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Actor Michael Bolten Sings Out on "Letters to God"
Actor Michael Bolten Sings Out on "Letters to God"

Actor Michael Bolten Sings Out on "Letters to God"

Interview courtesy of Letters to God website

In the new film Letters To God (coming to theaters in April), Michael Bolten plays the role of "Ben," the hero's big brother. After several roles in television series and videos, Letters To God is Michael's first foray into faith-based films.

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Interviewer:  Michael, in the movie Letters To God, you get to play the role of “Ben” who is the hero’s big brother and it’s a great role for you.  You’ve done a lot of secular television shows, so we’d love to know what stood out to you about being a part of this project?

Michael Bolten:    I had such a great time acting in the role of "Ben" in Letters To God! Everyone was so wonderful to work with. What was different about filming on Letters To God was that we had a lot of people praying for us on set every day before we started to film.  That was really comforting.

Interviewer:  What favorite memory will you take away with you from working on "Letters to God"?

Elvis sightingMichael Bolten:  One of my favorite times was working on the song "The Best of Everything."  This is the song I sing to my little brother in the scene at "Give Kids the World." 

It was amazing to work in the recording studio with the songwriter, Ryan Kirkland, of Between the Trees.

We both had our guitars and just played and sang together, trying different voice techniques until we found exactly what the Director was looking for.

Ryan is a really cool guy and, like me, has a real heart for the Lords work.

Interviewer:  That’s awesome Michael, thanks so much.

Michael Bolten:  Check out my website!

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