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Remember the Goal's Teen Runner Wants to Be a Role Model
Remember the Goal's Teen Runner Wants to Be a Role Model

Remember the Goal's Teen Runner Wants to Be a Role Model

By Jacob Sahms

Quinn Alexis is a star in the upcoming Dave Christiano movie, Remember the Goal. A nineteen-year-old college student, Alexis grew up in Michigan but now calls Franklin, TN, home. After years of church plays, Alexis discovered a passion for acting through interactions with other homeschooled teens like herself. Now, her work in theater and film has brought her to this place, sharing the story of her upcoming film.

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The film tells the story of a high school cross country team with a new coach (Allee-Sutton Hethcoat), who attempts to instill non-traditional training in her team. Each of the runners has a different situation to overcome, all against the backdrop of the tension between their new coach and their parents’ dissatisfaction with the coach’s style.

“My character, Anna, goes to the coach for advice,” Alexis shared, “when she discovers that one of her old friends is smoking weed. She doesn’t want to abandon her friend so she asks for help. The coach shares her testimony by providing an example through her own experience, and tells Anna what would’ve happened to her if no one had shared their faith.”

Alexis admitted that she wasn’t a runner until they started training for the film, but that the all-female cast (in terms of lead roles) bonded over their training and filming. “It was such a blast!” Alexis said with a chuckle. “I love the backstage camaraderie of a film production. It was challenging but we had so much fun. Everyone was so positive.”

“We shot the film from July through September in Tennessee and eighty-five percent of it was outside. It could’ve been miserable but everyone was so positive. God just provided for all of it.”

Now, as she prepares to see herself on the screen in theaters, Alexis has been contemplating the impact of being cast in a film like this one, especially in light of her work coaching younger actors on the craft. “I realize that there’s a platform I have as a Christian and an actor. There’s an opportunity to be a Christian role model like my character becomes.”

“As an actor, and as a naturally sinful person saved by grace, it’s easy to get caught up in meaningless things like ‘hey, I’m on screen.’ So recognizing that I’m just a person who gets to be in a film, that reminds me as a teacher to point all the more to my students that they should seek God’s glory.”

This August, audiences will be able to see Alexis run - and wrestle with her faith - on screen. Of screen, they will come to love this up-and-coming actress, and recognize that she is part of a wave of actors who will lead the next generation.

Thankfully, Alexis is running the race that God has set before her.


Remember the Goal will be in theaters only starting on August 26.

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