouch, founder and CEO of Gener8xion Entertainment, announced this week that his company is releasing its first acquisition this Christmas. Noelle is the work of independent filmmaker David Wall, whose wife Kerry and daughter Brennan are cast in major roles with David.
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David plays the part of Father Jonathan Keene, a priest the diocese sends to shut down the dying church in a Cape Cod fishing village. It turns out, however, that someone has a better idea.   For Keene is haunted by visions of a little girl – “Noëlle”- a Dickens-like reminder of his unwanted child from a past relationship, the very reason he turned to the priesthood in the first place.   She pursues him relentlessly, longing only to deliver a simple message, “All is forgiven.”    As he finally comes to embrace these words, it changes not only himself but the entire community.

Crouch, whose company has produced films including One Night with the King, The Omega Code and China Cry , explains why, of the countless films that cross his desk each year in search of distribution, he took on this project.

"What makes the film so powerful is that it’s not simply festive and humorous with a pro-life subtext, but because it’s set at Christmas, it becomes an allegory of Christ himself coming to us as a child, sent to a world running from God in guilt and shame, to deliver the very same message… “All is forgiven.”

Imagine how many people can be affected by a modern day parable built on the very foundation of what Christmas is all about - the good news that “There is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”    All of us have been burdened by condemnation and guilt in one form or another.   Whether it be deeds of our past or those of others we wish we could have prevented, we all have been in need of experiencing this truth.   And how many who have heard, believe in it even, still feel they have no choice but to carry their burden forever?"

The Gener8xion Entertainment website will soon post a list of theaters playing the film. If it's in your town, or a nearby town, be sure to go see it.


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