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90 Minutes in Heaven - Blu-ray
90 Minutes in Heaven - Blu-ray
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HOPE LIVES! A true story of death and life. Blu-ray + Digital HD UltraViolet
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  • For church, small group, or family. Great conversation-starters, sermon illustrations, and children's videos.
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Han and his family are war refugees returning to what was once their farm in China, now in shambles. Han's wife is a believer, but Han is cynical concerning Christian faith, until the community reaches out. 
Christianity vs Communism in postwar East Berlin is the setting for a dramatic encounter between a visiting American and a young German woman at risk for defying the communist party.  
Events prior to the Crucifixion are beautifully portrayed. Then, following the Resurrection, Jesus' reassuring appearance on the road to Emmaus before His two followers, is faithfully reenacted.
Miriam and Paul flee their Bolivian vacation when racial tension erupts in a riot, only to face a situation at home where neighbors are increasingly separated by economic and social barriers.
The story of the Roman Pharisee Saul and his conversion to Christianity is dramatically portrayed in this exquisite episode of Cathedral Films' Life of St. Paul series (1949-51). 
In this modern day tale of the Prodigal Son parable, young rancher Steve is lured away by big city life and decides to sell his shares in the family ranch. He returns to the ranch repentant and is welcomed home. 
True story about an orphaned 9-year old boy whose parents were killed escaping Red China for Hong Kong in 1960. Sold by his uncle, the boy ends up with three sets of parents. 
Christ's parable of the trusted servant who deceived his master and how he learned the true meaning of forgiveness is dramatized by a veteran Hollywood cast.
A young Christian wants to be an automotive engineer instead of following his parent's wishes to become a minister. All things work together to everyone's satisfaction in this inspired film.  
"Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men," Jesus tells Simon Peter and his brother Andrew. Family tensions are overcome by faith when Peter follows Jesus.
Tongues of Fire is the true story of the historic Mission to Hawaii and heroic Queen Kapiolani, who defied the fiery goddess Pele at Kilauea to demonstrate her faith and convert savage islanders to Christianity. 
Above the sound and fury of war, cruelty, starvation and devastation, this historic documentary also tells of faith and hope, as multitudes in war-torn Korea turned to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The Apostle Paul teaches that all persons, even slaves, are equal in the sight of God. The prophets foretell of a famine that threatens Judea and Antioch. The church sends Paul, who becomes the first "foreign missionary."
A young man is looking to make a quick buck in order to create a better future for him and his wife.
Uncirculated for over half a century, this little known 1955 Abraham Lincoln film is loaded with speech highlights from our 16th president's life in politics. Reed Hadley (Racket Squad) portrays Lincoln. 
"Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God." articulates the passion and spirit that drove Baptist Missionary William Carey (The Father of Modern Missions) to interpret Christ to India.
Inspired by the Chaplin silent comedies, Charlie Churchman uses satire and slapstick comedy to get people to read the Bible and attend church. Here he is the new youth pastor out to reach teenagers. 
A young boy's crippling accident, and a lie that quickly spreads, are the themes explored in a pair of poignant stories from the popular 1950's Fisher Family TV series. 
What happens when a church group decides to evangelize their home town by buying a BLIMP? They soon learn that bombarding the Gospel message from on high might not prove to be the most effective technique!  
This exquisitely photographed doc tells of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Albert Schweitzer's half-century of African missionary work after abandoning his European career in 1913. The camera captures Schweitzer at work and at play in 1961.
The persecution of Christian missionaries in 1961 Communist China is as timely as today's headlines.
A teenage Michael Landon (Bonanza) and a priestly Vincent Price play a rebellious boxer and a faith-healing preacher respectively in a pair of inspiring CROSSROADS TV shows.
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A broken dream isn't the greatest tragedy; but a life defined by it is.
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A journey into Proverbs with surprises around every bend.
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One mans journey to the Holy Land, is another mans fight for the land.
Former foster kids now in college share experiences that changed their lives with each other and a college film class.
Suffer the little children to come unto me.
Don't Throw Them Away... Bring Them Here!
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One of the most beloved short films of all-time  
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Exposing cultural myths about beauty
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23 Blast - DVD
5 of 5 Stars!
23 Blast - DVD
Love the movie! Can't get in an elevator now and not sing the Elevator song. lol ... [read more]
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