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Leonard - The Story of Salvation Mountain & Leonard Knight
Leonard - The Story of Salvation Mountain & Leonard Knight

Leonard - The Story of Salvation Mountain & Leonard Knight

Does God choose us for the person we have become, OR does He “design us” with a purpose in mind...?

Forty years ago, a drifter came to believe he was called to tell the world, “God is love.” For the first quarter century, Leonard Knight tried to fulfill his calling “his” way and had failure after failure. When he was finally stripped of EVERYTHING, Leonard obediently stepped out in faith, turned it all over to GOD (“I can’t do it, God. If you want a mountain here, you build it!”), and finally embraced the promise God had for his life.

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Today, Leonard receives more visitors than anyone in the world; YET, he is shy and considers himself a loner.

 He has never studied, or had any interest in art; YET, he is considered America’s foremost living folk artist. 

 He absolutely refuses to talk about politics; YET, his name is currently under consideration by the US Congress for “National Treasure” status. 

 He has no construction background; YET, he has invented practical engineering innovations with natural materials that have never been witnessed anywhere in the world.

But most significantly, Leonard Knight has done all this from arguably the most God forsaken place on earth; YET, he has personally shared his testimony, the Gospel and the love of God with over half a million people, more than anyone, ever, and they all came to him . . .

They are drawn from the four corners of the world, to a loving man who exemplifies the Biblical description of “Salt & Light, as well as Childlike faith” like no other. For some, it’s their last hope for humanity; others are in the middle of a crisis and need encouragement; a few just come to mock… and leave in tears, broken, renewed.

But this is not a story of an old man. Leonard’s back-story is too weird and wonderful for anyone to dare make up.

The Documentary will contain archival footage/pictures and interviews of and about Leonard during his balloon ministry. But the main focus of the film will be on on his heroic battle with the on-set of blindness, deafness, and dementia while simultaneously dealing with the tsunami-like response to his cameo in the film INTO THE WILD.

Patrick Rea is  in the midst of a funding campaign through KickStarter which will run through Aug. 1st.  If you would like to help promote this project or help with the funding, go to the KickStarter link here.

Watch a short documentary on "Leonard" here:


The Furnace
5 of 5 Stars!
The Furnace
This is a very inspiring film! I highly recommend watching it!... [read more]
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- Hebrews 10:24

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