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"The Shunning" DVD Available in September
"The Shunning" DVD Available in September

"The Shunning" DVD Available in September

THE SHUNNING, a Christian movie based on a novel by Beverly Lewis, and which played on the Hallmark Channel in April, is coming to DVD on Tuesday, September 13.

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THE SHUNNING, which was the first novel written by New York Times© best-selling author Beverly Lewis, was directed by Michael Landon, Jr., and written by Brian Bird. The two also teamed up to write, direct and produce SAVING SARAH CAIN, which has been a favorite on the Lifetime Channel since it first premiered.

About the film
THE SHUNNING tells the story of Katie Lapp, a young Amish woman who discovers on he eve of her wedding that she was adopted from outside the Amish faith, and that her "Englisher" biological mother is searching for her. The discovery so "ferhoodles" her that she walks out on her wedding and goes through an identity crisis before finally coming to peace with her situation. It's the first of three books in The Heritage of Lancaster County series. The film stars Danielle Panabaker as Katie Lapp and Sherry Stringfield as her biological mother, Laura Mayfield.

Check out this trailer for the film and the behind-the-scenes video following it:

Behind the scenes of THE SHUNNING:

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