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Darek Isaacs Connects Dragons & Dinosaurs
Darek Isaacs Connects Dragons & Dinosaurs

Darek Isaacs Connects Dragons & Dinosaurs

Four years ago, Darek Isaacs was a completely different person. At that point, God ripped him out of real estate and planted him into a whole new life. Darek clearly heard God say, "The season of your life has changed and something new is coming."

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From Music to Evolution    The Fit Died for the Unfit
Evolution Eliminates the Savior     Christ the Elegant Designer

"All of my teachers from high school are shaking their heads," Darek said. "God put me here at this time for this very reason and I am just enthralled with Young Earth-Creationism. I think a lot more can be explained through the pages of the Bible."

Darek struggled a bit wondering if he believed in God because of faith or if he believed in Him because of the evidence. He's now intellectually completely convinced that the physical evidence of the world points not merely to God the Creator but Christ the Designer. God gave Darek faith to see the evidence.

"I've been on dinosaur digs and excavated fossils. God has opened up doors for me to meet and do projects with groups like Answers in Genesis, Creation Ministries International, Institute of Creation DinosaurResearch; the founders of the Young Earth Creationism movement, etc. He has allowed me to be in projects with them. It's shocking to all of us – we're pushing forward, excited about everything, and God is moving. People can see it."

From Music to Evolution
Glancing at Darek's background doesn't provide any clues to his current work. He started in Christian music distribution in South Africa then came back to the United States where he worked in real estate development in Ohio. After a few years in Ohio, he was dramatically called into ministry and wrote his first book Extinction of Evolution. He and his wife sold their business and everything else and moved south.

"It was my first foray into combating the theory of evolution," Darek said. "I started to notice there was all this evidence around that suggested man and dinosaurs co-existed. The phenomenon of dragons is remarkable. It's everywhere. From China to African to South America to Australia, it's everywhere. We have a logical problem here if we think that all these people are making this monster up as a figment of their imagination.

"I started compiling evidence of the dragon legends and that man and dinosaurs co-existed into one exhaustive document. It started out as a book, then I met with Andre (van Heerden, of Cloud ten Pictures) and talked about dragons, and he said 'Let's see if we couldn't come up with something.'"

The Fit Died for the Unfit
The "something" they came up with was the documentary Dragons or Dinosaurs? Darek put together the outline and listed the main topics he wanted to discuss. Then he contacted all of the Dragons or Dinosaurs?institutions he wanted to have represented in the project. Once they came on board, he and Andre split up the list and went on location to interview their subjects.

"We had hours and hours and hours of footage. Then it was on the plates of Andre and his really skilled team to put the footage together into a coherent documentary. Fifteen hours or so of footage was shrunk down into bites accessible for the audience. It was a tremendous team effort. I was busier on the front end and did some interviews myself, but I'm stunned by what Andre and his team accomplished."

One of Darek's favorite moments is the interview with John Morris, the president of the Creation Research Institute in Dallas, TX. (His father is Henry Morris, who's highly respected as one of the key founders of Young Earth Creationism.)

"John made a very powerful statement we positioned at the end of the film. He says, 'If you look at the difference between evolution and Christianity, evolution is about the survival of the fittest. In Christianity, it is about the fit, meaning Jesus Christ, coming down and dying for the unfit, and that's you and me.'

"I remember sitting across from him doing the interview, and I was floored. It was so eloquently stated and so perfectly and distinctly laid out. Survival of the fittest is 'let the strongest live and let the weakest die,' which is an actual quote from Charles Darwin. Yet, Christianity is the fit coming down and dying for all of us. That's my favorite moment right there."

Evolution Eliminates the Savior
In the years since Darwin published his Theory of Evolution, many have tried to combine creation and evolution to find a middle ground between the two explanations of creation. Darek is often asked, "What's the big deal?" when he gives talks about refuting evolution.

"With one fell swoop, the core doctrine of evolution eliminates Jesus Christ without ever mentioning His name," Darek stated emphatically. "That's the big deal. That Jesus Christ, who is your Savior, came to destroy the works of the devil and to atone for sin, is made meaningless by evolution."

Darek on TVHe explained: "Theistic evolution says that God used evolution to create the world. For someone who believes in theistic evolution, I'd have to say they understand neither evolution nor Christianity. Here's why: the very basis of our faith is the 6-day creation, that it was good, without sin. Adam was made without sin to live in communion with God.

"Then he sinned and sin entered the world, and with sin came death. With sin came punishment; we're separated from God now. The very core belief of evolution is that we descended from the primordial soup of some cell. Then eventually we got to be some apelike creature and then eventually some human-like creature came out of this apelike thing.

"But it removes the historical Adam. There is no Adam. Where does Adam come from? And if there is no Adam, there is no perfect world without sin. And if there is no perfect world without sin, there is no place for sin to come into the world. And if there is no sin, there is no punishment or damnation for that sin.

"And if there is no damnation for that sin, there is no need for salvation. Then why would you ever need to seek for salvation, and if there's no need to seek for salvation, what is the need for a Savior?"

Christ the Elegant Designer
Darek continued to explain his research into Darwin: "People don't really know the real Darwin. I went back to the Origin of Species and The Descent of Man – back to the pen of Darwin. A lot of people were shocked at how racist and bigoted he was. He set up a hierarchy of the races. He named Africans, African-Americans, Australian Aborigines, the Alaskan Indians, and then he put the white Europeans at the top. My first book goes into that very deeply, and a lot of evolutionists get very angry with me because I expose what Darwin really was: a very bitter, angry man.

"He actually created a worldview that placed him as God. He put himself, a white European man on top. He had horrible things to say about women, so he put himself at the top of the hierarchy, as Sculpturethe most developed creature on the planet. And that took me back to original sin; man thinking he will be like God."

Darek believes God drew him to make a commitment to believe the Bible literally word for word. "If God said He created the world in 6 days and rested on the seventh, my foundation is that, and I weigh everything against the authority of the Scripture. I am passionate about it. I read as much as I can, and then I try to connect the dots. I try to see how God created the world and take the naturalistic elements to see how they line up.

"When you do that, you see a compiled picture start to become very clear. Right now, the evolutionary picture is extremely hazy. It's dull and murky and you can't see through it. But when you start building with that component of Scripture, then the evidence around that provides a very clear picture of the world around us. You wind up not just saying God the Creator, but Christ the Elegant Designer."


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