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"Wounded Warrior" Film Gives Back to Veterans
"Wounded Warrior" Film Gives Back to Veterans

"Wounded Warrior" Film Gives Back to Veterans

On the Wounded Warriors Movie website, Producer/Director Michael Gier explains his plan to go above and beyond the average film production. Not only will he honor veterans with the story content and production quality of his film, he will give back a huge chunk of the film's net profits to veterans.

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Citing that almost 31 percent of Vietnam veterans, 10 percent of Gulf War (Desert Storm) veterans, and 11 percent of veterans of the war in Afghanistan suffer from PTSD, Gier believes that soldiers and veterans are a valuable group of individuals who deserve our help. They should not be streamlined or forgotten. So he is rolling his money and his talent into a project that will make a difference. 

Most films are funded by investors who receive 50% of the net profits after the release of the film. However, Gier is focusing on funding the film through individuals and corporate donations so that 50% of the profits can directly benefit veterans through non-profit veteran organizations.

Teaming up with experienced filmmakers including Screenwriter Bob Burrus, Line Producer Patrick Ingram, and Associate Producer Teres Byrne, he also brings in Vietnam War consultant Tom Matteo (recipient of six Purple Heart Medals) and songwriter Roger Stephens (who wrote the song “Wounded Warrior,” which was performed by Billy Dean). The team hopes that the movie will help audiences understand what our soldiers go through and to instill in viewers a sense of gratitude for the protection they offer.

Wounded Warriors PhotoThe film is based on true stories and focuses on the reconciliation between two veterans, a father and a son. The son battles with PTSD, which actually began in childhood when his Vietnam War-traumatized father failed to deal with his own demons. The emotional abuse the boy suffers is intensified by later experiences in Afghanistan, and he turns to alcohol to deal with it. The film not only highlights the effects of PTSD on a young Veteran’s family, but also the courage it takes the entire family to overcome the difficult battles.

While individuals and corporations can make donations to the film, the website also includes a page full of fundraising ideas for those who would like to go above and beyond. With the wild success of American Sniper, the film hopes to garner support of those who are ready to take action now on behalf of veterans…not just to make another movie, but to actually give back to those who served on our behalf.

For more information, ideas or to donate now, visit the Wounded Warriors Movie website.

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The Furnace
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