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JC Films Producer On One Church, Nail 32, & Uncommon
JC Films Producer On One Church, Nail 32, & Uncommon

JC Films Producer On One Church, Nail 32, & Uncommon

By Jacob Sahms

Jason Campbell is a busy, busy man. He’s delivered VirtuousNail 32Uncommon, and now, One Church. caught up with him to discuss the projects of the recent months to get the back story on his efforts to make Christian movies and share the gospel.

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“Our company is structured differently,” Campbell told me during one of our talks. “We have three teams on the road, showing five of our films at a time. The producers and stars talk about Christian films, for free, just sharing the gospel.”

Campbell’s latest film may be his most insightful into our current culture. In One Church, he tackles a problem in the church today: not all churches get along! So, what if the government came along, in the wake of a David Koresh cult massacre, and took control of organized religion? What if the church financial issues went away but the message was controlled?

“We saw a group of ten to twelve churches that really got along, right after experiencing some churches tell us that they wouldn’t even invite other churches to a screening because they didn’t like them,” Campbell said. “Then the mayor in Houston wanted to edit a preacher’s notes before a sermon and people in California were afraid that they were taking away the churches’ right to tax exempt status.”

“It led me to consider what it meant to be church. Could there be one church? A few years ago, we would’ve said there couldn’t be universal health care and here we are.”

The film stars former P.O.W. Jessica Lynch, who had a brief but powerful appearance in Virtuous, Campbell’s previous film about what it meant to be a woman loved by God. Now, she’ll star in this political thriller about two families, think Billy Graham’s family and Obama’s. Still, that’s not the only thing you can find here at from Campbell.

“Erik Estrada and I were in this Texas cowboy church after a screening. People hang out and want autographs from Erik for an hour after every showing. Few people really want to talk to me,” Campbell said. “But the pastor shared with me the story about his dad, who ministered to these rough and tough rodeo guys who weren’t Christians. He introduced me to Jeff Tucker [co-producer of Nail 32] and we put together a real tearjerker, a good movie, that’s evangelistic.”

Campbell’s other fall release, Uncommon, found its nucleus as the writer/producer waited for his daughter to finish a college test. Approached by some students who asked if they could pray for him, he observed how they were soon run off by campus security. Interjecting himself into the conflict, Campbell discovered that the officer was actually a Christian himself but he had been told by administration that students couldn’t pray in a group on campus.

“How do we get there?” Campbell asked. “It’s an education issue. It’s just not true that we can’t pray or share in our religious freedom.”

Joining with the Liberty Council, Campbell made the film that he told me has resulted in thirty-seven new Bible studies led by students. His favorite? A Petersburg, West Virginia, middle school Bible study formed by a tween who saw Uncommon and began making signs to invite others to study God’s word that night.

Whether you’re looking for a women’s story, a political thriller, a cowboy drama, or a young adult story, JC Films is happy to entertain and inspire you to consider what you could do if you sold out completely to sharing the good news of the kingdom of God. They’ll move your heart, and challenge you to dive into action.

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