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Saint Francis of Assisi: His Life and Miracles - DVD
Saint Francis of Assisi: His Life and Miracles - DVD
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Based on the official writings of Brother Thomas Celano
by The Dove Foundation

Believers Among Us Vol. 1 (4 discs Episodes 1-4)

Dove Rating
Dove "Family-Approved"
Suitable for any age

Video Release: 3/10/2010


Episode 1: The Awakening: joins one family on a spiritual journey. Follow the Swansons as circumstances force them to explore questions of life and devotion in troubled times. Keeping the family together, they find strength in each other and in their faith, helping them realize just how blessed they are. In the end, hope and conviction leads one of them to the next Believer Among Us.

Episode 2: The Last Letter: is a testament to this wonderful but sometimes confusing thing called life. A young wife finds her faith tested as she awaits the return of her military husband and the birth of their child. Just as one life is beginning, another is about to end but not before helping rekindle trust and strength in the Lord. Renewed faith leads one of them to the next Believer Among Us.

Episode 3: A Light Shines Through: reveals the boundless mercy of the Lord's forgiveness. While a young homeless mother, unable to take care of her daughter, is forced to make a desperate decision, a young couple tries to cope with the death of their infant. The path of life brings them together setting the circumstances for them to renew and strengthen their faith. One of them will go on to find the next Believer Among Us.

Episode 4: A Life Reborn: celebrates how blessed and priceless life can be. Just as a young singer's dreams begin to come true, unexpected circumstances threaten to bring it all to an end. As her faith and trust begin to fade, an unexpected friendship renews her hope. Sharing their experiences opens their hearts to the healing powers of faith and love, helping them become the next Believer Among Us.

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Dove Worldview:
This is a wonderful faith-based inspirational collection which tells of the "Believers Among Us." In this day and age sometimes we all are faced with difficult times which puts our faith to a challenge. In each of the four episodes there is a situation that confronts our main characters with a hardship that only God can help them with.

Each episode is a heartwarming tale of family, love and faith in God to help them through. Whether it is the family facing a child on life support, a young boy looking for a family, a woman with a MIA husband about to have a baby, a young woman looking for forgiveness or a young girl facing a terminal illness, each struggles with their faith in the Lord.

There in a comfort in each of us that wants to help those around us and sometimes we don't always understand the outcome. As a quote from these stories says, " I am a believer and so are you, you just don't know it yet" and it carries the viewer from one story to another to show the wisdom of of the believer's faith to help others around them see the light they may have drifted from.

We are proud to award this series of "Believers Among Us Vol. 1 ( 4 disc Episodes 1-4)" the Dove "Family-Approved" Seal for ages 12 and over due to some topics. (See Content chart below)

Content Chart & Description

Content ScaleSexLanguageViolenceDrugs & AlcoholNudityOther

Sex: A couple shares a kiss; young woman discusses having a child out of wedlock with consequences.
Language: None
Violence: Kids discuss getting revenge on teacher for giving bad grades; a man is hit by a car while saving a little girl; a woman falls in bath tub.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Young man on life support; peer pressure; older Woman dies in her sleep; young woman has a miscarriage; discussion regarding parents throwing daughter out of house; homeless woman leaves young daughter in church; topic of losing a family member; young girl with rare blood disease.

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