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Searching for Sanctuary Film Festival - Oct. 29 at Biola University
Searching for Sanctuary Film Festival - Oct. 29 at Biola University

Searching for Sanctuary Film Festival - Oct. 29 at Biola University

The festival presents engaging and entertaining screenings of current, significant independent films that explore the meaning of and human longing for sanctuary. These discussion-provoking stories, illustrate the deep yearning all humans have for true sanctuary and the repercussions of its absence. The films, in one way or another, point to the archetype of sanctuary for the Christian, Jesus Christ.

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The evening feature film screening, KINYARWANDA, is about human choices that are made in the midst of the direst circumstances and the sanctuary a person can choose to provide in the middle of a civil war.
KinyarwandaJunior Cinema and Media Arts student Hannah Brown said, “Kinyarwanda was one of my favorite films at Sundance, and the most moving. I am excited that more people in the Biola community get to see it.” Kinyarwanda won the World Cinema Audience Award for Dramatic Picture at Sundance 2011 and was chosen as an official selection in several other festivals across the globe.

In addition to KINYARWANDA, there are also screenings of short dramatic films and documentaries.

Butterfly CircusThe short film screening includes THE BUTTERFLY CIRCUS, which follows a circus troupe through the Great Depression landscape, and depicts the hope they inspire. Jeremiah Ebeling, Youth Minister at Grace Covenant Church, Austin, TX said, "We showed The Butterfly Circus to our youth group and the students loved its message of hope in the midst of great struggle." Kilroy was Here watches the heroics for survival of a WW II pilot caught in a tree during the French invasion andThe Wind is Blowing on my Street depicts the dread of a young woman in Iran who is accidentally caught outside without her head covering.

Our HouseIn the documentary screening, OUR HOUSE follows a pair of Christians who provide a safe place for homeless where everyone lives communally (and illegally) in an abandoned warehouse. SKATEISTAN: TO LIVE AND SKATE KABUL unwraps the lives of two young skateboarders in Afghanistan.

Jack Hafer, Chair of the Cinema and Media Arts Department said, "The festival will be bringing films to campus that Biola is not used to seeing. These are festival winners, and considered some of the best independent films in the world."

Watch the Commercial that introduces the films.

In addition to the films, each screening will have a filmmaker in attendance who will share his/her experiences of making the film as well as the intentions and messages behind the film. Alrick Brown director of Kinyarwanda, Joshua Weigel director of The Butterfly Circus and Greg King director of Our House will be among the filmmakers in attendance. Members of the Biola faculty summarize the exploration of sanctuary found in each film and the audience will ask questions of the filmmakers and faculty.

Dr. Gerald Fisher, Festival Coordinator, remarked, “The festival was created by going through hundreds of recent films that have been shown at festivals around the world, and then gathering the ones that speak to Biola University's 2011 Year of the Arts theme of Sanctuary and Sacred Space.”

Each film has won at least one major festival award and the films were official selections at festivals such as Sundance, Heartland, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, South by Southwest, Angelus, Hot Docs and many other film festivals.

The festival is international in scope with filmmakers from the US, UK, and Iran, and films set in the US, France, Iran, Afghanistan and Rwanda.

The festival will be held in Sutherland Auditorium at Biola University on October 29, 2011 in three separate screenings consisting of documentaries, shorts, and one feature film.

Screening 1: 1:00-3:00
Searching for Sanctuary in Documentaries.Films: Skateistan: To Live And Skate Kabul and Our HousePanel: Greg King, director Our House, Jeffrey Volkmer, Assistant Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies, “Just Staking By: Skateboarding as Sanctuary in a Fallen World”, Daniel Callis, Professor of Drawing & Painting, “Sanctuary for the Homeless”.

Screening 2: 3:30-5:30
Searching for Sanctuary in Short Films.Films: Kilroy was Here, The Wind is Blowing on my Street, and The Butterfly Circus.Panel: Joshua Weigel, director The Butterfly Circus, Dr. Nancy Yuen, Associate Professor, Sociology, “Manifestations of Sanctuary: Object, Place, and Person”, Dean Yamada, Assistant Professor, Cinema and Media Arts, “Finding Sanctuary in a Circus of Misfits”, Lisa Swain, Associate Professor, Cinema and Media Arts, “Sanctuary and Sacrifice”.

Screening 3: 7:30-10:00
Searching for Sanctuary in the Feature Film KinyarwandaPanel: Director Alrick Brown, Murray Decker, Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies, “Sanctuary and Grace”.

The program is subject to change without notification. Films are not rated. Some films are not suitable for children. Suggest high school age and above.

Discussion guides for each film will be available for download prior to the festival. Email to be notified when they are published.

Tickets are available for individual screenings or as a three-screening pass. There is also a student discount screening pass. Click here to order tickets. Biola students can receive up to three chapel credits by participating in a time of personal reflection after each screening.

Individual Screenings
$10 each.All-Screening Pass $20. All-Screening Pass for Students, Faculty or Staff $15.

Web Site:
Twitter: @sanctuaryff
Phone: 562-231-6494 or 562-777-4052

A Biola Year-of-the-Arts Event

Sutherland Hall Auditorium
Biola University
13800 Biola Avenue
La Mirada, CA 90639

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